The Cautions of Wigs Most Don’t Know About

Wigs have been a popular fashion accessory of sorts for decades. It has been a part of the cosmetic particularly in the hair industry. Today, wigs are very different than the heavy, uncomfortable, helmet looking wigs from the past. Today, high quality wigs are comfortable, painless to wear, light weight, and realistic looking as well as easy to care for. While new innovations in the wig industry include special features that address issues like security and even additional comfort including, non-slip linings and softer fiber wigs, there are still several disadvantages in wearing it.

The following will shed some light on the possible health issues wearing wigs can cause:-

  •          Wearing a wig can cause headaches if a wig doesn't fit properly or is worn incorrectly. It can also place pressure on the head and end up causing frequent headaches. However, in most cases if you loosen the wig cap slightly you can alleviate the problem. Wigs are supposed to be something you can rely on when it comes to your precious mane, not ruin. But, don’t you know that wearing wigs and also hair pieces may damage even your healthy natural hair, plus may cause hair loss.
  •          Wearing it demands too much of your time, because your hair still needs to be cleaned and conditioned even if it’s covered already with the wig.
  •          It needs to be positioned very well to prevent your own hair from breakage and hair fall.
  •          It also causes headaches if not worn properly.
  •          It limits the hairstyles you wish to do with your hair.
  •          While for individuals who are bald or experiencing thinning hair, wearing a artificial hair alternative may lead to scalp health problems due to the fact that the scalp doesn’t receive the proper amount of oxygen of which is needed to maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair.
  •          For a wig to hold onto a human head it must have a firmness around the entire front hairline and also in the neck area—but this holding pressure causes your existing natural hair around your hairline and throughout the back areas of your head to get worn down—therefore losing your natural hair throughout these areas first.  Plus, your natural hair throughout the middle areas also thins simply due to a lack of proper natural hair and scalp breathing.
  •         Sometimes silicone linings are underneath the front and temple hairline areas of the wig for the purpose of extra hold and non-slicing—but conversely this wears down the natural growing hairs throughout these areas also. 
  •          Wigs may cause dandruff and hair breakage. This is because of hypoxia (lack of oxygen in head skin and hair root tissues). So, if you feel you have to wear a wig you should buy a wig that is made of extra fine quality materials for the purpose of maximizing the lightness of weight and feel on your head, although no matter the best wigs with the lightest materials used covering your hair and scalp still increases and speeds up hair loss

As a comparison there is a revolutionary concept of adding hair in-between your existing hair instead of covering your existing hair like a wig does.  This breakthrough concept is called Invisablend and this is the first and only method that is healthy for your existing hair due to their invention of a Micro Strand—a filament as fine, soft and flexible as one human hair, yet ten times stronger than a human hair plus translucent—so upon contact of the scalp it disappears.  Single human hairs are then attached onto these Micro Strands so when blended in-between your hairs you see and feel as if nothing is there but just fuller hair.

This InvisaBlend concept has duplicated real hair growth—meaning by feeding one human hair at a time onto the invisibles Micro Strands this creates hair growth duplication—which is single human hairs, one human hair at a time, dispersed into all different directions—which is the same exact way real hair grows out of the human head.

To continue…when hair is blended in-between your existing hair one hair at a time, dispersed apart from each other, in all direction the added hair in-between the existing hair become seamless or completely indistinguishable from each other, whether the same hair colors and or hair textures (wave or curl patterns) are blended together or whether different hair colors are blended together to create highlights, or whether different hair textures are blended together to create a multiple texture effect—the blended hair is still seamless and this is only possible due to duplicating real hair growth from the way one human hair at a time is fed onto the invisible Micro Strands.

The proof of these advantages are shown on our website ( Look at the videos of how these Micro Strand works closely and carefully, particularly watch the below video and be the judge.

Does the Micro-Strand in the video appear to be as what was described above, does the Micro-Strand invention seem logical to you that your scalp would breath, that you would have full access to your scalp, that you will utilized all of your hair, and that when blended in-between your hairs that it would be pretty difficult to see, feel or even find where the hair was added?  

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