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Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day - Limitless Hair Expert


Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day

Hello and Welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined expert hair advice with self-improvement advice and my name is Dino and today's subject is “Do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day” I heard that phrase many many years ago and it really made an impact in me because what I found out and helping people through the years I'm a hairdresser I've been in the business of adding hair or in the field of adding hair and helping people since 1975 and what I found out is a lot of people that don't have a clear head all right I'll tell you what I mean by that in reference to their hair I found some people that they would be very upset about their hair and theirs their life through the day they're thinking about their hair or you might say they're thinking about their hair more than ten minutes a day and that sort of blocks their life it interrupts their life and that's not good if you're not happy with your hair whether it's the volume of your hair or whatever it is please do something about it research find out what to do you can always go to our website because we have a very unique revolutionary concept but do something make the move.

Now also I've seen other people that had problems with their hair and they would wear hair and what I mean by wearing hair some of them had a hair extension some of them had a hair system of some sort similar and wigs but even though they had somewhat solved their hair problem which really wasn't totally true because they weren't clear-headed about it which I'm going to explain that in a minute that is they walk around still thinking about their hair every time they walk in front of a light they take a picture they're always thinking about how's my hair is my hair secure does it look good all right now whether your hair is thin and you're walking around thinking about your hair more than 10 minutes a day or a lot or whether you have hair added in some sort of way and you're still thinking about your hair you're not enjoying life properly enough.

So I want to give myself as an example okay I have hair at it okay I do not think about my hair all right meaning if I'm in the shower if I'm thrown in a pool if I manage else I don't think about my hair because the way I feel about my hair is that it looks and feels 100% natural and I just want to enjoy life yes I think about my hair when I get in the mirror and I fix my hair I style my hair I think about my hair oh I'm getting a haircut I'm styling it different that's okay but don't walk through the day or spend the day off and on thinking about your hair / worrying about your hair okay so you should get to a point of enjoying your hair whether it's your own hair and you got to fix it just so or whether you have to add hair and if you need our help you can always look in a website in reference to what we do and how we add hair to see if that's the right fit for you okay but the ending of this I want to tell you you shouldn't be walking around thinking about your hair you should be enjoying life and that in conference that your hair looks natural no matter what you do and that's how I feel using myself as an example alright

So now I'm going to give you the quote for today the quote for today compound interest is the most powerful force on the universe that's by ‘Albert Einstein’ now why would I break out that it's a financial statement because I'm going to tie something in those principles or in that quote in that quote there's two key principles principle number one is consistency and principle number one is sorry principle number two is multiplication so two principles inside that quote consistency and multiplication alright now what does that mean because I want you to think about that quote and take the meaning of that quote into a different area all right when you're consistent about anything you want to do anything you want to achieve even if you want to improve your health improve your appearance when you're consistent what happens is the consistency multiplies and elevate you higher and higher and higher conversely when you're inconsistent or consistent in the other direction you don't take care of yourself then that induces you to not take care of yourself more but when you do take care of yourself it induces you to take care of yourself more which induces you to take care of yourself more and it starts multiplying and you start elevating. So please remember that principle and I'm invite you to our next limitless hair expert video and that is the hair elevation story hope to see you soon.

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How to Increase the Value of Yourself through Your Hair


Hello Dino here and welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video tutorial and my name is Dino and today's subject is “How to Increase the value of Yourself through your Hair” now value of yourself is very important. I actually got this from ‘Joel Olsteen’ I was watching one of his shows and I noticed that he talked about value and how important it is and I want to sort of tie it into your appearance - all right so how do you increase your value and number, one value comes from internally, it does not come from possessions, it does not come from your position, all right. It does not come from things you get alright, it comes first from inside you have to value yourself inside first and then you do stuff exterior.

