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Age Appropriate

Hello Dino here and welcome to advanced benefit number 20 and that is called “Age-appropriate” now there's something very unique in the industry of adding hair and that's called ‘Age-appropriate’ you have to balance the way you add hair according to your age and this pertains to both females and males okay

So let's start first with the ladies in reference the ladies in reference to age-appropriate you don't want to put too much hair on you want to put an amount of hair that's in balance with your age. So you're not putting a lot of hair on to make yourself look like an 18 year old if you're not an 18 year old alright. So you want to keep balance now here's how that works with Hair Stranding by Invisablend because of the invention of the Micro Strand which is right here and I've showed this many times is very very important because we add one human hair at a time on this this allows this total flexibility it allows us to add less hair in one area and more hair in another so in reference to hair age-appropriate I should say and that is add less hair in the temples when you add less hang on the temples that's the way hair naturally grows and the way you age you usually lose a little bit more handy temples near temples is a little lighter so the micro strand this invention enables us to add more hair one area less than the other to give you a balance according to age, age-appropriate

Now when it comes to Man this is even a little bit more important with men you want to receive the hairline even more into almost like a V hairline like this when you receive the hairline more it gives a proper age-appropriate look okay and the art of this invention of the micro strand is that you don't have a limitation on how little hair from the at it with all other methods you have a limitation of the limit of how less hair you can add but because of the micro Stan invention there's no limitation whatsoever you can put two hairs on it you can give yourself two percent more hairs okay this enables you to add hair appropriately to your age so you have a proper look that you're comfortable with

So please understand those important details and when you come in we'll show you different ways of adding hair and there's no limit to how little hair you can add and that's the key component to balancing it to age-appropriate so stay tuned for our next advanced benefit number 21 and that is filling in bald areas to you'll find this very interesting see you then.

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Limitless Hair Attraction - The key to having a fast-growing business!!


The key to having a fast-growing business is to have something unique!!!

The key to having a fast-growing business is to have something unique which the majority of the public would be attracted to and would just love to have. I want to help my profession, salons and hair studios, because I discovered a product and service along with a killer system that completely stands out from any other product and/or service on the market. A revolutionary product/service that 100% of the public loves (when they see our descriptive videos) and wants.

This is a product/service that is outlined in videos in an informational and educational way (not in a sell-y way). I am still shocked how much this product/service attracts massive volumes of the public. In fact, I actually can’t advertise too much due to having more new clients than we can handle—a good and extremely unique problem to have! 

To put this in a nutshell: I found that KEY to limitless Attraction for salons, Hair Studios, and even medical clinics. Plus, the public finds our videos about this revolutionary product and service worldwide on the internet, so we keep getting more and more people from different parts of the world wanting this unique product/service. In fact, some of these prospective long-distance clients are getting upset due to this product/service not being available within their part of the USA or their part of the world.

I decided to write this book because the public at large seriously needs this revolutionary product/service, and therefore, the way to make this available to the masses is through the help of salons, Hair Studios, and medical cosmetic clinics.

In my heart, I feel it’s my duty to make this revolutionary product/service available to everyone worldwide, and to achieve this, I need the help of my industry. By helping my industry, I will be helping myself while simultaneously helping the public worldwide.

Enjoy the book!!


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Duplication of a Real Growing Hairline

Hello Dino here again and welcome to advanced benefit number 19 and that is “Duplication of a real growing hair line” so Hair Stranding through and Ritalin developed a way of duplicating a real natural hair line and here's how it's broken down into little baby steps, it's broken down into studying a real growing hair line and studying every little element about that and then emulating each element. So number one here's

Number one and that is follow a natural hair line, natural hair lines are never straight they usually peak in and then come back down, so a natural hair line has to be blended in a very uneven way because hair lines are uneven and depending on each individual's unevenness of their hair line. We will duplicate that hair line so example if somebody has a widow's peak we're going to duplicate the widow's peak if somebody has a widow's peak it then it goes straight and then it dips in we're going to follow that exact hair line if you follow the natural flow of the hair line you're then duplicating the growth of the hair line okay that's number one

