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What Everyone Is Saying About STOP Additional Hair Loss

What does this mean? The world is wondering, hoping for someone to discover a way to solve or stop Hair loss. Hair loss in our society has caused and is still causing mental anguish, complexity and searching for answers. 

Many companies produce all kinks of Products with multiple ways to camouflage thinning and or balding. In addition, there are many methods, systems, and products to replace hair as a hair restoration options—so individuals can somewhat compensate for this deep emotional issue.

There is one repeated side effect to any of these options, which will be brought up shortly.

Well, there isn’t a way to completely reverse hair loss—although there is now a new breakthrough to STOP additional hair loss that was discovered by Dino Dondiego.

We wanted and needed to know all the details, and what is meant by “STOP Additional Hair-loss”.  So, here is an exclusive interview with Dino Dondiego who wrote a book on how it’s now possible to “Stop Additional Hair-loss”….

Interviewer: What do you exactly mean when you say, “STOP Additional Hair-loss”.

Dino: There is presently additional problem when it comes to hair loss, and this problem is causing or speeding up hair lose.  If at can’t reverse hair loss, which means growing 100% of your hair back, no one wants to speed-up hair loss.  But that is what is happening exactly!


Interviewer: What do you mean?

Dino: Currently there are hundreds of different methods of either adding additional hair to someone’s existing hair and or camouflaging someone’s thinning and balding hairs.  But there a counterproductive issue here.


Interviewer:  What is this “Counterproductive issue” you are mentioning?

Dino: All these different methods and techniques work, from the standpoint of either adding more hair or concealing the thinning or balding area. Therefore, most of these methods are successful and make millions of people worldwide satisfied and even happy.


Interviewer: Then what is the problem here?

Dino: Even through most of these methods work and make people happy—they have the side effect of speeding up or causing additional hair loss, which is completely counterproductive.


Interviewer: I agree, that is completely counterproductive.  But I am confused now.  Why would anyone acquire any one of these methods if they speed up or cause additional hair loss?  Is it because an individual doesn’t know UNTIL they get one of these methods?  

Dino: Sometimes this is true, but most individuals do in fact know that any of these methods they choose will speed up or cause more hair loss on them.

Interviewer: Wait second here—then why would anyone follow through and get anyone of these methods or options if they know it might or will cause additional hair loss?

Dino: Hair loss is a very deep emotional issue for most of us, whether someone admits it or not. Hair loss is a major DISTRACTION from a person’s daily life.  When you have hair-loss in most cases it consumes you. You can’t stop thinking about it through each day. It therefore interrupts you constantly.  When you look in the mirror, when you swim, before you go outside, when you are in your car or public transportation, when you are at work and heavily if you are going to any minor or major event.   

What does this mean or boil down to, individuals are desperate to find a solution that will help them in any way to deal this this disturbing issue.  So, when under this level of stress—when looking into of these methods you are deeply hoping that the method you select will help you.  When you are in such a hopeful mindset you grab onto a solution that makes sense to you.  Even if you heard or read that these methods might or will speed up your hair loss—you push it to the back of your mind and hope the method you are selecting will help you.  

Interviewer: What about the people that get one of these methods and then experience additional hair loss?  Won’t they then remove it and or stop using it?

Dino: Sometimes, but in most cases the individual keeps using the method they choose because now their hair is in worse shape, meaning now their hair has even more hair loss so they now need what they have been using even more.


Interviewer:  I would assume that some people do their research and find out that all these methods can speed up or cause additional hair loss. Then therefore NOT get one of these counterproductive methods.

Dino:  Yes, this is true. Even though most people that suffer from hair loss follow through and get one or more of these methods that work while causing additional hair loss—there are still many people that research and therefore will not get one of these methods.  Reason being—all their thin hair they still have is very precious to them and they don’t want to speed up any additional hair loss.  But most of these people that do not acquire one of these counterproductive methods can either still get by due to their hair loss is not extremely severe, yet.   Plus, there are some that do have server hair loss but just rather wear hats, scarfs, etc. to cover up their problem.


Interviewer:  For the people with hair loss that choose not to get one of these counterproductive methods of adding hair, aren’t there those powders that hide the thinness?  I heard the word very well.

Dino: Yes, there are many different name brand concealer powders.  They not only work well but they are used by millions of people, BUT… they also speed up or cause additional hair loss. 


Interviewer: Now I see why—you are on a quest to STOP additional Hair-loss.  So, is this the reason why you wrote your second book called “STOP Additional Hair-loss? “

Dino: Yes, that is exactly why this new book is called “STOP Additional Hair-loss?”

Interviewer:  So, how do you plan on stopping additional hair loss by writing this book?  What is in this book that will help the public at large?

