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The ONLY Hair Loss Solution for ALL Forms of Alopecia, Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Trichotillomania, Hair Growth Solutions, etc...

The Micro Strand Invention Makes This ALL Possible.
A Revolutionary Breakthrough for Thinning Hair

Comparison to All Hair Extensions, Hair Replacements, Hair Restorations, Wigs, Hair System and ALL Methods

Micro Strand is the name of the technique, and Invisablend is the company of which Micro Strand was invented within.  Micro Strand and InvisaBlend is used interchangeable, so sometime people with hair loss problem will refer to this method as the “InvisaBlend Hair Loss “Method” or simply the “InvisaBlend Method” – AND – and sometimes people with thinning hair or needing fuller hair will refer to this method as “Micro Strand”.

Micro Strand by InvisaBlend is the first and only method that is a “Cure-ALL” for ANY hair loss,  hair thinning, balding or just thin hair situations.   The following is a comparison breakdown of every method and or categories of adding hair, or simple put – comparing Micro Strand by InvisaBlend to ALL Hair Loss solutions, Hair Replacement solutions, Hair Restoration solutions, Hair Extensions, Hair Systems, Hair Units, Hair Pieces and wigs of any sort, plus also comparing to any surgical procedures to Hair Stranding – like any Hair Transplant or Hair Grafting method.

Hair Situations of which can be solved by Mixro Strand by InvisaBlend

Micro Strand / InvisaBlend is the one and only “Cure-all” or “Universal Solution”, meaning Micro Strand® / InvisaBlend can solve any hair satiation and or any hair type in existence in the world.  So, no matter what kind of hair loss you have – examples, any form of Alopecia,     (Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Totalis & Alopecia Universalis, Ciatricial Alopecia, Cicatricial Alopecia a scaring Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, Telogen effluvium, Anagen effluvium) any form of Female Pattern Thinning, Female Pattern Balding, Male Pattern baldness, Trichotillomania, Thinning hair of any sort or reason and just fine hair needing to be fuller Micro Strand or InvisaBlend is the only method that can create fuller hair in a natural way of which is safe and healthy for your existing hair and scalp.

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