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Do You Know What Holds Each Hair Into Your Head

Hello Dino here and welcome again to another limitless hair expert video and today’s subject is ‘What holds each hair into your head‘ alright this is very interesting and something that usually isn’t explained very well or very deeply in this case and I’m going to tie this to the health of your hair because it’s very very important. I want everyone to knows something the hair that’s coming out of your head sits inside a bulb. I want you I’m gonna hold my finger up like this and this is your scalp and underneath the scalp is the bold the hair fits inside the bulb okay and at the bottom it sits into something, now I’m gonna show you a little diagram of this to point this out a little bit more right here all right so this is above your scalp and everything here is below your scalp and your hair sits inside this bulb and then is attached to something right here okay, call the ‘matrix’ and fits and it appears as if the bottom of the hair is just hooked onto the matrix it is but that’s not what holds it alone here’s the key thing and I drew some little lines here if you can see the hair inside the bulb is loose so I want to refer back to showing it like this the hair sits inside the bulb and it’s actually loose there’s a little fibers on the wall of the bulb that makes the hair attach. 

So the hair is not just fitting in tightly like you would assume the hair is in the bulb and there’s fibers on the wall of the bulb that holds that hair in now that’s very important because those fibers think of this the hair is coming out and as fibers coming from the wall that’s holding that hair in alright. Now here’s the important thing what happens is you can break down those fibers and cause hair to shed quicker alright and here’s what will cause that hair the shed quicker that is number one your sebaceous gland which is your oil gland which is on the bottom your sebaceous gland or oil gland our waste from your scalp all right they might be good if you take them out you rub them on a hair shaft but if they sit inside the bulb they break down the fibers that hold in the hair so it’s important to cleanse your scalp whenever you feel it’s dirty or oily okay that’s number one, number two I want to bring up something what’s very popular today and that is hair concealers or powders some of you know it some of you don’t but it they’re very very popular when people thin there’s all these different name brands out that are called ‘concealers’ or they’re in the category called concealers, there’s topic there’s all these other name brands they’re powders fine powders that they spray or sprinkle onto the scalp and they work what do I mean they work they work because unthe in here he darkened the scalp and you don’t see the scalp as much and you don’t see the thinness that’s why they’re so popular because people could privately get these powders and the bathroom they put them on and they cover the scalp and they don’t look as thin okay.

So they really work but there’s a very negative side to them these powders to work are very fine they’re very similar to the powder and an ink cartridge on cartridges in your printer you notice that powder it’s super fine it floats up in the air it needs to be fine like that to cover the scalp properly okay, but now here’s the problem those powders will fill up inside your hair bulb they’re not just going to lay on the top because remember the hair bulbs open and the hair is not fitting in tight it’s fitting with player looseness so whenever you put something on your scalp like that like a powder the powder is going to go in the hair bulb and it breaks down the fibers that are holding that hair in that hair bulb and causes that hair to shed out quicker so anybody that’s using those powders you are speeding up your hair loss flat out I want everyone to know that that’s why I’m breaking this down for you all right so please keep that in mind there’s other ways of correcting the problem. 

So our quote for today is ‘we are programmable human beings so in effect we can program ourselves to get what we want‘ what does that mean to me this is a big one what people don’t understand is we are basically programmed by our environment meaning what we hear we intake we start to believe things and we start to sort of program ourselves whether it’s true or beneficial our non beneficial now I want to bring up something to you in reference to that there was a guy named ‘Napoleon Hill’ very famous guy many years ago and what he did he studied 500 tremendously successful people and he found what was the common denominator within all these people and there was a common denominator and that was they all fought very similar they all fought in the same way and one of the key elements of how they thought was they all thought in a way that I can do this I can do that they all thought very positive they all thought for every move there’s a counter move they all thought anything that bad happens is a lesson they all thought in a very positive way that they can achieve anything.

So that is the key to programming yourself that anything is achievable that’s why I use the word limitless anything as human beings can achieve is achievable but it only is if you program yourself and what I mean by programming yourself is simply repeating what you want over and over so there’s been Studies on this I studied this for decades actually if you repeat what you want it’s sort of done in goals what’s the purpose of goals the purpose of goal is not to write a goal put it away and never look at it the real purpose of goals is to plan out what you want and review it on a daily basis or by daily basis and by writing down what you want number one you know what you want and you’re writing it down but number two even more important you’re consistently reviewing it over and over once twice three times a day you begin to program yourself that it will happen that it will be achievable so that’s one example right. So stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video and that is ‘What you should know about your hair shaft’ thank you and I’ll see you soon.

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