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When Does Your Hair Mature & What Happens After That

Hello I’m Dino and welcome to a Limitless Hair Expert video today’s video is about ‘When does your hair mature and what happens after that’ this is interesting subject I want everyone to know that your hair matures from really sort of childhood it’s maturing from when you’re young maturing means changing all right, getting to its maximum point, when you’re about anywhere between 15 years old and 18 years old that’s when your hair matures meaning it’s become it’s become its fullness at that time, it’s become the color that it is in most cases. It’s matured so hair doesn’t mature until the ages of 15 years old to 18 years old.

Now here’s what you should know about that under that age your hair is in a process of maturing because of that it is delicate all right. So what that means is somebody under the age 15 especially younger age all right their hair is maturing it hasn’t fully developed that’s important to know. So what does that mean it means be careful don’t braid a child hair tight worth stretching because what that can do is something called retard the growth retort the growth means it could cause an effect on the growth on the actual hair bulb that can cause the hair bulb either not to grow or the hair to fall out sooner in life or it can cause the hair follicle to not grow to its normal level or its normal length okay.

So that’s what retard the growth means it means it disturbs the natural growth pattern of the hair if you pull the child’s hair too tight with any sort of tight braid or tight ponytail so please be careful of that also Kitty perms coloring a child’s hair you really shouldn’t do that because under the age of 15 especially younger it’s more risky you do any type of Kitty perm you do any type of hair color you know it’s you’re risking damaging their hair technically for life so please be aware of that all right. Now after the age of about 15 to 18 your hair matures what happens after 18 usually your hair starts going in the other direction usually people start losing hair after the age of 18 now some people hold on to it alright a majority may be from 18 to like 25 but then especially after that you start losing it now even with people

Let’s say like Ronald Reagan and he had a flat hair into his 80s he still lost hair he still had more hair and he was younger it’s just that his thinning process was much slower very very slow where you couldn’t even notice anything but with other people after that age somewhere around 18 to 25 you do start losing your hair it’s a normal aging process it’s just that what some people some people lose a lot of hair and some people use a minimum amount of hair so it varies with each individual so please be aware of that all right.

So our quote for today is ‘Long-term perspective will make your future much sweeter while creating a legacy’ what does that mean that means you should think as much as possible long term the more you think long term the more you can plan out your future right it’s intelligent and very effective to think long term the more you plan out long term you eventually will be in your future and you can create a much better life for yourself even as far as a legacy so it’s good to plan out as far out into the future now life is what I call a bifocal situation you should always look at the present okay and you should always look into the future and you always want to plan your future plan goals plan out to the future have some place to reach all the time even if you don’t make it you keep planning so please remember long-term perspective is very important now please watch our next video our next video will be ‘How to achieve the most subtle transformation’ and I’ll see you soon.

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