So me being in the hair business since 1975 one thing, I've noticed dealing with thousands of people trying to help thousands of people having thousands of consultations what I've noticed is that a lot of people would come in and they would love the concept all right whatever I was doing at that time but they didn't want to make the step now I can understand if they didn't have the money and then I try to help them in any way I can but when they do have the money and they like the concept and they feel like they shouldn't do it or they're not sure if they can do it they're not valuing themselves enough alright so you have to value yourself first and understand the value of yourself when you understand the value of yourself then the other things will boost your value but the main core of your value comes from internal alright

So things that you get your performance that you produce your position and even your popularity all of that should not create your value it should just induce or boost your value so I hope that makes sense to you when it comes to hair when it comes to your appearance all right what I want you to do is value yourself and if you value yourself you will then take care of yourself and I really believe everybody should take care of themselves from giving themselves good food taking care of the body taking care of their mind taking care of their hair taking care of your appearance when you do that then you'll be able to grow yourself better so take care of your appearance it's very very important and of course I'm a hair guy start with your hair okay

So now our quote for today is take charge of your appearance and your appearance will elevate you what does that mean when you take care of your appearance on a consistent basis what happens it consistently makes you feel better about yourself and the better you feel about yourself the more your self-esteem Rises so your appearance has a lot to do with how you feel although you should still value yourself first and then take care of your appearance okay let's not forget that so take care of your appearance and work on your appearance and it'll make you feel better and it'll boost your self-esteem as I said before all right so I invite you to the next video and that videos is called do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day so please I hope I can see you there thank you.

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The Best Ways to Evaluate Any Hair System - Limitless Hair Expert


How to know if your hair unit or hair system such as Weaves, Wigs or Hair Transplants are right ? In this latest Limitless Hair Expert video, Hair Expert Dino has explained what factors one should check for, while finalizing Hair Units.

The Best Ways to Evaluate Any Hair System

Hello. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert where we combine both hair expertise and self-improvement together. Today's subject is the best ways to evaluate any hair system.

So first I want to explain hair systems are these clear about this. In the industry of adding hair, they're one of the categories is called hair systems so a hair system is also sort of a hair unit alright, hair piece they put on top of your hair so when you have sort of hair loss or really severe hair loss what happens is that in the industry there's hair systems and the way you want to evaluate this is really when you see this, you want to know what exactly is going on my head.

When you go into a place and you look at what they have just don't go by what they're explaining to you, you want to see, let me see the material what you’re using because remember a hair system is a hair unit or simply put a hair piece that is applied onto your head. So you want to say what is the base, let me see it, let me feel it that's number one. Number two you want to see the finished product, let me see the base with the hair on it, okay.

So then you see the finished product what's going on you don't need to know the color and the texture they're supposed to match that but you should see the finished product. Next you want to know exactly how it's attached, alright. You need them to show you or explain to you how it's attached, alright.

This gives you a better perspective what is it you know what is the material, what does it look like with the hair on it, how are you attaching it? Now part of the attachment is how they're attaching it in conjunction with what are they doing, what your existing hair warning most companies put hair on top of the existing hair you put something on top of your existing hair you're going to smother your hair.

And you're going to lose more hair which is not good at all so you want to know what's going on my existing hair you're putting something on top or even worse in most cases they shave your existing hair every hair in your head is precious to you so you don't want to shave it and you don't want to cover it but you do want to know how are you attaching it and what's going on my existing hair, okay.

If you want to look deeper into this go on my website because I developed a way of leaving your hair alone and putting hair in between it's another video but take a look at that because that's a healthy way of adding hair, okay. So please be careful when you are evaluating any hair system follow those steps and make sure you see all those things that I told you should see, alright.

So now let's get to our quote, our quote today is attitude is the ultimate to happiness growth and prosperity, alright that's a quote by myself and what that means basically is your attitude is extremely important. Your attitude is what causes you to be happy, it causes you to grow, it causes you to prosper, when I say prosper it means making more friends, finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend doing better financially is everything, okay.

So your attitude is everything your attitude if you have a bad attitude you're going to see bad things if you have a good attitude your minds going to cue into better things, it's always better to have a better attitude. So work on being positive. Think positively upgrade your attitude and you'll upgrade your life. Now stay tuned for our next limitless hair video, which is, what is female pattern fitness? And I'll see you soon

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