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A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 3

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial today the subject is a ‘Limitless story with no ending Part 3’ now where we left off on part 2 on the previous video was about the invention of hair weaves and how that transferred over to somebody taking part of that technology and making it into a hair unit that was attached to stay on the head and what was done then is that from hair weaving they used to make cornrows which is our braids tie down against your head your own hair making a braid against your head and they took that principle from a hair weave and they use that with a hair system or a hair unit where they put the unit on top of the head and then ‘wait a cornrow around the perimeter and they sewed the edge of the hair unit to the cornrow and thus now it was another breakthrough because now they can take people that have hair loss are very thin hair on top and they can actually put some sort of hair system or hair unit on top on a semi-permanent basis meaning where somebody can go to sleep and wake up with their hair diving on the water with their hair and these are major breakthroughs because remember before hair weaving and before hair systems were created everyone was adding hair where they add hair take it off at night and hair take it off so these are major breakthroughs to be able to keep hair on as part of you okay now the problem that arose from that was that making a braid around the perimeter of where your thin eventually then caused something called Baldness or Alopecia track sation.

So it almost created a new method of losing hair which again was called alopecia taxation’ which means it was causing a tract of baldness around the because they cornrowed the edge over and over and over in the same place which made you lose more hair there so next then they came out with medical bonds so now they took the hair unit the hair system and they bonded it onto the scalp using a medical bond which made the track sation the alopecia track sation go away but caused another problem so it wasn’t improvement but it is caused another problem and the problem that it caused was that you had to shave off any existing hair to bond on a unit and that’s what still exists today by the way or if they don’t shave your hair they bond on top of your hair and you lose your own hair so there’s a common denominator here and that is all methods in the industry back then when this was first invented up to today still have one thing in common they all add hair and simultaneously cause you to lose hair which is not a good trade-off okay.

So that’s where that ended up is now there were hair units hair systems although please be aware that each company that did these hair systems they put their own name to it to make it seem to the public as if it was a unique method but up to today all methods of adding hair they all cause you to lose more hair so please be aware of that so this story will continue on the next video called ‘The limitless hair story with no ending part 4’ and that story is going and then explain where that last technology was then picked up and improved into a brand new technology that is totally revolutionary totally opposite from everything so please stay tuned for the next video part 4 see you soon

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