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Birds of a feather flock together (as the saying goes). This is true when you offer a unique product and service because people are social creatures. We all like to talk and communicate with others, whether good or bad and in this case, offering a revolutionary product and service which is very well loved by your clients simply attracts a steady flow of consistent clients. This is called “Self-business-growth,” meaning business flow increases automatically when you have a unique product and service that is loved by your clients and the public at large. The business law of attraction comes into effect.

One example of this was a guy named George who owned a salon with three operators. Business was good, but George expected consistent growth, which he had but at a normal pace. As an example, the three hairdressers George employed took only two years to build up to, which is pretty good. George constantly thought of two main things: keeping his three hairdressers, and himself busy consistently and simultaneously trying to add in an additional hairdresser to grow this business. George could have kept growing his business over time, but not at the speed it would if George were to offer a revolutionary product and service.  Then George discovered this unique revolutionary product and service by seeing one of the videos. To George, this video showed how unique and needed this product and service was, and how much of a need there is for such a product and service. The change was a concern because learning something new takes extra time and even side-tracks a business. However, he realized or at least felt that something this different could make a major impact on the future of his business, and his life.  George first showed these videos to his clients and his clients’ responses were very positive. He then started noticing recommendations from his clients. Then he simply posted these videos on his social media. Just from this alone, the number of additional people contacting his salon tripled within the first month. The more George showed these videos, the more calls, and emails George’s business received. George never experiences something like this which inspired people to contact his business. This motivated him to study the training videos on how to perform consultations about this product and service, along with how to apply and maintain this unique product and service.  The revenues this product and service produced per client put his business into a different level or category from the average salon. He now had a specialty which caused him to stand out from all other salons.  George’s salon has now changed in two ways: he can turn up the volume of his business at will, plus the amount of money his salon makes per client is ten times what he used to make.

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To create a steady flow of increased business, you need to stand out.


Know How HAIR can Boost SELF-CONFIDENCE, Your APPEARANCE & SELF-ESTEEM - Hair Expert Dino.



Hello, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial video. My name is Dino and I am your Host, where we combine Hair expertise and limitless self-improvement information together. Today subject is how your hair was sky rocket your self-esteem, now here is the one thing I want to tell you, Us human beings buy by emotion and justify logically, what that means is where emotional base, alright we are emotionally base, what that means it’s a good thing alright. We do all everything’s by our emotions and our appearance is an important part of our emotions ok, so and our hair is a very important part of our emotions, so what does that means, you should do is always take good care of our appearance because it tie to your emotions, your self-esteem and that’s tied to your progress, your fear enjoying life, so take care of your hair. Now taking care of your hair what do have enough of your own hair, you should have a proper style, proper cut that you feel really good about your hair and if you don’t you should fix that. On another note if you don’t have a enough hair you should search out a way of adding hair to solve that problem. Don’t go around depressed or in secured about the way you look, that is not healthy for your life, it’s not good for your self-esteem which ties to the goodness of your life, so fix the issue, add enough hair that makes you feel good.

Here where I want to get across to everyone when your hair gets thinner a little at a time, you then become restricted and what you can do with your hair, you able to do less styles, less styles, less styles until you only doing one style. It’s a kind a like would people use a powders also called the concealers, they put they hair one style and the one style all they wear and that restrict them in styling and simaltinuosly when you restricted the way you can wear your hair, your life becomes more restricted, you do less, you think about less things to do because your life becomes more restricted. So, I hope that make sense to you, so we should do is take care of the problems, add hair to the point of enjoying & liking your hair you have. Then when to get to that point here what you should do, in your bathroom every morning you should prep yourself, take care yourself  in the morning, before you take care of the people around you or world outside of you.

In the morning prep yourself do yourself Up, do your hair, do your face do everything and look in the mirror and get your hair up to the point where you like it where you comfortable because when you prep your hair in the morning in the bathroom and you like the way it looks, it’s basically gonna stay that ways all day. It blow around or move around if you have a natural head hair or natural the way of adding hair, it all basically looks good, so prep yourself in the morning, look in the morning and say this is to do, this is good or it’s good I am gonna make it better, or say something positive or back look in the mirror and say UM I look good alright, say something good about yourself. No one is in the bathroom only you are there so say something good so that will build your self-esteem about your appearance about your hair okay and then walk out and take on the day, so please remember that.

