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Cost: The Best Part

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 25 called “Price the Best Part” now this is very important because price with this technology really is the best part and here's why no matter what your hair situation is you will never get one price you will always have multiple price options to select from and here's the reason why due to this technology being so advanced no matter how much hair you need. We can always add less hair in one area more hair in another or we can just add hair and a major part where you need it later on and more later, so you actually can get multiple different price options so that way you can pick something that's comfortable for you within your own comfort range of price

So please don't worry about price or don't pre assume because it's extremely flexible when you come in and see this when we look at your hair we're gonna actually show you something called the “Price Book here” and in this price book it's gonna have pages in this price book there are pages of crisis so what we're going to do is involve you on how we price this for you when you come in you're gonna actually get the book of the prices we're gonna show you how we measure and where each price falls according to different choices so the point is you're going to be part of the price selection and you're going to understand what price equals giving you so much hair and that way you will be able to actually select your own price

So it really is the best part so I hope you're not worried about price please come in and you'll see how flexible it is thank you and I'll see you on the next video advanced benefit number 26 a cure for Trichotillomania and for anyone that doesn't know what trichotillomania it's an unconscious condition of pulling your hair out and there's a cure for it in reference through the Invisablend system alright see you soon on that video thank you.

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Why “Hair Stranding” Is Replacing Hair Extensions and all Hair Additions


Hair Stranding is starting to make waves in the hair industry now. People are learning and are more skeptical now on what to apply/do with their natural hair in preventing and/or treating hair loss.

As we all know now ALL methods of adding hair (all Hair Extensions, all Hair Replacements, Weaves and Wigs) all cause additional hair loss.

Disadvantages of ALL methods of adding hair

§  ALL Hair Extensions cause additional hair loss.  Hair Extensions cannot be added in the top areas.  You can never brush directly down to the scalp.  You have limitations on what you can do.

§  All Hair replacement systems – All hair replacement systems have to remove or shave off your existing hair in the top area to apply a hair replacement system.  Some hair replacement companies will not remove or shave your hair off but as an alternative they will bond the hair replacement system ON TOP OF your existing thinning hair (within the top areas)—this will cause you to lose your hair in this area.  There are also restrictions too.

§  All Hair Transplants – All Hair Transplants are surgical.  They all permanently remove your hair form the back areas to replace or transplants these hairs to the front areas (where you are thinning).  They work and look natural but you then permanently lose hair in the back area and never have enough to fill up the entire thinning areas.   So all hair transplants also have limitations too.  

§  Hair Weaves – They are applied in rows of which creates bumpy effects and a lot of limitations, pleas ALL hair weave cause you to lose even more hair.  Plus very limiting on how you can style your hair.

§  Wigs and hair pieces – All make you lose more of your own hair by wearing wigs and or hair pieces, plus you have many limitations and they are not so secure.

Advancements of Hair Stranding

§  Healthy and growing - Hair Stranding is the ONLY concept that adds hair while keeping ALL of your hair healthy.  The purpose of Hair Standing is to enhances your hair by leaving your hair along and just add additional single human hairs in-between your hairs while allowing your hair to grow freely.

§  Full access to 100% of your scalp – Hair Standing is the ONLY concept that enables you to have 100% access to your entire scalp.  So all of your hair can grow freely and you can apply any treatments directly down to improve the health of your scalp and hair and even simulate growth

§  Bruch directly down to your scalp – Hair Stranding is the ONLY method of which you can brush directly down to your scalp just like you would with your own hair.  So you handing your hair just as you would if it was allof your hair.

§  Nothing-less – True Naturalness means seeing and feeling “NOTHING”.  Hair Stranding is next to seeing and feeling NOTHING!.   When you can’t see of feel anything then it’s truly 100% natural.

