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A method now exists that adds hair in a way that can NOT be seen or felt where the hair was added. Plus this new concept allows you hair to grow.

Conversely, Hair Extensions can be seen somewhat easily, and can be felt too, plus they cause some hair loss also.

Cost – This new method is less money than a Hair Extension.

What would you pick???  Yes, it’s a no brainer.

Inside the video below you’ll see the finished product before it would be blended in-between your existing hair. Notice it appears as if there is just hairs draped over this hand, but no so.

A microscopic tip instrument is used to blend ONE real hair at a time onto Hair-Threads (Special filaments as find and soft as one human hair)

In this modern world where salons are sprouting like mushrooms almost everywhere, a celebrity hair can be achievable already in so many ways.

Using hair extension is a method/solution that is most likely to be everyone’s remedy in achieving the perfect long locks. But don’t you know that using hair extensions won’t give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for? Yes, you read that right! In fact, some people now are not easily convinced in using hair extensions due to some facts that:

The extension itself is obviously seen and therefore, it is easily identified from your own hair.

Having fact no. 1 leads to fact no. 2 that your actions as far as your hair is concerned are limited only since you tend to worry about it being seen.

It lasts up to 3 months only.



All these disadvantages lead you to know about the newest approach in fighting against hair loss other than hair extensions. The Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is the one you should try. You may be wondering what is and how Hair Stranding works and how it can benefit your hair more than any hair extensions can do. Hair Stranding comes from the word Micro Strand which is a new method to add hair in a way that it won’t appear obviously that it was just and additional hair, rather it would appear just like your own natural hair.

What a huge, overwhelming vision—yet how precised, measurable, and pointed this is.  Every professional that becomes Certified and Licensed to offer InvisaBlend will not only know this mission statement by heart but will also understand, feel and have passion for its purpose.  The purpose being—to help and upgrades the lives of people in need.  Internationally, all professional offering Hair Stranding to educate their public of this highly advanced procedure—to spread the good word of a concept of which will change lives, and then to offer “Free Trials” to all in people in need—so the people can experience InvisaBlend privately and first hand.  It’s the experience of Hair Stranding without any commitment that will enlighten the lives of individuals to then take action to upgrading their self-concept of which will upgrade individual’s lives.   

We believes that the public at large will also spread the good works about these Free Trials too.   We all need to help each other to grow—this will create a movement throughout the public and professionals internationally. Any of the InvisaBlend videos will notify and educate the public and professionals of this revolutionary concept of which people need to know about.  So, look at this video and then send this video to all individuals you know and all professional you know so we can help the masses of people in need.  And let’s have empathy and enthusiasm for the mission of this procedure called InvisaBlend – “A Free Trial experience of InvisaBlend for every person in the world that is dissatisfied with their hair”.

You opinion and questions are encouraged – Info@InvisaBlend.com

Watch this Video NOW to see – Why Hair Extensions might become obsolete!



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