Number two which should be done you should always put different color shadings in even if your hair is black you always want to put a slightly different color mixed into the hair line because technically hair lines have a lightness to it that you can see into the hair line a little bit they're not very blunt first of all they're not straight and they're not blunt with a strong starting point conversely what they really are is opposite of that what they are is you can see into them and some of the hairs lighten up in the front hairline, so with Invisablend or hair stranding through Invisablend we put slightly different color shadings ever so subtly throughout that hairline and that combined with an uneven hairline makes a very natural hairline next number three what we do is we put different hair lengths mixed in even if your hair length is all one heroines we want to mix different hair lengths because in a real growing hairline no one has every hair growing out of their hairline that's the exact same hair length and the reason is because hair is always shedding and regrowing. So you're always having a shorter hair and a little longer hair or longer that's how real hair grows out of the hairline, we want to duplicate that step also so we put different hair lens throughout the hairline now when you combine that different hair lens throughout the hairline different shadings ever so subtly and on an even hairline you're emulating the natural way of real hairline grows out of the scalp okay

So we follow those steps and we're able to follow those steps because of the invention of the micro strand one hair at a time on this when you're adding one here at a time it enables you to do different things like that it enables you to add different shadings in because you're adding one here at a time you could put five of your color another - of a slightly different color in there because you're adding one here at a time same thing with hair length we can add different hair lengths in through the hairline okay and same thing with creating a natural hairline just in reference to uneven hairline okay

So now there's two ways of doing this if you have existing hair we will blend the open micro strand in between your existing hair and this can be cut to trace the exact hairline and that's number one if you're adding hair in an area where you still have some hair next if you have no hair in that hairline the millimeter opening becomes an m1 this is an m1 only for completely bald hairline and on an m1 we still follow these same three principles we add hair on even because this will enables us to make on an even hairline the m1 micro strand we add different shadings in and we add different lengths in also okay. So combining that three together duplicate a natural hairline

So point is in summary we can duplicate a natural hairline whether we're adding hair and a completely bald area or whether we're adding hair in a thin area okay so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for advance benefit number 20 and that is an ‘Age appropriate’ I'm going to explain how hair stranding to Invisablend is done in a way to coordinate with your age so we may care or we add hair in a way that's appropriate to your age okay now see you soon thank you.

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Last Three to Four Years!! - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend

Last Three to Four Years!!

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 18 and this is last three to four years now this is a big thing because all methods of adding hair all of them, last a fraction of that time as an example hair extensions, usually last three to four months somewhere around that area a hair system lasts now-a-days under one year all right, any method out there that you get doesn't last anywhere near as long as 3 to 4 years

So this is a major advantage for the public the reason why it lasts 3 to 4 years is all due to the invention of the micro strand invention of the micro strand is very very unique because the micro strand is is thin as a single human hair but remember it's ten times stronger than a human hair and then of course it's translucent where when it blends in you don't see it okay because this micro strand is ten times stronger than hair it lasts for years almost indefinite so when we add one hair at a time on this what's going to happen is that you're getting this blend it in between your own hair after the hair is arm less this becomes this with the hair on it and this here your investment will last you a good three to four years on an average now it makes it last that long it will shed like regular human hair just like your own hair and you will add hair to it during that three to four year period although at least your investment will last an average of three to four years now some cases if your rough with it it could less so less in some cases if you're good with it it can last a lot longer than that but the good average basing it out all of our clients averaging out our clients is three to four years

So this becomes more economical than any other method because now you can invest in something that'll last you for years and therefore it will become more economical and that's in addition to being healthier for you and more natural for you and all the other benefits so please keep that in mind two very important benefit and when you come in and see this will show it to you will blend the hair in and then you'll understand it even more thoroughly okay. So stay tuned for our next advanced benefit number nineteen and that is “The duplication of a real growing hair line” and I'll see you soon.

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Reduce Your Grey Hair Percentage - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


How to Reduce Your Grey Hair Percentage

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 17 and that is “Reduce your gray hair percentage” now this is a great benefit if you have gray hair and you're okay with gray hair you just want to reduce it. Invisablend or Hair Stranding, through Invisablend is the only method that could reduce your gray hair while still keeping some gray hair.