Now a quote for today for a guy name Charlie Tremendous Jones he says “The book you read and the people you meet or want a rephrase that little bit and that is you stay the same except for the book you read and the people you meet." So please remember that okay, now i will tell you what that means, it means we are growing human beings we grow by knowledge the more we learn the more we progress and that were we change the change the books we read okay. So always educate yourself constantly educate yourself because it does grow to you expand your mind and expand your good life. When I say books it could be audio tapes, educate yourself always constantly educate yourself, Now the other part of this quote which is you stay the same the book you read and the people you meet, the people you meet we grow by meeting people the more people we know, the more people we meet the more we grow as individuals alright, so we are social human beings and we feel good when we meet people, as long as the way we took care of we look okay. So take care of the way we look alright and we remember that quote.

So now our next video is gonna about ‘How to add hair or reduce hair coloring or eliminate hair coloring’ and I see you soon.

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A Blueprint Formula for Limitless Hair Attraction


A Blueprint formula, when followed, upgrades your business in a limitless way. Blueprints are designed and made to duplicate results or better yet outstanding results. This is not for any Salon, Hair Studio, and/or medical clinic—but for a select few willing to follow such a blueprint while offering a unique revolutionary product and service.

Most businesses (Salons, Hair Studios, and Medical Cosmetic Clinics) think in an ordinary way and that’s why they have ordinary business results. Many Salons, Hair Studios, and Medical Cosmetic Clinics want more business and want a very prosperous business, but conversely, they stay in their comfort zone and simultaneously expect more. 

When we stay too much in our comfort zone and don’t break out of our box, we technically fall back over time. Our industry is moving forward quickly just like the speed of technology, so to keep ahead, we need to offer the best, most advanced products and services. To stand out, we need to offer outstanding products and services which includes following procedures to educate the public about such unique products and services.

There is now such a product and service available to qualified hair businesses.

When your business is consistently growing, consistent opportunities will follow you.


How To Maximize The Benefits Of Hair Relaxers & Help You Grow Hair - Hair Expert Dino


Maximize The Benefits Of Hair Relaxers or Texturiser & Help You Grow Hair

Hello. This is Dino here. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combine both hair expertises, when I say hair expertise, I mean expertise on your hair or expertise on form of adding hair or growing hair, alright, a fixing hair a kind of way. So expertise on hair and self-improving combined and welcome to another series, this series or video is about how to Make Relaxers grow your hair. Now this is also very important when I say something about this, most Relaxers or talk to the industry, when I say the industry – I mean the Individual consumer and I mean of Hair dressers, most Hair dressers thinks Relaxers are for making the hair straighten, that’s not true alright and now came with something called Texturizers, but some unique about texturizers, texturizers relax the hairs and texture to it, don’t relax the hair all the way.

Well here is the important thing Relaxers do the same thing, it just amount a matter of leaving on less time. So how do you make relaxers grow your hair, here’s the key, you want to think of your hair on scalp, one being crawl your Kinky and ten being Bone straight alright. Now most hair dressers think when you suppose to put relaxers on and do a good job and bring it to straight, but here is key thing, the straighter you make hair chemically, the weaker you make hair. Please don’t forget that the straighter you make hair the weaker you make hair, so closure on that scalp one very curlier kinky and ten bone straight, when you get closer to ten to get closure to week, So anybody relaxing your hair or you relaxing your hair to a ten it’s max or even to a nine you are making your hair week and what happen is when time goes on your hair break a little and grow a little bit, break a little bit and grow a little bit. But conversely, if you relaxed it only up to seven, maybe an eight or you relaxed it to six or five, what that mean is you are taking it off sooner and leaving the texture still on the hair and when you under relaxed you are leaving the hair strong because remember one is curlier kinky – ten is bone straight. (Strong – Weakest) stay somewhere in a middle and hair stay strong.

So you relaxed your every time and you only bringing it over seven or eight maybe or eighteen under, leaving a texture still on the hair, then your hair will stay strong and little grow. Now, please don’t worry if you want to work your hair on bone straight, statically you can work on bone straight, what I mean by that is let say If they only relaxed your hair to only five and a strong textured to it’s there, you can just so blow dryer, iron it and make it bone straight and still have your bone straight hair, but don’t make it bone straight chemically, okay. So please follow these instructions and remember a texturizer if you leave it to longer then it will do the same like relaxer, it will make your hair bone straight & weak.

