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The Healthiest Approach to Increase Hair Volume

When looking into options to increase hair volume and or hair length the HEALTH of your hair comes FIRST. Hair Stranding was created specifically to provide increased hair volume and or hair length while improving the health and growth of your own hair at the same time! Since all other methods and options in the world cause additional hair loss as a trade-off to increasing hair volume and or hair length, Hair Stranding is causing all other options to become obsolete!

Hair Stranding is the one and ONLY options that increases hair volume instantly while also encouraging your hair growth simultaneously! As everyone is saying – “This is revolutionary!”
Real PROOF is available – InvisaBlend offers a private FREE Trial. It cost nothing to actually experience how Hair Stranding will add instant hair volume while stimulating hair growth.

See video on how and why InvisaBlend is the only Healthy Approach

In increasing hair volume the most important factor to consider is maintaining the health of your scalp and existing hair.  Secondly, is seamlessly feeding additional hair in-between your existing hairs and or on to your scalp.  Thirdly, adding hair in a way that you feel nothing at all; as if nothing but just your own hair.  That’s pure naturalness at its best.

Hair transplants sometimes known also as implants are very effective and the technology today is impeccable.   Hair transplants are surgical procedures of removing hair from one area of your head, known as the donor area, and transplanting the hairs to a needed area of the head.  Surgical transplants are very effective and a viable solution for begging stages of hair loss and or small areas of hair loss.  Reason being is based on the amount of donor area mathematically to be distributed to the needed thinning or balding areas.  Meaning you can only take a limited amount of hair from the donor areas therefore having a limited amount of hair to apply into the needed area.  That is why transplants work best in either beginning stages of hair loss or small areas of hair loss.                                                          

Most common thinning and balding on women or men occur in an average of 50% to 70% of the head, yet the donor areas is commonly 20% to 25%  of the head, so that is why mathematically there isn’t enough to move from one area to another.  So it’s important to know before starting transplants how much hair can be transplanted into thinning areas along with knowing the area size of thinning or balding that will eventually occur.   In most cases a skilled professional can evaluate the future size area of thinning or balding.    

But, women nowadays won’t be having a hard time fighting against hair thinning and pattern baldness anymore because of the existence of Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. Finally, a healthier hair growth! The Hair Stranding concept is opposite from everything else internationally in the hair industry.  It is the only concept that does TWO things that no other concept of Hair Loss Solution can offer. It adds hair while keeping your own hair healthy and also allows your hair to grow freely. Looks and feels like nothing when blended in-between your hair giving you full flexibility; you can do anything with your hair. This is because of so-called Micro-Strand. This Micro-Strand invention is the ONLY one of its kind and is completely revolutionary because this Micro-Strand is a filament as fine as one single human hair, plus as soft and flexible as one human hair and as light as one human hair too.   Plus, even more impressive this Micro-Strand invention has one additional benefit – that being it is translucent, meaning the fiber or filament itself is see-through, so upon contact of the scalp or skin each of these filament disappear due to their transparency factor.

It can’t get any simpler – if you want fuller hair, experience Hair Stranding – Book yourself NOW, privately, and then make your decision.

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