Dino: I want to first make it clear that I have not discovered a way to stop hair loss, that is not what this book is about.  This new book is about stopping additional hair loss that is caused by all these methods and techniques that are out in the industry to help people with their hair loss, which they do help, but at the same time—speed up their hair-loss.  To state it simply – we are creating a movement to STOP Additional Hair-loss caused by methods of hair restoration and counseling hair loss.

The general purpose of this book is twofold:

  •         To notify and educate the public to be mindful that the methods, product & services for helping hair loss do in fact have the side effects—of speeding up additional hair loss.

  •          Secondly, there is now a way to make hair fuller by adding additional hair that works on any hair problems, but does not have this side effect, meaning a way of adding additional hair while simultaneously keeping the individual’s own hair Safe & Healthy!

One additional point I want to make – solutions to solve anything in our world are good to have but Health and safety come first.  Meaning its most important to use methods and products that work IF and ONLY IF…. they are SAFE!   Safety & Health comes FIRST!

Interviewer: Well, put.  I see your point clearly.  So, what is in this new book that will help people?

Dino: I do not want people to just believe that this new technology is safe and healthy because I say so.  But instead I want the public to see and understand logically… why and how this new technology is safe & healthy.

Interviewer: How will this technology make – what you call “Logical Sense” to the public?

Dino: Let’s start with—what exactly is used to add additional hair that will make hair fuller while simultaneously keeping the existing hair safe and healthy.  That is something Invented called the Micro Strand®.  Here is what this Micro Strand® is, and the steps how this is performed:

  •          I first invented a thread or a filament of sorts that is as fine in diameter as ONE human hair, plus as soft and flexible as one human hair.  If you put one real human hair in your palm, and then one Micro Strand® filament next to the human hair—it will look and feel identical.  This Micro Strand® filament is also 10X stronger than any human hair, but even more important—its translucent!  Meaning upon contact of the skin or scalp it disappears!

  •          Next, multiple Micro Strand® filaments are networked together forming a sort of web, with diamond openings.  These Micro Strands are customized by different millimeter sizes diamond openings. M20 = 20-millimeter diamond opening, M15= 15-millimeter openings, plus there are M13, M10, M9, M8 and an M1 (one millimeter opening) only for completely bald area. These different size diamond openings are mixed according to the degrees of thinness per each area. The less thin your hair is in one area the larger the diamond opening.  The thinner another area—the smaller the opening. This therefore creates a perfect balance of hair blended                   in-between your existing hair. So, 100% of everyone’s hair is used and free to grow.

  •          Then, using a microscopic tip apparatus—one human hair at a time is secured or locked onto these Micro Strands.  By adding ONE human hair at a time, we are replicating the same way hair grows out of the head.

  •          These finished Micro Strands® are each individually customized per everyone’s hair situation in any size, shape and mixed diamond openings.  When you hold the finish Micro Strand® with the single human hairs attached up in front of your face—you then see nothing but single human hairs appearing to be floating in the air.


Interviewer: Is there a video that shows this Micro Strand Invention?

Dino: There are many videos on this website www.InvisaBlend.com that shows how this works. 

Plus, to get more specific—this video explain this technology plus shows the Micro Strand® invention before and after hair has been added.  

In addition, this video shows the Micro Strands blended in-between a client hair in the back of her head and also directly in her front hair line, showing how it disappears.

Interviewer:  OK, it seems pretty obvious that this Micro Strand® technology can make someone’s hair fuller while keeping their own hair safe, and I can also see how it sort of fades away in between someone’s hair.  Within your new book, are there any other unique benefits explained in this book? 

Dino:  Yes, I will touch on some exclusive benefits only possible due to this Micro Strand®, although people will understand a deeper importance of these and other unique benefits when they read this book.  Here are just some of these unique benefits that are only possible due to this Micro Strand® invention:

  •          The Feel-Factor – When single human hairs are evenly disbursed in-between the existing thin hair, something unique happens. You can run your fingers directly down to your scalp and pull your hair. It will then feel the same as all your own hair. There are some vital emotional details the book explains how this benefits an individual.

  •          The Blending-Factor – Everyone will understand from the book how this “Blending-Factor” makes the added hair completely indistinguishable from their hair, plus it does something that has never existed before.  That being, you can actually mix in non-matching hair colors and or non-matching hair textures and it will still blend perfectly.  Some individuals do this to alter their hair color and or hair textures.   

  •          Reducing or eliminating hair chemicals – Due to the “Blending-Factor” from this Micro Strand® creation people have reduced or eliminated hair coloring and or perming their own hair.  The book will explain this in more detail how this is possible, along with creative alterations are now possible. 


