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What Are Split Ends And What Can You Do About It

Hello Dino here again and Welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial and today’s subject is ‘What are split ends and what can you do about it’ now most people really don’t understand what split ends are and technically what you can do about it and that’s why I wanted to explain this in this video split ends are from massively not taking care of your hair ignoring your hair that’s what it really boils down to and here’s the reason why when your hair is not moisturized enough what happens eventually is the ends of the hair actually split just like a snake’s tongue in two parts and it’s really mostly from not moisturizing your hair enough, whether your hair is naturally dry, whether you’re putting a lot of chemicals on it.

It doesn’t matter your hair always has to be balanced with moisturizer, if it’s balanced with moisturizer you’ll never get a split end it’s just like your skin if you don’t moisturize your skin any part of your skin your hand your face eventually what happens your skin cracks splits like a split end alright so that’s from lack of putting enough moisturizer on it so through the year sometimes you have to put more moisturizer on your hair sometimes less but nevertheless you need to put a much or enough moisturizer on your hair that your hair always looks moist and moist through the part at the scalp all the way through to the shaft all the way down to the ends alright.

So that’s how you avoid a split end right just keep that hair moisturized as much as humanly possible and there’s very good moisturizers out there and here’s the key to a good moisturizer and that is when you put a moisturizer on your hair it’s as same as your skin it should seep in and it should make your hair feel silky if you put a moisturizer on and it’s sort of greasy on your hair it’s working but not as good as if it was to seep in if it seeps in and goes away and yet the hair is left moist then it’s a good moisturizer and that’s how you tell what moisturizer I use is called ‘marula oil’ by Paul Mitchell, because it’s from Merle and nut in Africa that actually seeps deep into the hair shaft and moisturizes the hair from the outer part of the hair shaft right into the middle part of the hair shaft and the more you put on the more it moisturizes it from the outside down into the inside so please make sure you keep your hair moist and you’ll never have a split end okay.

So today’s quote is the following you cannot see what you don’t believe in now if you watched our last video just before this it was a similar quote it’s you cannot look for which you don’t believe in this is a little different twist you cannot see what you don’t believe in now this is based out of something called the law of belief it’s a psychology sort of thing where there’s something called a ‘law of belief you become what you think about what you believe’ in okay you produce what you believe in so in reference to your mind you will not be able to see or find things that you don’t truly believe in and that’s the moral of that quote all right in psychology there’s something called ‘scotoma’ weird word scotoma that basically means a blind spot.

So let’s give you a funny example if you’re looking for a shampoo and you were frustrated and you didn’t see it in the cabinet you didn’t think or believe you would find it it might be right and funnier and you might be hollering that you’re your husband or your wife and saying where is it I don’t see it I don’t see it and the reason why you don’t see it is because you’re not believing you’re going to find it because you’re frustrated out moment and what happens is your mind creates a blind spot called the scotoma and causes you to not really register in your mind so that’s an example so you don’t you cannot see what you don’t believe in so please remember that from the law of belief now for our next limitless hair expert video that’ll be a limitless hair story with no ending and this is going to be a very interesting story it’s a story about how I created and invented a very unique revolutionary method of adding hair that is opposite from what’s in the industry so please stay tuned for that video which is the next video under the limitless hair expert video tutorial see you soon.

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