So it's almost like the colors that they have like they have Grecian formula out there where they comb through color and instead of getting rid of all your gray, it could diminish it or lower the percentage because of the invention of the micro strand, remember this is the micro strand it's very hard to see and because we put one hair at a time on this and that becomes this the finished micro strand because we're putting one hair at a time on this when this gets blended in between your existing hair you do not need to match color exactly you can if you want to match your color exactly but if you want to alter your color or diminish your percentage of gray you can put in a hair color with a less grey than yours or no grey than yours and because it's evenly distributing hair in between your hair it's going to blend in beautifully and it's going to reduce your percentage of gray so that's another great advantage so now for our next advanced benefit number 18 that is “Last three to four years” and I'm going to explain why and how that's possible I'll see you soon.

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How to Elliminate Highlighting - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


How to Eliminate Highlighting

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 16 and that is “How to eliminate highlighting” now you do not have to eliminate highlighting when you have Invisablend or the Hair Stranding blend it into your hair, you can still highlight your hair as much as you want although what it does is enables you to highlight your hair without the need of coloring. So you can have the highlights and not actually put your hair through the process of highlighting therefore keeping your hair healthy saving you money saving you time and this is a very advanced benefit and here's how it works on the actual micro strand you can pick any combination of colors any combination, whatsoever example you could say you want this blonde with a certain tone of brown mixed in you can mix two colors you can mix three colors whatever you like but here's where it gets really interesting and that is you can mix exact percentages

So let me give an example if you said you wanted this blonde sixty percent and you want forty percent of a soft brown you would pick those two colors from a human hair swatch that you can actually put next to your face and see how the colors go with your skin tone go with your appearance okay you would pick a specific percentage of each color then what they do they weigh those colors out and they give you that exact percentage

So it's more precise than any other hairdresser can possibly do on your hair so not only enables you to eliminate the need of highlighting your hair because it can be built-in to the hair stranding it also gives you more precise balance of two or more colors so it's a great benefit so it allows you to highlight your hair to any type of highlight you possibly would like to have remember it's all you in hair so you can also change it later on any time you want so stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 17 and that is how to reduce your percentage of gray without coloring I'll see you soon.

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InvisaBlend - A Salon’s best friend. Turn to us for direction. Nourish your business.


We help take your small business to the next level, As we Believe Your Business Success Is Our Business.

Something is revolutionary! Just saying this is sometimes not enough. We are here to educate about its advanced benefits, too. You will also receive a page called “Advanced Benefits”, which has multiple short videos explaining each advanced benefit. This is doing the heavy lifting for you, meaning the videos will do this educating for you, thereby educating your public and your clients. Remember this is a full turn-key system which has been designed to use as little of your time as possible. The system does the work for you, and you just follow the system.   

Check out just a few of the advanced benefits which do not exist with any other option in existence today:

1. Healthy—The first and only method that is safe and healthy for your hair.

2. Invisible—Difficult to see, feel, or find where hair has been added, truly natural because you see and feel virtually nothing! 

3. Universal fix—The one and only method that will work on and solve ANY hair situation in existence. A one method fix-all. 

4. Stimulate Hair Growth—The only method which you can use any hair growth treatment. So, you can add the hair volume and/or hair length desired WHILE simultaneously stimulating your client’s hair growth! Think of the possibilities.

5. A flawless Blend Every Time—Due to the Micro Strand distrusting ONE human hair, spread apart, the added hair will always blend perfectly and flawlessly.

6. Duplication of Hair Growth—Hair grows out of the human head ONE human hair at a time, spread apart from each other and dispersed. The invention of the Micro Strand feeds hair the same way in with your client’s hair. 

7. Reduce or eliminate Hair coloring—Due to adding single human hairs and evenly distributed, this will camouflage roots showing, therefore reducing the need of touchups so often. Plus, any percentage of grey hair will automatically be reduced, sometimes eliminating the need to color hair. However, you can still color the client’s hair and the added hair you if choose. 