Interviewer:  Well, I never hear of anything like what you just described. Can you just touch on any other unique or so-called revolutionary advantages or techniques?

Dino: OK, here are some more advanced benefits only possible due to this Micro Strand® technology. The reader will discover details about the following:

  •          Enhancement-reality – Its important to learn that this method enhances and does not replace your existing hair, and how something called the “Enhancement-reality” will provide an unique reality experience like nothing else in existence.

  •          Balance factor – This is the key to living life through any activity and your hair always looking and feeling totally natural all the time.

  •          Creativity-Expander – When you lose hair you lose flexibility and live becomes more and more restricted.  Individuals will not only gain their fuller hair back plus they will have the ability to be enormously creative with their hair now. The book explains this in more depth.

  •          Less gives you more – Now that single human hairs can be evenly dispersed in-between the existing hairs—much less hair is needed.  The readers will find out how half or less hair can be added in comparison to any other method still providing the desired results.

  •          Hair Growth Stimulator – People will realize from this book that now the exact desired hair volume and length can be added, and at the same time—any hair growth stimulating treatments can be provided because any growing hair is not interrupted.

Interviewer:  Is there any emotional benefits to just adding additional hair in between the existing hair, without covering any of the existing hair?

Dino:  Big emotional benefits. This is part of the “Enhancement-reality”.  When 100% of your own hair is used with just having single added hairs mixed in-between your existing hairs—there is a big emotional experience.  When a person brushes, runs their fingers through their hair and or even pulls their hair—the individual feels the same sensation as just having all their own hair.  So now life’s activities are more normal, therefore people receive an emotional boost in their lives.


Interviewer:  When adding additional hair using this Micro Strand® technology is their fuller hair full time hair, meaning do they take it off and on?

Dino: The individual experiences full time hair. Meaning, you go to bed with fuller hair, you wait up with fuller hair, you shampoo your fuller hair, swim and live your entire life with fuller hair.

Interviewer:  What kind of emotional benefit does this provide?

Dino: Individuals forget about their hair. When you go to sleep, wake up, shampoo, swim and do all activities with your normal full head of hair there is an enormous emotional benefit.  Conversely, when a person applies hair and must take it on and off daily—they are then consistently reminded of their thinning hair problem.  I speak from personal experience.  I have the Micro Strand® technology myself and I do not want to see myself without my hair, that is not me.  I am the person with a regular full head of hair, and that’s the only way I want to see myself.


Interviewer:  Who does this not work on?

Dino:  InvisaBlend® with its Micro Strand® technology has now been called a “Curl-all”.  Meaning this is the only technology that works on any individual with any hair situation.  It’s all due to the flexible Micro Strand® customization that makes this possible.


Interviewer:  Does your book have anything in it about how to emotionally deal with hair loss?

Dino: Yes, it does. There is something I created called “Pre-Sleep Delight” along with this icon

This is a step-by-step system on how to program your mind scientifically just before going to sleep, so you wait-up with a specific selected mindset. Your last thoughts before going to sleep will start the beginning direction of your day upon awakening.  When we go to sleep our conscious mind switches off and only our subconscious mind is engaged during sleep.  Because of this, what you last think, say and or written down before sleeping has an effect into overall actions and thoughts.  The book will explain how this works.

Interviewer:  It seems like this will work on any challenge someone has.  Is there anything else like this in the book?

Dino:  In reference to programing your mind—before going to sleep and upon awaking are the two key moments to direct your mind into an advantageous mindset. So, in addition I also created something called “Morning-Glory” with this icon. 

When you first wait up your mind is still in a state of Alpha.  This means your subconscious is still fairly engaged.  Your subconscious believes what it hears, sees, and writes down. This means every human being is venerable to feeling good, great or not so good upon awakening.  I walk through some specific steps to follow to create a beneficial mindset at the start of your day.


Interviewer:  That’s excited to hear that your book will also help with positioning the mind into effective directions.  Getting back to this InvisaBlend® Micro Strand® technology—what would you say to people that are afraid or hesitant to trying another method especially if they have tried many other methods?

Dino: This is the easiest step possible because any person can take baby steps.  Meaning, anyone can add the lowest volume of hair in any size area, and then later add more.  Plus, in reference to feel, the Micro Strand distributes single human hairs evenly in-between your hairs—so you do not feel as if anything is there but your own hair.  Everyone also receives a 30-day change their mind period.  After receiving and experiencing the InvisaBlend® if anyone feels something needs to be different, like changes of hair color, changes of hair textures, fuller or thinner, etc.  Any alterations are make at no additional cost.

Interviewer:  What kind of options will people have in reference to prices?