Somebody just came up with a term texturizer and a product, it doesn’t mean it stops. If you leave it on hair too long it will make your hair bone straight & weak, so you can get the same results from a texturizer as you can from relaxer, just take it off sooner, like cooking the food less, so please remember that alright.

So know let’s get our quote for today, a quote for today is a following which is very very interesting okay and that is your mind The more your mind remembers the more it CAN remembers because your mind is a muscle that could weaken or build continuously now let me explained you what that means, your mind builds from remembering more. A lot of people think, Oh I am more stress out! I got too much to remember! Ah I can remember all this!  It’s Actually OPPOSITE of that alright, your mind the more your mind remembers, the stronger it gets. Here is the reason why, your brain has over 100 billion Brain Cells and each individual brain cells have 20000 Dendrite, dendrites are like little branches, alright. The word dendrites is derived from a Greek word ‘Branches’ so each individual cells have 20000 branches, it just lookalike like a spider, alright. Every time you remember something or study something each individual brain cell with its dendrites electrically connect to each other and the more connections the more your brain remembers, so the more you studies and the more the you remember things, the more the electrically connections they area and the more links to each other, so that’s how it’s technically works so please remember that, to give an example Albert Einstein they found the most electrical connections in his brain more than any other human being, because he used his brain a most.

It’s a good example, so I am telling you that because don’t ever get stressed. Keep learning, Keep breathing, Keep memorising, the more you do that it’s nothing to do with your age, the more your brain will remember more. So please remember that and follow that principle. Now are next limitless hair expert videos is How your Hair was Skyrocket your self-esteem and I will see you soon. Thankyou.

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How to Add Hair & Stimulate Hair Growth at the Same Time - Limitless Hair Expert


How to Add Hair & Stimulate Hair Growth at the Same Time

Hello. This is Dino here. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined hair expertise and self-improvement together which I believe they're really very connected. And today's subject is how to add hair and stimulate hair growth at the same time. Now, this is really important because the problem in the industry is that all methods of adding hair and I'm going to go through just categories because there's many different methods of adding hair by name but they fall under just certain categories category one is hair extensions or hair weaves that's a method of adding hair category two is hair systems, alright

Non-surgical systems category three is hair transplants a surgical system and category four is probably a wig which is not as common but still out there those are categories I'm not going to get into the technical aspects of each in this video but there are categories of adding hair guess what they all have one thing in common they all give you hair and make you lose hair in the process now please think about that most people are most of the public know that now all the methods of adding hair give you hair

And then make you lose hair in the process that to me that's counterproductive it's kind of like having delicious food going out and having a great meal great service getting sick you would say what's the point counterproductive alright so there is a method now called hair stranding through Invisablend of which adds hair and allows you to simulate hair growth at the same time so it's a revolutionary breakthrough and you're welcome to go to our website to look at videos about it, okay.

But here's the principle I want you to follow the principle is how this was in all right I invented this and how I invented it was dissecting the principal and here's the principle number one you have to add hair in between your existing hair in between not on top of okay if you could add hair in between your using the existing hair next if you can add one hair at a time in between the existing hair now you're duplicating the same way hair goes out of the scalp but the kid is in between the hair.

Next or number three is you add hair in between the hair while leaving the scalp a hundred percent access all right meaning you want to be able to add hair and run your fingers down your scalp run a brush or comb down this gal and feel your scalp 100% alright now if you add hair in between one hair at a time and you have full access to the scalp now your existing here is left healthy less safe less free it's left alone and because you can get down to your scalp your scalp can breathe and your scalp needs to breathe, okay.

So now you can get 100% down to your scalp and then on top of that what that means you could put treatments on so now you can add hair get the volume of hair that you want and then if you want to stimulate the growth at the same time then you would put any kind of treatment on and I'm not going to get into different kind of treatments right now but the point is now for the first time you can add hair and stimulate hair growth at the same time so please look at our website and you can look at the videos on exactly how that's done if you have any questions you can contact us, okay.

So now let's talk about our quote for today our quote for today is over plan but don't overcommit will keep you moving forward and happy now this is a time management principle that I found myself that live by and what it means is to have an easier life and not a stressful life plan table you want make a list of plans over plan it's exciting it's like making goals and keep putting more and more goals on a sheet of paper over plan all you want but here's the trick under commit so if you have a list or book full of plans under commit whether you're committing for a day an hour a week a month or a year under commit.

