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The True Facts About Growing Your Hair Back - Limitless Hair Expert


What are the True Facts About Growing Your Hair Back

Hello and welcome to another Limitless hair expert tutorials and today our subject is ‘What are the true facts about growing your hair back’, this is very important for everyone, there is different methods of growing hair back and I want a break them down in a categories and give you some realistic examples on when you can grow your hair back and when you cannot. Because it is very large industry, the industry of growing your hair back and every one should know the perspective when it will and when it might not grow back and when it possible can and to what degree. Now there is different ways of growing back your hair back, really under different categories. So number one is Topicals, that you put onto top there is almost two subcategories of that, there is a chemicals alright which is medicines you put on and there are natural products that you put on or any sort of chemicals, drug. So Topical is one number two there is something you digest alright a pill you ingest, that also grows your hair.

Number three there are Lasers, lasers comes in combs, lasers comes in helmet and then there is mega cones from the stand point of injections, Mega cone injections, something like they do stem cell research, where they inject into your scalp something to help stimulate your growth. So all of those really produce are about the same results, what I mean by that, is that yes can have one individual get a little better results on one of this categories over another, but generally they produce the same results as follows.

Number one they might not grow any hair on some people; it’s a little bit of gamble of thing you called it, if you don’t mind and you would apply one this or get one of this treatments and there is always a possibility they won’t do anything. Number tow there is a possibility that it might not grow hair but might slow down the fall out or any of these categories. Number three it might grow hair on you, although I want to be very be clear to everyone. When it does grow hair, it will not grow a substantial amount of hair, it’s not to grow your hair back. When it is successful it will grow a little fasis a little bit of degree of hair grow. So everyone should know that, so it said three steps, It might not do anything number one, number two It might just slowdown the fallout, number three it might grow hair in, but it will not grow any substantial amount of hair, any of this methods.

Now I am not against the hair grow treatment, I just want everyone to understand what they will do. So if you get any of these treatments it’s all you know about, number one it might not do anything, number two it might slow down my hair growth number three it might grow hair and if it does, it won’t be anything substantial. As long as you realise that going into one of this treatments, than that’s fine, but conversely it not good going into one of this treatments, completely think it’s going to get your hair back, because that’s not the case it’s gone one of those three. So please keep that in mind.

Now our quote for today is the following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’ alright, Now I am gone a explain what that means, I am gone relate that too professional athletes alright.  Professional athletes follow these principles whether they know they following or not following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’. So you have ever seen anybody whether it a golfer like ‘Tiger Woods’ you know whether it’s a baseball player you know like ‘Dot Cheater’ or basketball player you like ‘Michael Jordan’ they practices preside ritual over and over and over, by doing a specific ritual and the practicing, they get a specific results and that’s short a key  to why they are so extra ordinary, So you want a get very presides results you have to practice, one particular step over and over and over until it becomes your ritual and you notice this professional athletes, you look them very closely you will notice that before they get up the bed, before they shower, before they swing the club could be dancing or anything before they start they have some sort of rituals of what they move or what they do. Before they approach the ball and that the ritual that gets presides results.

So please take these principles to heart that if you want to get specific results in any area of your life, you should practice over and over and over until it becomes your ritual – ‘Rituals get Presides Results OK. So now our next Limitless hair expert videos tutorials are ‘What are the best type of shampoos to use’ and I am saying types not specific shampoos but actually types of shampoos you use and I will see you soon, Thank you.

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What Holds Each Hair Into Your Head - Limitless Hair Expert


Do You Know What Holds Each Hair Into Your Head

Hello Dino here and welcome again to another limitless hair expert video and today's subject is 'What holds each hair into your head' alright this is very interesting and something that usually isn't explained very well or very deeply in this case and I'm going to tie this to the health of your hair because it's very very important. I want everyone to knows something the hair that's coming out of your head sits inside a bulb. I want you I'm gonna hold my finger up like this and this is your scalp and underneath the scalp is the bold the hair fits inside the bulb okay and at the bottom it sits into something, now I'm gonna show you a little diagram of this to point this out a little bit more right here all right so this is above your scalp and everything here is below your scalp and your hair sits inside this bulb and then is attached to something right here okay, call the 'matrix' and fits and it appears as if the bottom of the hair is just hooked onto the matrix it is but that's not what holds it alone here's the key thing and I drew some little lines here if you can see the hair inside the bulb is loose so I want to refer back to showing it like this the hair sits inside the bulb and it's actually loose there's a little fibers on the wall of the bulb that makes the hair attach. 