Dino: The prices are extremely flexible because the Micro Strand® enables anyone to add any degree of additional hair in a purely natural way.  No one receives just one price, but instead different price options according to different fill-in areas that are a good fit for everyone. Prices range mostly by the size of the area that is being filled in. So, if someone wants a lower price—we simply provide a smaller fill-in area.  The purpose is to make this technology available to the widest range of people.

In the book two new series of InvisaBlend® still using the Micro Strand® technology are introduced.  The Top Notch series, the Mini-Fill-in series and the original “Unlimited InvisaBlend” series.  These two additional InvisaBlend® series have been creative to expand the flexibility of usage and to make tis technology available to more people. 

Interviewer: Is this your first book?  

Dino: No, my first booked called Limitless Hair Attraction was a book for the hair professional to learn about this advanced technology so they can offer this to their clients.  This book is about a deeper understanding of a change in the hair industry that is happening, and about a movement to STOP Additional Hair-loss by offering a safe and healthy way to make hair fuller.  It’s about keeping your own hair and scalp healthy and that every hair on your head is still precious and valuable.           

This book is for everyone, people how need more hair, people who know others suffering from hair loss and hair professionals to also offer this technology.  This book goes deep into how this works, along with the appearance and emotionally benefits.  Plus, how these benefits are only possible from using this  Micro Strand® technology.  Anyone that has interest or concerns about hair need to read this book.

Interviewer: Do you have any techniques or plans to spread the word faster?  It seems people need to know about this Micro Strand technology to be able to solve their hair problems in a healthy way.

Dino:  Here is how we all can help…. Share this icon anywhere you choose. 

This is a symbol that stands for “Stop Additional Hair Loss”, which means to provide a way to make hair fuller that keeps your existing hair Safe & Healthy!  

You can acquire this icon, plus a video showing & explaining the meaning of this icon by going to www.InvisaBlend.com and click on the “Books & Bonuses” button which is inside the “Store” button on the top of the home page.

When sharing this symbol along with the Micro Strand® videos—you will be contributing to notifying and educating the public in need of more hair while adding to “Stopping Additional Hair Loss” movement. 


Interviewer: Can clients receive any kind of rewards for spreading the word about this technology.

Dino: Yes, there are a few rewards.  When a person sign-up for free to get their STOP Additional Hair Loss icon  they automatically get 10% off any order.  Plus, when this individual recommends a hair professional that acquires the training course to offer this technology, then that person receives 20% off.

In addition to this, an individuals can receive 30% off when they become a “STOP Additional Hair-Loss Supporter”. The details are in the book about this level of support.  The overall purpose of supporting this cause and spreading the word is to notify everyone about this breakthrough technology that is desperately needed and that will help upgrade lives.  All while stopping additional hair loss.

Interviewer:  Are there any other ways of spread this technology?

Dino:  Cosmetology schools and hair professional trainers are welcome to contact InvisaBlend® about partnering with us to offer the Micro Strand® technology training to hair professionals in their area.  There are also Master Agent offerings in other countries and regions to offer this training to salons and hair professionals. 


Interviewer:  If you had to describe hair loss in one word what would you say?

Dino:  The one word would be “Distraction”.  When a person’s hair thins their everyday life is distracted. If a person has any sort of hair system, hair extension and or any other method that doesn’t provide them with full freedom to do anything they want in life, their life is still “distracted” because they still keep thinking about their hair repeatedly. 

Although, the using the Micro Strand® technology when making hair fuller enables everyone to perform any activity while their hair always looks and feels totally natural.  The details in this new book will explain how this is now possible.

Interviewer: Where will this book be available?

Dino:  Basically everywhere, Amazon, Barns & Noble, and of course on our website www.InvisaBlend.com within the “Store” button.


Interviewer: When will this book be publish and ready for the public?

Dino: Sometime in April or May 2022


Interviewer:  Where would a person go to see additional video about this Micro Strand® technology?

Dino:  They can go to the website www.InvisaBlend.com or they can go to YouTube and type in “InvisaBlend”.


Interviewer:  Where would you recommend people to go really see how it would work on them, and also to find out their own personal options? 

Dino:  The very best step—would be to schedule a private “phone video call”.   This would be a one-on-one private call where the InvisaBlend® specialist can see the person’s hair and then advise some specific options for that individual.  There is no cost for this, and the individual can get all the questions answered, find out how this technology will work on them and also find out their personal options, including price options.  Anyone can contact invisaBlend to ask any questions or to schedule one of these free “phone video calls” by emailing info@InvisaBlend.com – plus this toll-free number 1-800-992-9976

Interviewer:  Thank you for this interview.  Do you have any last words?

Dino: You are very welcome.  My last words are – “Lets join together and STOP Additional Hair-loss.”


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