§  Add hair anywhere – Hair stranding due to its Micro Strand invention enables you to add hair anywhere within your hair or head.  There are no limitations whatsoever.  The Micro Strand inventions are filaments as fine, soft and flexible as one human hair.  Plus these filaments area translucent, meaning they disappear upon contact of your scalp.  These Micro Strands are also ten times stronger than human hair so you can brush, style, shampoo and handle your hair with full freedom.

§  Reduce or eliminate hair coloring – Due to the fact that ONE human hair at a time is fed onto the Micro Strands this creates a “Blending Factor”, meaning a perfectly even blend of added hair in-between your hairs.  So because the hair is perfectly and evenly mixed or blending you will not see roots as your hair grows in so quickly, therefore enabling you to go 2 to 3 times longer without the need of hair coloring or touch-ups.  In some cases where you barely color your hair then the Hair Stranding will cause you not to need to color your hair anymore.

§  Many more….  There are many more highly advanced benefits with Hair Stranding of which you see on the website –  

The proof of these advantages are shown on our website ( Look at the videos of how Micro Strand works closely and carefully, particularly this video and be the judge.

Does the Micro-Strand in the video appear to be as what was described above, does the Micro-Strand invention seem logical to you that your scalp would breath, that you would have full access to your scalp, that you will utilized all of your hair, and that when blended in-between your hairs that it would be pretty difficult to see, feel or even find where the hair was added?  

Also, as real proof, FREE Trials are available – Hair is blended in with your hair so you can see, feel and experience this Hair Stranding concept due to the Micro-Strand invention.  The purpose of this free trial offer is to test and experience this concept personally yourself.  

Personal judgment is an ultimate evaluation, especially when the trial is for FREE! Head on to InvisaBlend centers now!


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Customize Worldwide

Hello Dino here and welcome to advanced benefit number 24 “Customized worldwide” now this is very important for the public to know that there's a way of delivering this to anybody in the world and there's something that is going on that's going to make it more and more available because this is a major breakthrough advancement in the world of adding hair and I want everyone to know that ok. So customizing worldwide there's two parts to it that I want to explain part one due to the invention of the microscope that I showed in the last video which is here and I put it on a piece of paper, so you can see it from the paper and when I put my hand underneath it you notice how it's a little difficult to see because when the micro strand makes contact to your skin of your scalp it basically disappears and remember there is one human hair at a time attached onto this so in reference to customizing this worldwide we have people in our headquarters office contacting us from different parts of the world all over the US all over outside the US they see the videos they understand that it's revolutionary they contact us.

So what we do is we have them take pictures of their hair and they send in pictures of their hair and then we do what's called a phone consultation as long as you send pictures of your hair where we can see the front the top the sides and the back and we could see it clearly which today's pictures on phones are very very clear then we can actually do what's called a phone consultation a phone consultation is then us walking you through different options of adding hair so, when you have somebody that needs more hair on the top and the sides we're able to explain different options of just adding 10% more hair adding 80% more hair just adding here in the front just heading here in the top adding hair all over just on the bottom we go through different options for each individual person, so that way they don't have one option and it's all because of the invention of the Micro Strand this again that enables us to give multiple options for every individual situation which is very very important.

So getting back to this consultation we do a phone consultation we're looking at your pictures we're looking at your hair and from that we give you different options you then pick an option and then we give you then a design I then design it literally diagram it out on our design form of the hair color you want the hair text you want and by the way the texture and the color is derived from the pictures as long as you send this clear pictures we can match hair color and hair texture very very adamant lean very closely ok so now we take that design we design how much hair we're putting in each area of the head its diagrammed out then we has to be customized from scratch for each individual when it comes in you then get the micro strand this look terrible as an example this this is an example the finished product the micro strand with hair on it it'll be customized for you we take it we then send it to you with a video on how you can self apply it now one of sidesteps a second there's multiple ways of attaching this micro strand there's a way of attaching it where we professionally attach it and it stays on your head all right and then that way you don't do anything or but also there's a way that self attached so this can be attached professionally or can be attached by yourself either way and it could be changed from one attachment to the other because of that that's how we're able to customize it ship it to a person was a video on how to apply it which is very easy there's no person has ever not been able to attach it alright

