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What is a Hair Hangover

Hello Dino here and welcome again to another limitless hair expert video tutorial alright and today’s subject is something really interesting it’s called ‘What is a hair hangover’ now hair hangover has nothing to do with drinking alcohol at all it does not mean you’re taking Jack Daniels and pouring on your head at a law it’s something different it’s a term that I made up something that drives me sort of crazy in the hair addition industry. In the hair in addition industry meaning the industry where people have hair at it in some sort of way there’s something that is very wrong, in most cases that I see a lot that, I want to bring up to everyone that everyone should know about and that is something called what I call a ‘Hair Hangover’.

When people have thin hair let’s say a woman has thin hair in most cases they’re not just thin on the top all right the thin on the top and the sides and they make these hair systems and they put the hair system just on the top and the hair from the top hangs into the sides a hair hangover okay. it hangs over into the sides so you take pictures lady looks great alright. Hair looks fall but when her hair moves or the wind blows all of a sudden then you see very thin compared to very heavy or thin compared to more head hair up here that is an imbalance the key to adding hair one of the key principles when you’re adding additional hair is to maintain or create balance and balance means that every part of your entire head has the same equal density, when every part of the entire head has the same equal density you have freedom meaning it doesn’t matter which way you swing your hair which way your brain brush your hair doesn’t matter.

If you hang upside down doesn’t matter if you pinned up everything is equal but conversely if you add hair on top that then causes the top to be thicker than besides that’s classified what I call a Hair Hangover and it works from a still stand point looking still all right just taking pictures just looking at me straight it works but you don’t have freedom of doing any style with your hair or any activity with your hair because then if you create the top being more thicker than the sides you then have an imbalance a ‘Hair Hangover’. So I want you please to remember that and keep that in mind when you’re adding hair it has to be added in a balanced form right now InvisaBlend something I vented called hair stranding creates this balance it adds a lighter amount of hair and feeds off into the sides or it adds a lighter amount of hair and less as it comes down either way it has to be artfully done where the entire head is finished equally balanced so please please keep that in mind it’s a very very important principle.

Now our quote for today is ‘When you combined responsibility with belief limitless results becomes the by product’ what does that mean it means all the responsibility you have in life in general it is empowered by how much you believe in that responsibility and even more important than that how much you believe in how well you can do it or that you can do it so when you combine both responsibility and belief together it causes you to get limitless results so always remember those two key things responsibility and belief they were hand-in-hand and you have to have both now for our next video it’s going to be really interesting that will be ‘What holds the individual hairs onto our head or into our head’ and that’s going to be very interesting so I’ll see you soon.

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