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What are the True Facts About Growing Your Hair Back

Hello and welcome to another Limitless hair expert tutorials and today our subject is ‘What are the true facts about growing your hair back’, this is very important for everyone, there is different methods of growing hair back and I want a break them down in a categories and give you some realistic examples on when you can grow your hair back and when you cannot. Because it is very large industry, the industry of growing your hair back and every one should know the perspective when it will and when it might not grow back and when it possible can and to what degree. Now there is different ways of growing back your hair back, really under different categories. So number one is Topicals, that you put onto top there is almost two subcategories of that, there is a chemicals alright which is medicines you put on and there are natural products that you put on or any sort of chemicals, drug. So Topical is one number two there is something you digest alright a pill you ingest, that also grows your hair.

Number three there are Lasers, lasers comes in combs, lasers comes in helmet and then there is mega cones from the stand point of injections, Mega cone injections, something like they do stem cell research, where they inject into your scalp something to help stimulate your growth. So all of those really produce are about the same results, what I mean by that, is that yes can have one individual get a little better results on one of this categories over another, but generally they produce the same results as follows.

Number one they might not grow any hair on some people; it’s a little bit of gamble of thing you called it, if you don’t mind and you would apply one this or get one of this treatments and there is always a possibility they won’t do anything. Number tow there is a possibility that it might not grow hair but might slow down the fall out or any of these categories. Number three it might grow hair on you, although I want to be very be clear to everyone. When it does grow hair, it will not grow a substantial amount of hair, it’s not to grow your hair back. When it is successful it will grow a little fasis a little bit of degree of hair grow. So everyone should know that, so it said three steps, It might not do anything number one, number two It might just slowdown the fallout, number three it might grow hair in, but it will not grow any substantial amount of hair, any of this methods.

Now I am not against the hair grow treatment, I just want everyone to understand what they will do. So if you get any of these treatments it’s all you know about, number one it might not do anything, number two it might slow down my hair growth number three it might grow hair and if it does, it won’t be anything substantial. As long as you realise that going into one of this treatments, than that’s fine, but conversely it not good going into one of this treatments, completely think it’s going to get your hair back, because that’s not the case it’s gone one of those three. So please keep that in mind.

Now our quote for today is the following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’ alright, Now I am gone a explain what that means, I am gone relate that too professional athletes alright.  Professional athletes follow these principles whether they know they following or not following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’. So you have ever seen anybody whether it a golfer like ‘Tiger Woods’ you know whether it’s a baseball player you know like ‘Dot Cheater’ or basketball player you like ‘Michael Jordan’ they practices preside ritual over and over and over, by doing a specific ritual and the practicing, they get a specific results and that’s short a key  to why they are so extra ordinary, So you want a get very presides results you have to practice, one particular step over and over and over until it becomes your ritual and you notice this professional athletes, you look them very closely you will notice that before they get up the bed, before they shower, before they swing the club could be dancing or anything before they start they have some sort of rituals of what they move or what they do. Before they approach the ball and that the ritual that gets presides results.

So please take these principles to heart that if you want to get specific results in any area of your life, you should practice over and over and over until it becomes your ritual – ‘Rituals get Presides Results OK. So now our next Limitless hair expert videos tutorials are ‘What are the best type of shampoos to use’ and I am saying types not specific shampoos but actually types of shampoos you use and I will see you soon, Thank you.

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How to Add Hair & Reduce or Eliminate Hair Coloring- Limitless Hair Expert

Hello Dino here, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combine both hair expertise, top hair expertise along with self-improvement which tie together. Todays topic is how to add hair or reduce or eliminate hair coloring, interesting concept. There is a way where you can add hair or actually reduce or eliminate hair coloring, so in the world of adding hair what I mean adding hair, I mean, it could be hair extensions, it could be hair system or some sort, but if you want you want a able to add hair or may be get an extra benefit out of it. So here is the principles to follow when you are adding hair you can add one hair at a time in between your existing hair, what will happens is that when your roots grow on you will not see your roots as quickly, which therefore will not be able to add hair color as much, so the principle to follow is add hair in between your hair one hair at a time, if there is way of doing that what will happen beside giving you more fomus, it will also then delute any grow a roots, alright any roots whatsoever because what you are doing is distributing hair evenly.

So as an example when you do that let say you have hundred hairs and then they grow root those hundred hair, but there is another hundred distributing in between it those hair don’t grow roots, so there is gonna be a hundred hairs with roots and another hundred hairs with out roots, so it will should be camouflage and you will able to go two to three times along a get out doing a touch up alright. Now, Another note in reference to highlighting hair, if you can add hair in a way you can highlights in the additional hair that you are wearing, now the highlights are already build-in, so it won’t matter what kind of highlight you want, if you highlights the hair following the same principle, the same principle is adding hair, one human hair at a time, evenly distribute in between and then you put highlights in hair, the highlighted hair were always be directly all the way down to the scalp, so now you won’t have to highlight the hair, you can but you want after because the added hair has the highlights and it would be called first day fresh everyday, what that means is you know when they highlights normally they grow out two three four months yourself, when they grow out the circuit get removed and they have to get touch-up on the highlight or re-highlighting or low-lighting okay. With this if your add highlights are already in, the highlights stay all the way down to the scalp and keep look highlight would have been just done. That’s why I mean by first day fresh everyday, alright.

That method of doing this is really on our website, if you go to InvisaBlend website and you see method how we add hair one hair at a time evenly distributed in between your hair and by following those principles you will able to reduce hair coloring or eliminating hair coloring and there is one more thing if you just have a small percentage gray that starting a barvue and then you add more hair and reduces that percentage you might not want a color anyway, alright. So this another feature about it, so please go the website and look out how this principles follow within the method we invented alright.

So now our quote for today is when you crack the momentum bearer your result will explode. So please remember that, now think about this, when I mean by momentum bearer, momentum is very important subject alright. Momentum is build up doing for something consistently alright. If you do one particular thing as an example consistently when your working, when you doing certain thing reading out, consistently, it forms a habit, a good habit. We want only good habits, it forms a habits, then you build up momentum and the momentum habits keeps on going and that you make real progress, when you build up momentum alright. In a time management there is one statement called ‘Bask your Task’ and what that means is that when you take one subject and you put all subjects in one little bask, alright, bask speak up to your mind and work on one particular subject at a time, because your mind gets engage in that and helps to build up momentum, that’s a one example.

So stay tune for our next video our next video will be on ‘How to avoid the Pitfalls of Wigs and I see you soon.

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