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Presently, 97% of all salons in the entire world offer some sort of method of adding hair. Hair Extension is enormously popular throughout all salons worldwide. This is because the public needs and loves more hair. Then, of course, there are hair studios which offer Hair Extensions and forms of hair replacement plus cosmetic studios also offering methods of adding hair, too. The public worldwide is fascinated with the best methods along with the best businesses that will provide them with more hair.

Nevertheless, each of the many different methods falls under a specific category of adding hair. Here are the categories: (Read full category details in the Limitless Hair Attraction Book)

  • Hair Extensions
  • Non-surgical Hair Replacement
  • Surgical Hair Transplants
  • Wigs
  • Concealers
  • Hair Growing treatments

Each of these different categories of adding hair or solving hair issues is for specific hair loss, hair thinning, and/or hair lengthening needs or situations. They all have their place. They are all are popular but for specific places, depending on their hair issues. Therefore, none of these categories has a universal solution, meaning each category only works for specific hair situations.

What if a new category was invented, which provided highly more advanced results, plus didn’t have the negative common denominator you will read about shortly? In addition, what if this new category was also a “Cure-all”, meaning this one method which falls under its own category works for ANY hair situation instead of just specific hair situations or problems as mentioned above for each existing category?

Imagine a single method or category that works for all.

Well, a revolutionary change has now hit our industry, this method or category is so extremely more beneficial over any other method or category that no individual would ever select another method over this new revolutionary method when they learn about this new concept.

The name of this new method/category is Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. You can see videos on this unique concept on  In addition, you can also see many additional videos on YouTube under InvisaBend. Plus, of course, you can see more information on Facebook under Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend.



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Limitless Hair Attraction - InvisaBlend NJ - By Dino Dondiego


Limitless Hair Attraction - A revolutionary product and service invented by the author of this book, Dino Dondiego of which is game changer for any hair or cosmetic business. The Micro Strand Revolutionary Invention.. It all derives from the key component of Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend, called the Micro Strand. To know more about this Invention, Grab this book from our website Store.

Most businesses (Salons, Hair Studios, and Medical Cosmetic Clinics) think in an ordinary way and that’s why they have ordinary business results. Many Salons, Hair Studios, and Medical Cosmetic Clinics want more business and want a very prosperous business, but conversely, they stay in their comfort zone and simultaneously expect more. 

When we stay too much in our comfort zone and don’t break out of our box, we technically fall back over time. Our industry is moving forward quickly just like the speed of technology, so to keep ahead, we need to offer the best, most advanced products and services. To stand out, we need to offer outstanding products and services which includes following procedures to educate the public about such unique products and services.

There is now such a product and service available to qualified hair businesses.

When your business is consistently growing, consistent opportunities will follow you.


How to Get the Best Results Out of a Hair Extension | Limitless Hair Expert


How to Get the Best Results Out of a Hair Extension

Hello, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial video. My name is Dino and today's subject is “How to get the best results out of a Hair Extensions”. Now first of all I want to explain you there are different types of hair extensions, there are hair extensions where there are little bit glue at the end of hair extensions, it’s a little bundle of hair, a little glue at the end, the most common one called Keratin hair extensions, keratin hair extensions are still done with glue. Keratin is the main protein of which your hair and your figure nails are made of it. It's a good protein, but by using glue or a bond with Keratin in it, it has no value, it’s still glue so I want you to know that first of all.

Second type of hair extensions is a Bead, at the end of the little bundle of a hair there is a bead where they sub the hair through and they crush the bead onto your hair which hooks the hair to your hair. It’s a bead extension alright.

And the third method of Hair extensions is a strip also called the weft they are done by tape on now a days alright, it’s a strip of hair and they put it on a strip.

Then also there are Hair extensions that are clipped on that you do as an individual and those hair extensions that are clipped on they are done in strips and sometimes hair extensions now a days are little hair pieces that they called hair extensions that they clipped on. So I first want everyone to know, they sort of different categories of hair extensions. Now they all have one thing in common, they all have a high probability of making your loss hair. So you have to be very careful, now here’s out you get best results out of hair extensions,

Now number one. Whenever you get a hair extensions the main principle you want to follow is the small the amount of hair, meaning if you do hair extensions let say bead hair extensions or bond / keratin hair extensions, the smaller the piece of hair the better it is, because the finer it is the less you can feel it. If you doing the Tape on or Strip also called the wefting, the thinner the strip is, the flatter it is, the better it is. And if you doing some other kind of clip on that’s a little bit of hair piece, the smaller it is, the better it is. Because when it’s smaller or flatter it little more difficult to see or feel or see it’s fined, alright.

