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The Difference Between Non-Cuticle Hair & Remi Hair

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial my name is Dino where we combine top hair expert advice with self-improvement advice today’s subject is ‘What is the difference between non cuticle hair and remy hair’ okay. Now this has an effect in reference to what’s called commercial hair commercial hair means when you buy hair, hair that could mean you buying ‘hair extensions‘ that can be buying the hair weaves it can be meaning you’re buying a wig or any sort of hair addition, whatsoever so some people know what remy hair is, but I want to go through this and I’m going to bring it a little bit deeper okay. Non cuticle hair means that there is no cuticle on the hair now I want to explain what the cuticle is every hair on our heads has an outer layer called the cuticle layer it simply explained as it looks very similar to scales on a fish think about scales on a fish the purpose of having scales on a fish is to protect the fish they’re little shingles if you will okay.

That’s the cuticle layer that’s on every one of our hairs 360 degrees around to show you this let me show you a little picture of it right here you can see that and you can see the outer don’t look at that at the inside but just looking at this you can see that is a picture of the cuticle layer the protective shield now what you should know is that all commercial hair remember when I say commercial hair I mean hair that you buy okay. that you put on yourself or somebody puts in with your hair alright all commercial hair most of it the cuticle layer is removed and I want you to know why first of all okay, because when they collect hair they’re collecting hair that cut off someone’s head that they sell that they donate and then all this hair is taken in big bundles and doing kilos in big bundles and then it’s cleaned and then here’s what the problem is it gets mixed up from the hair part that’s growing out of your head to the end now normally the hair that grows out of your head the cuticle layer is going down.

So think of scales on a fish the cuticles are going downward if you stroke the fish downward it’s slippery conversely. If you stroke the fish upward against the scales it’s sort of prickly all right so what happens is all the hair on our head the scales the cuticle layer is going downward that’s why it’s smooth when you remove hair off someone’s head or cut it and donate it or sell it and it’s used for commercial hair those scales are mixed up meaning some hairs are position from the scalp downward and some hairs are now from the ends upward and what happens is that’s what causes hair to tangle so most of the public thinks well I have human hair and it tangles its over-processed the hair is no good it’s not that the hair is not good it’s the fact that the cuticle layers are going in the wrong direction and they haven’t removed all of them yet that’s what it boils down to now I want to explain how they removed the cuticle layer the cuticle layer is removed because what they do is use something called an acid treatment not a nice word but it’s a process that melts the cuticle layer off.

Now I want you to understand something the cuticle layer like scales on a fish it’s sort of in layers it’s not just one two three and then there’s nothing underneath there multiple language layers like shingles, so what happens when they put it through this process the cuticle layers don’t just fall off they disintegrate smaller and smaller and one falls off and there’s another one behind it so as they’re disintegrating they get smaller and flatter and ceil themselves against the hair shaft sometimes tricking you making it feel as if the hair is smooth and as if the cuticle is completely off but sometimes all of the cuticle is not off so as an example, if they melt the cuticle off and the hair feels really smooth because they can only do it by feel they cannot look at each individual hair under a microscope 360 degrees around through the hair shaft it’s impossible. So they do it by feel and when they do it by feel the hair could feel like all the cuticles off because the hair is smooth but some of the cuticle can still be on and some of it’s just melted down pressing against each other’s cuticle and some of it can be all the way off in other areas it could be not all off so then when you get the hair it could feel smooth and as you wear it it can start to tangle and all it means is that you have to remove more cuticle which is another subject there’s a way of removing more cuticle to make it even smoother okay but that’s another conversation all right now let’s switch to remy hair.

Remy hair means that they cut the hair off the head and they label it this is the root this is the end and now they’re labeling it because they’re making the hair go in the same direction the cuticle layer is now going in the same direction if they cut the hair off and label it root end years ago they used to call it blue string hair and that meant they sit coat it with a blue string saying this is the root this is the end now the hair has its more natural properties as you would say because now the hair hasn’t been sort of mess with it has the cuticle layer and the cuticle layer serves a purpose it is the protective shield of the hair among some other benefits too and it’s better to have remy hair, which is hair with the cuticle salon although there’s some precautions you should know about number one you don’t really know if it’s cuticle hair the only way you’d be able to tell if you’ve got a bundle of hair or hair added to your head you would have to put it under a microscope and look at every single hair from the whole shaft 360 degrees around so you don’t really know all you really care about is the hair is nice and smooth and workable but most of the remy hair you get isn’t true remy hair or hair with the cuticle on it that’s number one number two is when they add hair onto anything whether it’s a wig whether it’s a hair extension whether it’s any sort of weave or hair system anything there’s something called a return now. 

Here’s what a return is when they add hair what happens is that they can’t just take the end of hair and stick it right on to the base like this the hair has to wrap around the base whatever they’re attaching it to so there’s a two inch return so it’s getting attached around to make a knot to hook onto the track the Westing the extension of some sort okay in most cases there’s a return that return means cuticle is going down and the return which they knot is going in the opposite direction so even if you have remy hair cuticle hair there’s a return and that return has to have the cuticle removed in most cases because otherwise the little flip return how it’s knotted on that end will not because now you got hair with the cuticle all going in the same direction but you’ve got the end flipping up going in the wrong direction cuticle wise so that needs a special treatment also alright so keep that in mind and that’s our discussion about what is the difference between hair without cuticle versus remy hair which is hair with the cuticle.

So now let’s get to our quote today or quote today is by JFK all right. This is a famous quote and everyone knows his quote okay and that is ‘Don’t ask what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country’ now the reason why I’m bringing this up there is a key principle inside this quote that is universally important and what I mean by universally important and significant means it pertains to everything in life not just what the president at that time said reference to our contribution to the us what the key element is a key secret element inside that quote and that is the following here it comes and that is the key to receiving meaning getting stuff is giving so please remember that and think about that and everything in life the key to receiving is giving right the more you give the more you receive so please give that some thought and think about that and every little xxx of your life okay. So now stay tuned for our next video which is going to be really interesting our next video series or next video limitless hair expert video is ‘What is a hair hangover’ you’re going to find that real interesting and I’ll see you soon.

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