Limitless Hair Attraction Book - Who Is This For?


“Who will make this successful?” 

And the answer to this question is the professionals who are willing to take on something new and follow through. The meaning behind following through is to follow the steps given within the video training—one of which is to educate your public by sharing the videos of this advanced technology. It’s the businesses and professionals who stay up to date and current who continually grow.

Such businesses that take on this unique concept also, of course, must to do a little homework by looking at the specific details within the videos on to see if you, as a business owner, connect with this concept. If you see a vast improvement on what this concept is in comparison to any and all other methods of adding hair, you have passed qualification #1. This is “Connecting”, and step one of “Who is this for?”


Limitless Hair Expert - How to Brush Hair in the Most Healthy Way


Hello, Dino here. The subject today is called how to brush your hair in the most healthy way. What I’ve found is most people don’t know how to properly comb or brush their hair in a healthy way, and they don’t what comb or brush is healthiest for their hair.


The wider the teeth of a brush or comb, the less pressure on hair and the more healthy for hair. The closer the teeth, the more tension on the hair, making it less healthy.


This is an example of a wide tooth brush. Notice the teeth are far apart. In addition there are no obstructions, there are no balls at the end, the teeth are far apart. This makes this the best brush.


The brush that has teeth that are wide apart glides through your hair with less pressure, with less tension, and has less possibility of popping or breaking any of your hairs.


This also pertains to a comb. The wider the tooth of the comb, the healthier for your hair. Same principle. So please remember, when you’re brushing your hair, use a wide tooth comb or brush. It doesn’t matter the length of your hair.


Now secondly, methods of brushing your hair. You always brush from the bottom and work your way up. If you get caught in a snag, you skim the service first, and then you brush deeper and deeper until you get through the hair. And then you work your way up higher and brush the surface, deeper and deeper. If you get caught in a snag, always skim the surface before your brush deeper. By doing this it will cause less tension and you won’t see those snapped hairs. Some people have those little squiggly hairs, those are from brushing improperly.


Please remember, if you brush properly your hair will be in better condition than it’s ever been in and you won’t see those snapped hairs.


The quote for the day, “It’s what you know learn after you know everything that counts.”


A famous quote by a famous basketball coach named John Wooden. What it means is that after you master something, there’s always additional levels of understanding. It’s the expert that digs deeper that learns more. So please give that quote some thought.


Stay tuned for our next video that will be about how to evaluate the different methods of hair addition.