Commit yourself to achieving things that you can easily achieve because now if you over plan you have an exciting list all right over set look at always having something to look forward to but if you under commit now you know you can get it done and when you get things done but you plan you feel like you achieved something, alright and you feel better about yourself and it motivates you to keep going more, okay.

So please remember that and stay tuned for our next Limitless Hair Expert video, which will be “How Relaxers or How to Make Relaxers Grow Your Hair”. And I'll see you soon

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Why do MOST Women LOSE Hair or Start GOING BALD !! - Hair Expert Dino


Why do MOST Women LOSE Hair or Start GOING BALD !!!!!!!

Hello. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial video. My name is Dino and today's subject is, what is the number one reason why women lose their hair? Now I want to go through a couple things here for you, women lose their hair for many different reasons but there's one key reason that is most popular that most people don't understand and here it is its female pattern thinness.

Now there's a lot of technical terms of why women lose their hair but the most common one that's not brought up by doctors by professionals is that it's female pattern thinness now not male pattern thinness I want to bring that up to some females can have male pattern thinness just to clarify this when a female has male pattern thinness it means they have a little bit of an imbalance of hormones, they have a little bit more male hormones and therefore it affects them in a male pattern baldness way.

When a woman has male pattern baldness they have the same bonus as a guy meaning just on the top, alright and to an area where it goes actually bald. So you'll know any female will know if they have male pattern baldness because it's kind of like a guy where it goes bald and it goes just on the top and it's more rare, so please don't worry it's very rare it happens but very rare for a woman to get male pattern baldness, although it does happen.

Now, female pattern thinness has a specific pattern to it, alright and female pattern of thinness is thin on the top going down halfway through the back and all the way to the sides sometimes it bald in the front and sometimes it just gets thin in the front it's mostly thin in most cases through the top. And secondly thin on the sides but it's that pattern female pattern thinness is the pattern of being thin on the whole top half way down the back besides when you have that pattern you have female pattern thinness.

Now, what is female pattern thinness? Female pattern thinness is genetic not just hereditary, hereditary is part of genetic but not always so you can go back three generations ago no one in my family has lost hair, alright it doesn't matter every human being is unique, it's like with the expression when you say when God made me broke the mold, well, technically when God made anybody he broke the mold because everybody is unique in their own way so you can have generations back and not have anything this.

And you could be the first because every human being is unique in their own way and they have their own genetic structure, alright so on a giving example of genetic structure genetic structure would be gray hair, alright it would also be when you're a kid you're blonde and when you get older you become over that that's a genetic structure, alright. Be the color of your eyes genetic structure best example is getting back to gray hair think about this we go gray but some people will bring their 20s not some people out to the 30s some people out to the 40s and all different percentages, okay.

That's your genetic structure, alright. Your thinness is your genetic structure all human beings their hair thins as they get older it's just that some women have female pattern thinness and the thinness happens as a genetic structure little early in the game, okay not that you shouldn't do anything about it, alright. You can and you should and if you want to go to our website you can see about this method that can fix it but that's what the most common way or reason why women go thin female pattern thinness from a genetic structure, okay.

So now let's talk about our quote for today our quote for today is when you understand and realize the law of control self-esteem will evaporate. Now I want to bring some mud to you law control there's many laws in the world, I'm going to give you an example of a law actually there's a law control there's a law of there's a lot of correspondence, there is a law belief there's many psychological laws that if followed could really improve your life give an example of a law one, law is gravity, gravity is a law you throw something up that comes down well there's psychological laws and one of these laws is the law of control.

Now, what does the law of control mean, the law of control means you are in control alright to the degree that you feel that you're in control of outside people and outside circumstances now conversely you have stress based on the way you feel how much you're in control of outside people and outside circumstances it's a feel alright control is self-imposed, alright. So stress is self-composed what it means it's a feeling it's not a reality.

So when you feel like you're in control you don't have stress that's when it evaporates so when you live by the law of control the more you improve and understand the law of control, the more you have less stress, less stress and ultimately when you master the law of control you have no stress and you have that ability, so please remember the law of control, okay.

