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Hair loss is one of the most common problems we face today. What is also common is our lack of knowledge about the wonderful and simple ways through which we can treat the condition.

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Hair loss, while genes play a major role, there are a lot of other factors that cause hair loss. There are several factors that were proven to have been contributing to hair loss such as: physical stress, pregnancy, too much Vitamin A, lack of protein, heredity and a lot more.  The challenge—when hair loss occurs is virtually impossible to evaluate to cause of such hair loss.  It can be due to one condition or a combination of conditions. 

There a lot of methods to fight this threating condition today as the demand of cosmetic treatment continues to evolve. However, if you’re currently battling against hair loss, it’s important to be skeptical about these different methods. These products or methods have been sprouting like mushrooms for different reasons.  

So, as much as you want to get a resolution for your hair loss, keep in mind not to get fooled and fall to a marketing trap. Some of these methods/procedures are as follow: Minoxidil commonly known as Rogaine. This helps slows down hair loss and enables hair regrowth. However this doesn’t work for everyone, considering its side effects like skin irritation. In fact, according to medical studies, this may only work for about 38% of patients as it requires one to have an active enzyme called “sulfortransferase” to make their hair follicles responsive to Minoxidil.  But even more important—even the 38% success rate only mean any such hair growth, meaning not any substantial hair growth.  In fact—any hair growth treatment provides one of these three results:

  •          No hair growth
  •          Slowdown of losing hair
  •          Hair growth, but only small portions of hair growth, nothing substantial.

There is a guide in reference to dealing with hair loss of which has been known to be very helpful – ultimate guide

In reference to adding additional hair there is a common denominator—all method causes you to lose more of your hair by adding additional hair.  This is quite counterproductive—no one wants to add additional hair with the trade-off of losing more of their own hair, but nevertheless this is what everyone deals with and accepts due to there being no other choice.  But until now there is a new concept of which has been created that adds additional hair in-between existing thinning hair that keeps the existing hair healthy and growing.  In fact, this breakthrough method called InvisaBlend is also the first and only concept that adds additional hair keeping your own hair healthy while simultaneously enabling you to apply any hair growth treatments whatsoever. 

Before this concept was invented people had to choice either Hair Growth Treatments or hair adding methods like Hair Extensions or Hair Replacement methods, but now people suffering with any type of hair loss can have more hair blended in with their hair for instant fullness and or instant hair length while still stimulating their hair growth both at the same time.

How is this possible?  It’s all due to a revolutionary breakthrough component called the InvisaBlend Micro Strand.  This Micro Strand is sort of invisible filament or thread. If you were to see this in person you would first have to get very close and or put on your glasses to even see this Micro Strand, and then when you do see it you would just say it is a single human hair.  You see, this Micro Strand looks and feels just like one human hair but it is ten times stronger than a human hair plus it is translucent, meaning you can see directly through this InvisaBlend Micro Strand.  So, upon contact of the scalp this Micro Strand disappears!  These are the next unique and revolutionary steps:

1.     Multiple InvisaBlend Micro Strands are networked together forming a sort of open webbing, with different areas having different size diamond openings.  This is customized per each individual’s hair loss situation.

2.      Using a microscopic tip apparatus of which has is hook at the end size exactly to only grab ONE human hair at a time—then single human hairs, one human hair at a time is linked onto these networks of Micro Strands.  These single human hairs are fed onto these Micro Strands dispersed apart from each other and in all directions.  This pattern duplicates the same exact way hair grows from the human head.

3.      The finished InvisaBlend Micro Strand is then blended in-between the individual’s thinning hair causing a seamless combination of the added hair and the individual’s thin hair.

Now for the first time ever—your own hair is left free and healthy to grow, plus you are able to still apply any hair growth treatment if you wish.  You can actually treat your hair the same you can treat all of your own hair—no differences at all! 

Within this website InvisaBlend.com you can find videos that show you step by step how the InvisaBlend Micro Strand adds additional hair while keeping all of your existing hair safe and healthy.

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