8. Reduce or eliminate Highlighting—You can add highlights or lowlights automatically into the added hair, creating any look you want with perfection. This enables you to either have all the highlights automatically blending in, or highlight/lowlight the client’s hair with the highlighted/ lowlighted added hairs. The point is you can produce a lot more professional creativity, making yourself and your business a lot more creative and unique. 

9. Reduce or eliminate perming—Because hair is blended in between the existing hair in the same way hair grows from the scalp, one human hair at a time spread apart, you’ll achieve even, natural distribution. This then will either dilute the feel and look of roots growing in which, in turn, enables your clients to reduce the need of perming. For clients on the fence of needing a perm or not, this will eliminate the need for perming. Either way, you have the ability to help your clients in more flexible ways. 

10. Add increased hair volume and/or hair length ANYWHEREHair Stranding is the only method which enables your business to help clients by adding hair anywhere on their head they desire. It’s important to know each and every other method of adding hair has its own particular restrictions on where hair can be added. Imagine offer a method that can add hair in a purely natural way anywhere on the head, even directly in the front hairline. Your company will not have no limitations. 

11. Lasts 3 to 4 YEARS!—When compared to any other method or option in the world, this method lasts far longer than any other. This alone makes this concept very appetizing, plus also makes this much more economical for your clients. 

Yes, there are more advanced benefits than listed above. Again, see videos on these and other advanced benefits on the website listed above. Just think, if you offered a product and service with just some of these advanced benefits, would this attract a lot more clients?


In reference to seeing videos about the advanced benefits for your prospective clients and for yourself, Watch this Video:-

Now think about this: where is there an educational marketing, selling, and training system that is completely automated, provided on videos for you? This saves you a tremendous amount of educational time for the public in your area, your clients, and even yourself and your staff. The videos give you the freedom to learn at your own pace and to let the videos bring you the clients. Yes, there is work involved from you and your staff, so you do have a responsibility to make this work. But it has been simplified to learn from and expand your business.

Limitless Hair Attraction
By Dino Dondiego

Eliminate or Reduce Hair Coloring/Perming - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


Eliminate or Reduce Hair Coloring/Perming

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 15 which is “Eliminate or reduce Hair coloring and/or Perming” this is also very unique and very advanced and it doesn't exist anywhere else the reason why is because of the micro strand, now this is the micro strand as an example when it's finished after the hair has been added. Now because we're adding one hair at a time and it's one hair at a time distributed throughout an area one hair at a time spread apart when this is blended in between your existing hair it's an even distribution meaning it's one of your hairs coming out of your scalp and one of ours next to it one of yours one of ours one of your is one of ours when something is blended this precisely here's what happens, when you blend that in between your hair when your roots grow you're not going to see your roots it's going to camouflage your roots so all of our clients are able to go 2 to 3 times longer without the need of coloring.

So remember what I said how to eliminate or how to reduce coloring and or perming, so if you have a light percentage of gray this will blend in and lower the percentage of gray or lower the site of seeing a root and sometimes it's just enough where you don't even have the color here at all and other times where you have maybe a big difference between the root and the ends what it'll do it'll blend in so evenly it'll camouflage the need the need or sight of seeing the root and you'll be able to go two to three times longer without coloring so you can color it you can color it as often as you want although all of our clients or most of our clients go 2 to 3 times longer without the need of coloring and that's a great benefit of this it also relates to perming if you perm your hair, regularly once a month you could still do that if you want with the hair stranding on although it's going to camouflage the roots because this is going to be straight on the example of a relaxed or a perm it's going to be straight already pre permed blend it in with your hair and when your roots grow in you're not going to feel them and you're not going to see them as quickly and you're going to be able to go two to three times longer without the need of a perm touch-up

So it's very important it's a great advantage that doesn't exist anywhere else so for our next advanced benefit number 16 it is how to eliminate highlighting now you don't have to eliminate highlighting you can still highlight your hair with the hair stranding blended in between but it will enable you to eliminate highlining if you choose so I'll see our next video.

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