So the hair is not just fitting in tightly like you would assume the hair is in the bulb and there's fibers on the wall of the bulb that holds that hair in now that's very important because those fibers think of this the hair is coming out and as fibers coming from the wall that's holding that hair in alright. Now here's the important thing what happens is you can break down those fibers and cause hair to shed quicker alright and here's what will cause that hair the shed quicker that is number one your sebaceous gland which is your oil gland which is on the bottom your sebaceous gland or oil gland our waste from your scalp all right they might be good if you take them out you rub them on a hair shaft but if they sit inside the bulb they break down the fibers that hold in the hair so it's important to cleanse your scalp whenever you feel it's dirty or oily okay that's number one, number two I want to bring up something what's very popular today and that is hair concealers or powders some of you know it some of you don't but it they're very very popular when people thin there's all these different name brands out that are called 'concealers' or they're in the category called concealers, there's topic there's all these other name brands they're powders fine powders that they spray or sprinkle onto the scalp and they work what do I mean they work they work because unthe in here he darkened the scalp and you don't see the scalp as much and you don't see the thinness that's why they're so popular because people could privately get these powders and the bathroom they put them on and they cover the scalp and they don't look as thin okay.

So they really work but there's a very negative side to them these powders to work are very fine they're very similar to the powder and an ink cartridge on cartridges in your printer you notice that powder it's super fine it floats up in the air it needs to be fine like that to cover the scalp properly okay, but now here's the problem those powders will fill up inside your hair bulb they're not just going to lay on the top because remember the hair bulbs open and the hair is not fitting in tight it's fitting with player looseness so whenever you put something on your scalp like that like a powder the powder is going to go in the hair bulb and it breaks down the fibers that are holding that hair in that hair bulb and causes that hair to shed out quicker so anybody that's using those powders you are speeding up your hair loss flat out I want everyone to know that that's why I'm breaking this down for you all right so please keep that in mind there's other ways of correcting the problem. 

So our quote for today is 'we are programmable human beings so in effect we can program ourselves to get what we want' what does that mean to me this is a big one what people don't understand is we are basically programmed by our environment meaning what we hear we intake we start to believe things and we start to sort of program ourselves whether it's true or beneficial our non beneficial now I want to bring up something to you in reference to that there was a guy named 'Napoleon Hill' very famous guy many years ago and what he did he studied 500 tremendously successful people and he found what was the common denominator within all these people and there was a common denominator and that was they all fought very similar they all fought in the same way and one of the key elements of how they thought was they all thought in a way that I can do this I can do that they all thought very positive they all thought for every move there's a counter move they all thought anything that bad happens is a lesson they all thought in a very positive way that they can achieve anything.

So that is the key to programming yourself that anything is achievable that's why I use the word limitless anything as human beings can achieve is achievable but it only is if you program yourself and what I mean by programming yourself is simply repeating what you want over and over so there's been Studies on this I studied this for decades actually if you repeat what you want it's sort of done in goals what's the purpose of goals the purpose of goal is not to write a goal put it away and never look at it the real purpose of goals is to plan out what you want and review it on a daily basis or by daily basis and by writing down what you want number one you know what you want and you're writing it down but number two even more important you're consistently reviewing it over and over once twice three times a day you begin to program yourself that it will happen that it will be achievable so that's one example right. So stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video and that is 'What you should know about your hair shaft' thank you and I'll see you soon.

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Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day - Limitless Hair Expert


Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day

Hello and Welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined expert hair advice with self-improvement advice and my name is Dino and today's subject is “Do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day” I heard that phrase many many years ago and it really made an impact in me because what I found out and helping people through the years I'm a hairdresser I've been in the business of adding hair or in the field of adding hair and helping people since 1975 and what I found out is a lot of people that don't have a clear head all right I'll tell you what I mean by that in reference to their hair I found some people that they would be very upset about their hair and theirs their life through the day they're thinking about their hair or you might say they're thinking about their hair more than ten minutes a day and that sort of blocks their life it interrupts their life and that's not good if you're not happy with your hair whether it's the volume of your hair or whatever it is please do something about it research find out what to do you can always go to our website because we have a very unique revolutionary concept but do something make the move.

Now also I've seen other people that had problems with their hair and they would wear hair and what I mean by wearing hair some of them had a hair extension some of them had a hair system of some sort similar and wigs but even though they had somewhat solved their hair problem which really wasn't totally true because they weren't clear-headed about it which I'm going to explain that in a minute that is they walk around still thinking about their hair every time they walk in front of a light they take a picture they're always thinking about how's my hair is my hair secure does it look good all right now whether your hair is thin and you're walking around thinking about your hair more than 10 minutes a day or a lot or whether you have hair added in some sort of way and you're still thinking about your hair you're not enjoying life properly enough.