We've been doing this now for years and now they get it they self attach it it stays on their head they can keep it on their head through swimming and showering and everything so it is part of them but they maintain it and they don't need to come back to us because their self attaching it and maintaining it themselves so that's how we're getting it out into the world one way that's one way the second way is that we licensed this technique to qualified hair companies hair salons hair studios and by licensing this to two different companies and we do presently have licenses licensing studios and hair salons in different parts of the world and we're just touching the surface with that because we need to share this with the industry because it is a major revolutionary breakthrough and by sharing with the industry we take qualified hair companies and then we teach them how to do this hair straightening by Invisablend okay

By doing that it then makes it more and more available to more and more people throughout the world now when we license someone now that company could provide the self attachment if you're the type of individual rights to do them something yourself or the professional attachment which means you do nothing and the salon or the Hair Studio blend it in and attaches it and you do nothing so there's two different main ways of attaching it both professionally where you do nothing and self attach where you do it they both work just as good it's a personal preference so by licensing certain qualified companies it then opens up Hair Stranding by Invisablend open to more parts of the world with both attachments so in quick summary here we customize this worldwide to any individual that cause calls our or contacts our headquarters office and we're able to customize it and send it to them with the video and how the self apply it and simultaneously we license different companies that are qualified so they can offer it also and they can offer both attachments alright

So I think that was very important for everyone to understand and stay tuned for our next video advanced benefit number twenty five cost the best part and this you're going to find fascinating because the invention of the microscope hair stranding enables us to make prices that are very palatable for people very flexible so that's why this is called price the best part you're going to find this fascinating I'll see you soon.

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Five TIPS to Keep your Hair InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and Beautiful


Five Tips to Keep your Hair InvisaBlend Hair Healthy and Beautiful


  • Parallel Principle – Everything that is best for all your own hair is also best when you have InvisaBlend too. Therefore there is no difference in everything you do with all your own hair or with having InvisaBlend.

  • Best Brush or comb to use – The wider teeth of a brush or comb the better. No balls or stubs within the teeth of the brush or comb. The wider the teeth of a brush or comb the less tension on your hair, therefore the smoother the brushing or combing with any tension while brushing or combing. For detailed instruction on the best brushing or combing methods contact us at

  • How to Brush or comb – No matter what length your hair is—Brush always from the bottom up or skimming through the hair first without brushing deep first, and then as you are brushing upwards and deeper from the bottom up continue until you reach the scalp, and then brush from the scalp through all the hair. Never pulling or feeling any tension while any brushing or combing. Be mindful of this always to avail any breakage or split-ends. Contact us for the make & model of the best brush in the world at

  • Lubricate and moisturize – Hair needs moisture just like your skin. Using a leave-in condition is best because moisture stays on the hair. When a leave-on conditioner makes your skin moist without being oily and goes away by seeping into your skin then it will do the same with your hair—meaning moisturize your hair by going into your hair shafts. Contact us for product recommendation at

  • Shampooing and conditioning – Shampoos and conditioners should not have Sulfates or salts known as Sodium Chloride, which most products have. Hair should first be brush thoroughly and properly, and then shampoo and conditioner must be applied by just spreading these through instead of scribing. Shampoo does the cleaning without scribing. Scribing causes a negative effect. Conditioners just make your hair feel silky, therefore easy to run your fingers through wet or dry. Direction on some of the best shampoos and or condition along with detained instructions can be obtained at

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Thinning Hair Appearance - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