And stay tuned for our next Limitless Hair Expert video and that is “How to Add Hair and Stimulate Hair Growth at the same time”. And I'll see you soon

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A Revolutionary Change for MORE Hair


Presently, 97% of all salons in the entire world offer some sort of method of adding hair. Hair Extension is enormously popular throughout all salons worldwide. This is because the public needs and loves more hair. Then, of course, there are hair studios which offer Hair Extensions and forms of hair replacement plus cosmetic studios also offering methods of adding hair, too. The public worldwide is fascinated with the best methods along with the best businesses that will provide them with more hair.

Nevertheless, each of the many different methods falls under a specific category of adding hair. Here are the categories: (Read full category details in the Limitless Hair Attraction Book)

  • Hair Extensions
  • Non-surgical Hair Replacement
  • Surgical Hair Transplants
  • Wigs
  • Concealers
  • Hair Growing treatments

Each of these different categories of adding hair or solving hair issues is for specific hair loss, hair thinning, and/or hair lengthening needs or situations. They all have their place. They are all are popular but for specific places, depending on their hair issues. Therefore, none of these categories has a universal solution, meaning each category only works for specific hair situations.

What if a new category was invented, which provided highly more advanced results, plus didn’t have the negative common denominator you will read about shortly? In addition, what if this new category was also a “Cure-all”, meaning this one method which falls under its own category works for ANY hair situation instead of just specific hair situations or problems as mentioned above for each existing category?

Imagine a single method or category that works for all.

Well, a revolutionary change has now hit our industry, this method or category is so extremely more beneficial over any other method or category that no individual would ever select another method over this new revolutionary method when they learn about this new concept.

The name of this new method/category is Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. You can see videos on this unique concept on  In addition, you can also see many additional videos on YouTube under InvisaBend. Plus, of course, you can see more information on Facebook under Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend.

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Why Balance is the Main Key to Naturalness and Flexibility - Limitless Hair Expert


Why Balance is the Main Key to Naturalness and Flexibility

Hello. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Care video and my name is Dino and today's video is why balance is the main key to naturalness and flexibility. Now when I say balance I mean balance of your hair and when I'm talking about balance of your hair I mean both if it's your own hair 100% of your own hair or if you're adding hair it means both so here's what balance means balance means when you have a head of hair whether it's all yours or whether you have added hair when you have balance it means that every area of your entire head has the same exact density, alright.

When you have an imbalance it means that a certain area or areas have an imbalance so example when you go thin that's an imbalance you might have thicker hair on the sides and thinner here so when you create balance then you have the easiest head of hair to style to deal with all right now I want to tell you them most hairdressers miss this and most hair addition specialists when I say hair addition specialists I mean people and companies that do hair addition hair replacement most of the methods that add hair miss the principle of balance that's why this is so incredibly important.

Another way looking at balance is you should be able to literally hang upside down and have you here inverted upside down like a sort of like your hair sticking out like a porcupine and if you look through every area of your head every area of your head should be the same exact density and if it's not then two things should happen if it's all your own hair your hair has to be cut in a very different kind of way unfortunately most hairdressers don't know how to do it but some do has to be cut in a different way where the thinner areas have to be cut longer and the thicker areas of the because a little shorter.

And there's an art and finesse to doing this to make it a little bit more balanced even though it won't be a hundred percent more balanced but the bigger thing is when you're adding hair when you're adding hair you have to create balance so let's say for example you're thin on top and you're a little bit thin on the sides and you're thicker on the back that's three areas with different densities that would mean you have to add more on the top less on the sides and none in the back to make it equally in balance, alright.

And if you look on our website you'll see the method by Invisible called hair stranding that creates this balance so please remember balance it's very, very important all right if you want more information about balance then contact us and we'll explain how this method of Invisible, alright also called hair stranding will create balance for you alright so now our quote for today is for every move there is a counter move please leave by live by this principle this principle derived from me taking martial arts, I took martial arts for many years.

And I learned from martial arts that there for every move there's a counter move so I took that principle and I lived by that principle through life and what that means is that anything that happens in life you could counteract it there's a counter action to anything that happens to you and you have to remember that and when you live by that principle what happens is you have an easier life and a more progressive life and a happier life so please remember that principle right for every move there is a counter move now for our next limitless hair expert video please watch the next one.

And that is about thinning what is the most or the number one reason why women. So please see this next video. I'll see you soon. Thanks

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