So I want to give myself as an example okay I have hair at it okay I do not think about my hair all right meaning if I'm in the shower if I'm thrown in a pool if I manage else I don't think about my hair because the way I feel about my hair is that it looks and feels 100% natural and I just want to enjoy life yes I think about my hair when I get in the mirror and I fix my hair I style my hair I think about my hair oh I'm getting a haircut I'm styling it different that's okay but don't walk through the day or spend the day off and on thinking about your hair / worrying about your hair okay so you should get to a point of enjoying your hair whether it's your own hair and you got to fix it just so or whether you have to add hair and if you need our help you can always look in a website in reference to what we do and how we add hair to see if that's the right fit for you okay but the ending of this I want to tell you you shouldn't be walking around thinking about your hair you should be enjoying life and that in conference that your hair looks natural no matter what you do and that's how I feel using myself as an example alright

So now I'm going to give you the quote for today the quote for today compound interest is the most powerful force on the universe that's by ‘Albert Einstein’ now why would I break out that it's a financial statement because I'm going to tie something in those principles or in that quote in that quote there's two key principles principle number one is consistency and principle number one is sorry principle number two is multiplication so two principles inside that quote consistency and multiplication alright now what does that mean because I want you to think about that quote and take the meaning of that quote into a different area all right when you're consistent about anything you want to do anything you want to achieve even if you want to improve your health improve your appearance when you're consistent what happens is the consistency multiplies and elevate you higher and higher and higher conversely when you're inconsistent or consistent in the other direction you don't take care of yourself then that induces you to not take care of yourself more but when you do take care of yourself it induces you to take care of yourself more which induces you to take care of yourself more and it starts multiplying and you start elevating. So please remember that principle and I'm invite you to our next limitless hair expert video and that is the hair elevation story hope to see you soon.

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Something Revolutionary Has Advanced Benefits - Limitless Hair Attraction


Just saying something is revolutionary is sometimes not enough. You need to educate about its advanced benefits, too. You will also receive a page called “Advanced Benefits”, which has multiple short videos explaining each advanced benefit. This is doing the heavy lifting for you, meaning the videos will do this educating for you, thereby educating your public and your clients. Remember this is a full turn-key system which has been designed to use as little of your time as possible. The system does the work for you, and you just follow the system.

In reference to seeing videos about the advanced benefits for your prospective clients and for yourself, go to this website: and then click on the second page called “Advanced Benefits” or check the below YouTube video.

Advance Benefits - YouTube Videos


How to Add Hair & Stimulate Hair Growth at the Same Time - Limitless Hair Expert


How to Add Hair & Stimulate Hair Growth at the Same Time

Hello. This is Dino here. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined hair expertise and self-improvement together which I believe they're really very connected. And today's subject is how to add hair and stimulate hair growth at the same time. Now, this is really important because the problem in the industry is that all methods of adding hair and I'm going to go through just categories because there's many different methods of adding hair by name but they fall under just certain categories category one is hair extensions or hair weaves that's a method of adding hair category two is hair systems, alright

Non-surgical systems category three is hair transplants a surgical system and category four is probably a wig which is not as common but still out there those are categories I'm not going to get into the technical aspects of each in this video but there are categories of adding hair guess what they all have one thing in common they all give you hair and make you lose hair in the process now please think about that most people are most of the public know that now all the methods of adding hair give you hair

And then make you lose hair in the process that to me that's counterproductive it's kind of like having delicious food going out and having a great meal great service getting sick you would say what's the point counterproductive alright so there is a method now called hair stranding through Invisablend of which adds hair and allows you to simulate hair growth at the same time so it's a revolutionary breakthrough and you're welcome to go to our website to look at videos about it, okay.

But here's the principle I want you to follow the principle is how this was in all right I invented this and how I invented it was dissecting the principal and here's the principle number one you have to add hair in between your existing hair in between not on top of okay if you could add hair in between your using the existing hair next if you can add one hair at a time in between the existing hair now you're duplicating the same way hair goes out of the scalp but the kid is in between the hair.

Next or number three is you add hair in between the hair while leaving the scalp a hundred percent access all right meaning you want to be able to add hair and run your fingers down your scalp run a brush or comb down this gal and feel your scalp 100% alright now if you add hair in between one hair at a time and you have full access to the scalp now your existing here is left healthy less safe less free it's left alone and because you can get down to your scalp your scalp can breathe and your scalp needs to breathe, okay.

So now you can get 100% down to your scalp and then on top of that what that means you could put treatments on so now you can add hair get the volume of hair that you want and then if you want to stimulate the growth at the same time then you would put any kind of treatment on and I'm not going to get into different kind of treatments right now but the point is now for the first time you can add hair and stimulate hair growth at the same time so please look at our website and you can look at the videos on exactly how that's done if you have any questions you can contact us, okay.

So now let's talk about our quote for today our quote for today is over plan but don't overcommit will keep you moving forward and happy now this is a time management principle that I found myself that live by and what it means is to have an easier life and not a stressful life plan table you want make a list of plans over plan it's exciting it's like making goals and keep putting more and more goals on a sheet of paper over plan all you want but here's the trick under commit so if you have a list or book full of plans under commit whether you're committing for a day an hour a week a month or a year under commit.