Thinning Hair Appearance

Hello Dino here and Welcome to advanced benefit number 23 “Creating a Thinning Hair Appearance” this is a major point in reference to what Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend and can achieve and the reason why the art of adding hair is not how much hair you can add it's actually how little hair you can add and it still look natural and a major breakthrough is all due to the invention of the micro strand which you've seen before but this time what I've done is I put it on a piece of paper so maybe you could see it a little differently and when I take my hand and I put my hand underneath it you notice when it's against skin it's very hard to see all right and this micro strand is very soft like hair this is the component that enables us to add hair and create a thinning hair appearance here's the reason why we take a microscopic tip instrument that has a microscopic tip hook only big enough to grab one human hair at a time and we grab one human hair at a time and we tie one human hair at a time onto these micro strands now when you do that you no longer see the micro strands when they're blended between your hair and down against your scalp you only see single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of your scalp all right

Now here's the point because you don't see the micro strand you only see single hairs looking like they're spread apart just coming out of the scalp this is what enables you to add any amount of hair when I mean any I mean if you want something that wants a ton of hair you can put a ton of hair in but conversely if you want somebody that wants to have hair at it and still create a thinning hair appearance as if they're still thinning this invention of the microphone in tables you to do that in fact we could add five hairs on this and blend it between and you wouldn't even know you had added hair or extra hair there's five hairs in between your hair you would hardly even notice but the point is you can do that with the micro strand

So I want everyone to clearly understand that there is no limitation on how little hair you can add so if there's anybody that's uncomfortable about making a transition I want everyone to know because of the invention of the micro strand any amount of hair could be added we can create a very light subtle appearance or we can create a look like you're still thinning that's very very important for our next video advanced benefit number 24 is called “Customized worldwide” and there's something very important that everyone should know about this and what I mean by this so please watch that next video see you soon.

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Gradual Transformation - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


Gradual Transformation

Hello and Welcome to advanced benefit number 22 which is “Gradual Transformation” this is very important, does not exist with any other method of adding hair and it's all due again to the invention of the micro strand this allows you to do a gradual transformation which means if you're a little bit worried about having too much of a transformation this can add hair and any gradual speed you would like any it's literally unlimited and it's all because of the micro strand and here's why because you can add any amount of hair on the micro strand, now it's not how much you can add it's how little you can add because of the micro strand being completely translucent meaning it disappears upon contact of your skin of your scalp because of that principle and because of putting one human hair at a time onto this it enables you to add any amount of hair with no limit on how little and that's the key no limit on how little I could add two hairs on this and blend this in your hair and you'll have two more hairs you won't be able to notice it but it can go that little

No other method of adding hair and Able's you to do that so with this you can add a very small amount of hair at any speed you want you can have just five percent more hair than ten percent more hair because of the micro strand being invisible upon contact of your scalp now you can do that in a whole area or you can do that in a small area you could have five percent more hair in one area and twenty-five or fifty in another area but either way you can graduate the amount of hair you have so that way it's very subtle and very comfortable according to your comfort level what's going to make you feel most comfortable all right now there's another part of graduating the hair the volume of hair and that is the micro strand is what's called ‘Independent’ what that means every crossing of the diamond remember there's four lines to a diamond that make these diamond shapes up they are independent so you can actually cut this and it does not fall apart so what that means at any time you could add hair in a wider open microstrand that gives the hair more dispersement that adds less hair in a given area and later on if you want to sort of beefs it up you could either add more hair to this or you can actually create another micro strand that has a closer opening that then you can then cut out a section and add in another section that's more densed

So this micro strand enables you to and to the micro strand or cut out a section to add in a new section to create more volume either way so that's the details of a gradual transformation I hope that makes sense to you because it's a very important detail that just does not exist in any other method of adding hair so now stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 23 and that is ‘Creating a Hair Thinning’ appearance I'll see you soon.

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Want to know How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Business!!


How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Business!!

In business, we all want recognition—to be recognized as the salon, hair studio, and/or business that you need to check out and people love to go to. This is a strong desire and need within ourselves but is a very tricky thing to pull off, especially on consistent basics.

What if there were free videos available to you and your business which provided recognition for your business? Sounds a little outrageous, but if this were possible, it would turn your business around and create a different world for your business.

