Being a hairstylist for so many years, I have been introduced to many different ways I could add hair for my clients to create length or even add a little volume. In my years of working in the hair industry, I have stumbled upon many different ways I can apply hair. let me tell you; all of them create some type of hair loss. EXCEPT ONE. The most popular ways of adding hair right now.. Braided weft hair extensions and Glue-in tracks or keratin fusion extensions. this is why they are THE WORST ways to add hair and what you really should be using above anything else.

Braided weft hair extensions-
They are sewn into your natural hair which is braided to cover your whole head and the wefts of hair sewn into the braided rows. This is apparently ideal for thick or curly hair because if you have thin hair, the braid won’t be thick enough for them to put the amount of hair needed on the sew-in track. Eventually these braids will Cause so much tension on the hair, even the thickest hair will become weak a brittle due of trauma the hair follicle will endure. Not only that but your hair and scalp won’t have enough oxygen to breath. That will cause the other surviving hair to become more weak over time. The braid also holds moisture 5 times longer so after you shower your braids retain that water and can actually cause bacteria and fungus that can deteriorate your hair and is incredibly unhealthy for your scalp causing slower hair growth. Yikes!

Glue-in tracks or keratin fusion extensions-
One might seem better than the other but don’t believe it! Just because people say there are real hair proteins in the keratin bonds, IT IS STILL GLUE! No matter how amazing your hairstylist is at removing them, it is enviable that some of your hair will come with it. It will cause irreversible damage to the surviving hair that is left after removal. Your hair is being cut off from oxygen/moisture and on top of that your new growth will be matted at the top near your scalp. The tracks are definitely more detectable than the keratin extensions as these are done in rows rather than the keratin bonds that are fused with a small chunk of hair at a time. Although, both cause hair removable and BOTH are glue.

You also need to avoid oils or heated appliances near the connection for these extensions. As these things will cause the bond to weaken and fall out.

So what method of adding hair should you use instead??

MicroHair~Fiber extensions- This MicroHair~fiber is a filament made into a strand that is as thin, weightless, and flexible as a single human hair but is ten times stronger and is virtually Invisible to the human eye. These MicroHair~Fiber strands are then placed together to created a customized foundation for each individual specifically. they use a microscopic tip instrument to feed one human hair at a time onto the MicroHair~Fiber. This MicroHair~ Fiber allows a breathable passageway for your hair and scalp. The beauty in this technology is its versatility and weightless feel that makes this the safest and closest resemblance to natural hair growth. It is so strong that it can stay for 3-4 years before you replace it. Your scalp and hair need to breath in order to maintain healthy hair growth and InvisaBlend can provide that.

Unlike glue or sew-ins, this will provide no tension on the hair and is only attached with a single MicroHair~fiber strand at a time. This is the only way it is attached, nothing else! Use whatever products you like on your hair and even style, color, and perm your hair how ever you desire.

MicroHair~Fiber allows you to add hair on the top of your head as well. Have it come right up to the hairline without being detected that any hair has been added. This method of adding hair duplicates the closest resemblance of natural hair growth, this is how we are able to place it in any area that is needed, including someone who suffers from Alopecia areata or chemo-therapy treatments. Adding hair on the top of your head without removing your existing hair is a godsend in the hair replacement industry.

The MicroHair~Fiber leaves such breathable passageways amongst your scalp that you can use any kind of topical treatment or hair enhancement supplements as you wish. It will not stunt any new growth you might have and actually encourages hair growth by allowing your hair to breath so freely with the added hair.

Did I mention this is the most Invisible way of adding hair. You won’t feel any bumps or lumps when running your fingers through your new thick, Long, luscious locks. Something all other methods of adding hair cant provide.

So whats the point of adding hair just to remove or lose your existing hair? Any other method of adding hair seems obsolete, don’t you think? I will never use any other kind of hair extension on my clients again. Other methods seem kind of outdated and even barbaric at this point. We should have come up with something like this a long time ago!

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