Limitless Hair Expert - How to Avoid Losing More Hair While Gaining Hair


Do Hair Extensions, Hair Weaves, Wigs and Hair Transplant actually solve hair loss problems or cause additional Hair loss. See Hair Expert for all your query related to Hair Addition Techniques in this Limitless Hair Expert Video. 

How to Avoid Losing More Hair While Gaining Hair

The name of this video series is the Limitless Hair Expert. The title of this video is how to avoid losing more hair, while gaining hair.

Now something very important. Many people add hair, but the problem is they lose more by adding.

Every method of adding hair, meaning every hair replacement. Every hair extension, every hair replacement. Adds and gives you more hair, but there’s a sacrifice or a trade off, you lose more hair in the process, except one in particular, although that’s another story. So here’s what you have to be careful of.

  • Covering Hair, example with a hair or weave. Covering your hair causes additional hair loss. So please be aware of that.

  • Tying down your hair. Tying down your hair to add more hair. Whenever you’re tying down portions of your hair, that will also cause additional hair loss.

  • Any kind of bond. Some bonds are called Keratin bonds. Keratin is the main protein of your hair and nails. So by using keratin, it makes you feel as if the bond is healthy for your hair. When you use a bond on hair, when that bond is removed, you lose hair. Any sort of bond, no matter what the name of it is, is not healthy for your hair.

Now, what you want to look out for when you’re adding hair. If you can add your hair in a way that allows your scalp to have full access. No covering, no tying down, no bonding. That’s what will allow your hair to grow. You need a method that will add hair, while giving you a 100% access to your scalp.

The objective first, is keeping your hair healthy if you’re going to add hair. If you’re not going to add hair then make sure you keep your hair healthy and keep your scalp open, and have full access to your scalp.

Now, the quote of the day.

“Thought proceeds both feeling and action.”

Please stay tuned for our next video, “How to brush your hair in the most healthy way.” I’ll see you soon.

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