Well, due to this revolutionary product and service I have been talking about, there are now such videos. When you show these videos to your existing clients, show them within your social media and just share such videos everywhere you can, this would cause a viral effect within your area. Yes, this will involve some work, but I’m sure you’d agree that it would be well worth it as long it brought a consistent flow of people to your business.

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These videos have been tested throughout different parts of the world and still stimulate the same dramatic interest. These videos have created dramatic interest in places like Iceland, Hungary, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, UK, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, and of course, other areas throughout the USA. Plus, the interest is still growing internationally as you are reading this book. So, the polls are in that this revolutionary product and service when shown on videos, a visual communication form, stimulate worldwide interest, so when spread throughout your area, it is sure to get the same stimulating interest.

What do you expect versus where you are now? If where you are now is satisfying to you, then you don’t need to read on further. Although, if you are NOT satisfied at this time with what you are producing, then you know you need to keep searching for a better solution. Not to say this is the solution for you, but if you don’t search and try additional options, nothing will change from where you are now. So, if you agree that searching and trying additional solutions is better than doing the SAME as what you are doing now, THEN you need to look into what is presented within this book to see if it makes simple, logical sense to try. Or better yet, to at least test what is being suggested within this book. Do you agree? If you agree, then follow through to what is explained in this book.

Enjoy the book!!


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How to Get Filling in Bald Areas

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 21 silly in Bald Areas too we're always asked can the Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend also fill in bald areas and the answer is absolutely yes and in different ways and remember I've showed you in other videos the micro strand which is this here the micro strain invention which makes this all possible this is made in different millimeter openings so when you're filling in bald areas there's a couple different ways of doing this now some people look at bald areas as being thin but you can see the scalp and some people look at bald areas as being completely bald like the palm of my hand either way that it's understandable that they're bald areas if you have a thinning bald area the Micro Strand the open Micro Strand this here that comes in different millimeter openings it can be bridged over a balding area and bridged over a balding area means by the balding area let's see here in the center I can attach the micro strand on one side and bridge over it and attach it on the other side and even though I'm attaching on hair on one side to the other it's bridging over and still filling in the balding area okay and you can fill in that bald area without any bond or glue by bridging over it and it's still full fills it in and the reason why is because the micro strand is soft remember it feels and moves like human hair so it molds to your scalp as your hair is being blended through it and remember the micro strand this is it before hair is added and this is the micro strand after hair is added okay

So either way can be bridged over a thinning or balding area now secondly when it comes to a complete bald area like the palm and that could be done to buy either bridging or by using what's called a micro strand m1 which I've showed this before and that is this here a micro strand m1 this is for a complete bald area and you see how when I lay it against my skin my chin it just completely transparent that's what I have in the front so we look at my front hairline I have a zero hair there bald like the palm of my hand and the m1 is for that because the m1 is see-through so upon contact of the scalp it goes away it disappears and what do you see you see nothing but single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of the scalp now an m1 can be used for bridging a right meaning you have hair one side you have hair on the other side and the m1 is just bridged across and it just holds on by itself because the m1 is soft and it molds to your head and stays flat to your head because the m1 micro strand is soft okay

So we'll hold on by itself now from very large bald areas then we do use something called a locking tape if the bog area balls like upon my hand is on the whole part of the head a very large part of the head then we use a locking tape but a locking tape is safe if it's on a complete bald area a locking tape or any kind of bond is not safe if it's on any area that has any amount of hair so it's only used for complete hundred-percent bald area like the palm of my hand I want to make that very very clear and it's only used on very large bald areas and because the micro strand itself the m1 or any micro strand because it's soft and it molds to your head it still has self hold to it so when you do use locking tape on a complete bald area you is very little of it okay so I hope that made sense and I hope that was very helpful to you so stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 22 and that is gradual transformation you're going to find this very interesting that doesn't exist anywhere else I'll see you soon.

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