Secondly, And to get the best results out of hair extensions is if you ever get an hair extensions do a small amount of hair, meaning if somebody gone a do a color on hair extensions, don’t get a bunch of load over your head. You better of getting a smallest amount possible and make sure you a smaller amount because technically you should be able to get two pieces if you had to, ok. Tested and a get couple of hair first, spend a low amount of money and see how it works, See how you like it alright and see if it’s safe for your hair alright.

So those are the two things, you want to add hair in smaller pieces or thinner strips and also when you add hair for hair extensions you want to add a smaller amount of hair, so you can sort of test the waters alright. So please think that through and please follow that, because it really good advice, its help the lot of people.

Now our quote for today is “Your mind is like a garden, where weeds grow automatically, unless you nurture the garden with good stuff.” What does that mean, first of all that quote came out from somebody else that I don’t remember his name and what I did his I shortened the quote and power phrase it and what it basically means is Your mind is really like a garden, what happens automatically it lot of negative stuff comes. You might say your mind stinking thinking, alright. So think about that, what normally happens what all around us a negative thought, you are watching news a negative one, all negative stuffs somewhere like a garden this don’t have to weed it, they grow automatically, make it a stuff your mind comes automatically, unless you un-purpose feed your mind with good stuff. That what thee quote means weed about good stuff, read about look at stuffs that commonly alright, give your mind a good stuff and before you know that will takeover, alright. So I would you to come to our next video, the next video is “How to increase the value of Yourself through our hair” please be available to be there and I will see you soon.

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DIY Hair Elasticity Test-Simple & Effective Tips For Lost Hair Elasticity - Limitless Hair Expert


Know The Importance Of Elasticity in Hair and how anyone can easily test the elasticity of Hair. Hair Expert Dino has explained the significance of Hair Elasticity and Best Tips and Advice to Regain Lost Elasticity. Subscribe Now !!!!!

DIY Hair Elasticity Test-Simple & Effective Tips For Lost Hair Elasticity - Hair Expert Dino

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome again to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Important? Now. The elasticity of your hair is important because it gives its strength, your hair on your head stretches like a fresh elastic band, it stretches and reverts back and if you want to test the health of your hair. The best way to test the elasticity is when the hair is wet. You can test it when it’s dry but when it’s dry it has less elasticity when it’s wet it has more elasticity or more stretch ability, alright.

So when your hair is wet if you pull your hair a little bit and let it go it should spring back quick. The more you can pull it and let go the faster it springs back the more healthy your hair is, the slower it springs back the less healthy your hair, okay. So think of a fresh elastic band, you stretch it, boy, it goes right back, okay. So that’s the elasticity of your hair and it very, very important, when the elasticity is strong it could take more pressure, it could take more bushing, it could take more handling, conversely when the elasticity is weak or not so good, it breaks easier, you have to be more delicate with the hair, you have to be more careful with the hair.

So what I want you to do next when your hair is wet or wet your hair, I want you to test the elasticity of your hair maybe in spot, maybe in several spots and see how the elasticity is. The weaker the elasticity the more I want you to be careful with your hair, the way you brush it, the way you comb through it, the way you handle it, be a little bit more careful, in general you should be careful and you should brush your comb with the wide toothbrush or comb as I stated in another videos. But test your elasticity and then direct yourself to be a little bit more careful when your elasticity is less.

Now if your elasticity is weak then what you want to do is try to find a protein shampoo, a protein conditioners, protein strengthens, alright. Protein strengthens your muscles, protein strengthens your hair, so the more you can put a protein conditioner, a protein treatment on the hair you can improve the elasticity of your hair, alright. So if your elasticity is weak try to put some sort of protein conditioner or better yet protein treatment in your hair, okay.

So our quote for today is, when the big things come first, you know what you’re doing. So that’s a quote by myself, but I want to example what that means with a little bit of a metaphor, alright or story. And that is, there is the story of this professor that had this students and that we’re talking time management and how to get important things done. And what the professor did he pull out this large ways and he in gently pour this big boulders into the ways without breaking the ways.

Money fill the ways with the big rocks he said to the student is the ways filled, student yield that and says yes, he didn’t say anything, he took another bucket that had smaller rocks, pour them in gently the smaller rock trigger through the big rocks and filled the ways again, he said to the student is that ways filled, is the ways filled, they said no. Now they quote on, so then he then took another and he pour another bucket that is and now we poured sand, the sand trigger through the big rocks and the little rocks fill up the ways he said to the student, is the ways filled, they said no then took water pour the water, the water trigger through the sand, through the little rocks, the big rocks and filled up the ways.

Then he said what does this mean to the student and the student says do the small things in life and he said no. If I did this in reverse I will never get the big rocks in and what the means is do the important things the big things in life first because if you put off the big things in life the little things will caught up all your time and you’ll never get the big things done. So please remember that, it’s very, very important. And stay tune for our next video which is how do you know, how often to shampoo your hair. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

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