Commit yourself to achieving things that you can easily achieve because now if you over plan you have an exciting list all right over set look at always having something to look forward to but if you under commit now you know you can get it done and when you get things done but you plan you feel like you achieved something, alright and you feel better about yourself and it motivates you to keep going more, okay.

So please remember that and stay tuned for our next Limitless Hair Expert video, which will be “How Relaxers or How to Make Relaxers Grow Your Hair”. And I'll see you soon

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Know Why Your Hair Length is NOT Growing Anymore - Hair Expert Dino


Step into the light with us to know Why does your hair stops growing in length. Know the real reason how and why your hair length gets stunted after a certain time. Know the ACTUAL REASON for STUNTED HAIR LENGTH AND HOW TO ENSURE YOU HAIR KEEPS GROWING.

Know Why Your Hair Length is NOT Growing Anymore

Hello, Dino here. And welcome to another episode of the Limitless Hair Expert, where we combine expert advice and self-improvement together. And today's subject is how and why your hair can't grow now this is important a lot of people think their hair is not growing, okay your hair is always growing alright what happens is that there's a growth cycle every individual hair on your head has a life cycle of about three years.

Now when you get older it shortens a little bit but let's take the average of about three years so you have hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head and every individual hair on your head only lives an average of about three years then a new hair is under comes underneath it and pushes the old one out that's, sort of, like a tooth like when your kids and new tooth pushes the other one out when that one pushes the other one out that one grows in, okay.

And you have many hundreds of thousands of hairs all taking their turns growing out pushing the other one out so what that means you'll never have all your hairs the same one they'll always be little different hairs all through your head because you have hairs taking turns growing out they're not going to just grow out and catch up, alright there's going to be one hair growing out that's a half inch another one's going out to six inch another, let's go about this eight inch.

So you're going to have all these different hairs alright, that's normal to happen alright, so that's if your hair is always growing all right but now what happens as you get older and depending on your genetic structure what happens is that as these hairs grow sometimes some hairs establish a new maximum length what does that mean a new maximum length means some heirs will grow out to only six inch and stop another he'll grow out to two inches stop another hair will grow out to 15 inches stop so it depends on how long your hair is if you're a lady and you got fifteen inches, you're going to start to notice  the ends are kind of thin.

And that's because all of your hairs will not keep growing some will keep growing some another 25 inch maybe alright and some hairs will go to 18 inches only and some grow only grow to 6 inches they're all establishing a new maximum length not along some will keep growing alright but some won't some will grow to a point and stop alright. And then it'll live until the new hair pushes that one out, alright.

So that kind of caused you to feel like your hair is not growing alright, it happened to me too to explain my story when I was young I had hair down to my shoulders I can't grow besides any longer it goes a little my hair, let me get straggly alright it established a new maximum length so it gets straggling when it grows over years I just trim it because I don't like to straggling this on it, alright. So that's our subject about hair growth and how and why hair grows or doesn't grow, okay.

Now, we're quote for today is the following this is very important and that is gratitude is reciprocal now I heard this from Matthew McConaughey and act the actor and I also heard this from Tony Robbins interviewing a guy named Sir John Templeton and they both made a strong comment about it, alright.

The actor made a comment that gratitude is reciprocal and I thought that was very interesting because what he said it's a scientific fact that gratitude is reciprocal and what he meant by that is that when you're grateful more things come to you because your minds more open to seeing good things and being grateful you cannot be mad at the same time you cannot be negative at the same time when you're grateful your mind sees better things and therefore better things come back to you okay and Sir John Templeton just to let you know he's a billionaire, alright or he was he's passed away, since.

Now but he's a bill he was interviewed by Tony Robbins at one time and Tony Robbins answered the question what is the secret to wealth and he says Tony you know this it's gratitude so Sir John Templeton he was somebody that was crowned in England for being very grateful for giving away and helping many people that's why his name is Sir John Templeton, alright.

So he was always very grateful for what he had no matter how little he had because he was a self-made billionaire actually so he started off with nothing but he was always grateful and to be grateful even when you have nothing but in reality we always have something to be grateful for the more you're grateful the more stuff comes to you all right so always remember that, okay.

So stay tuned for our next video which is “How your self-concept will empower your appearance”. And I'll see you soon.

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Are Hair Loss Concealers a Safer Option For Bald Spots & Thinning Hair? - Limitless Hair Expert

Are Hair Loss Concealers a Safer Option For Bald Spots & Thinning Hair? - Limitless Hair Expert

there are concealers out there that's the technical term, concealers are technically the powders that they put on your hair, there's all different name brands because it's very successful and I'll tell you why in a moment.