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“Who will make this successful?” 

And the answer to this question is the professionals who are willing to take on something new and follow through. The meaning behind following through is to follow the steps given within the video training—one of which is to educate your public by sharing the videos of this advanced technology. It’s the businesses and professionals who stay up to date and current who continually grow.

Such businesses that take on this unique concept also, of course, must to do a little homework by looking at the specific details within the videos on to see if you, as a business owner, connect with this concept. If you see a vast improvement on what this concept is in comparison to any and all other methods of adding hair, you have passed qualification #1. This is “Connecting”, and step one of “Who is this for?”


How to Achieve the Most Subtle Transformation - Limitless Hair Expert


How to Achieve the Most Subtle Transformation

Hello and Welcome to another limitless hair expert video where we combine top expert advice on hair with self-improvement and today's subject is 'How to achieve the most subtle transformation' so this is important to a lot of people and the reason why is because there's a lot of people that have thin hair and they want to do something about it but they want to do it in a subtle way they don't want anyone to notice that they did anything this is a common thing I went through this myself so it's a very important thing a lot of people use the powders that are called concealers because they can sprinkle them in and it doesn't make much of a change and it just makes it a little bit of a darkness.

So you can't see in the scalp but doing things subtle is very common for a lot of people because they don't want a big difference from one day to the other alright so the way this is done is through something that I invented called a micro strand and the micro strand is really this what I invented was, I invented something called the micro strand. I'm just gonna hold it up to my chin alright because it's really hard to see this micro strand it's a filament or thread if you will is fine is one single human hair matter of fact when you see this in person it'll feel like a hair it'll be soft and flexible like a hair and the filament itself this filament is actually fine and soft like a hair but it's ten times stronger than a hair and it's translucent meaning the the thread itself the filament itself can actually be seen right through so upon contact of the skin or the scalp it actually disappears so then the next thing we do we take a microscopic to the instrument and we feed one human hair at a time onto these micro strands.

So now this here is the micro strand after there's one hair at a time added on to it and you see it's very translucent you see through it very subtle so the micro strand because it's basically invisible it's hard to say you could put any percentage of hair on this meaning you could put 25% of hair on it leaving it 75% bare you could put 10% hair on it leaving it 90% bare you could with 50% hair on it because this is very difficult to see feel or fine you can then put any percentage of hair on this therefore creating the most subtle transformation. So now people if they have any sort of hair loss and they want to make a subtle transformation they can use the micro strand and they can add any percentage they want they can add 25% they can add 5% hair if they want and they can do it gradually as time goes on or they can just do a subtle change and stop. So that's the beauty about what was invented right now it allows people now to make very subtle transformations which has been very helpful to people.

So if you want more information about this just go to our website and you'll get to understand it through looking at our videos or you can contact us with any questions so our quote for today is the more you don't trade speed for quality the more effective you'll be with more effort so what this means is that quality always superseded speed and everything you do in life and things you buy and things you do for yourself so quality is always where it's happening always keep a balance between speed and quality there's a lot of things we have to get through and that we have to speed up but don't ever sacrifice speed for quality and that means everything it don't eat too fast you're better off eating good foods eat it slower alright don't shop too fast you better off taking your time figuring out what you yet everything if you're exercising it's more important the quality the form of when you exercise as opposed to getting through the exercise faster even with hair when I think about hair quality is there I want to make something that is going to be top quality for someone even if it takes longer even in what I invented the hair stranding it takes a long time to prepare but I chose that because I wanted quality much more than speed so it was more important for me to get top quality as opposed to getting the product faster to the person so please remember that principle it's very important and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which will be 'What is the difference between non cuticle hair and remy hair' and I'll see you soon.

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Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day - Limitless Hair Expert


Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day

Hello and Welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined expert hair advice with self-improvement advice and my name is Dino and today's subject is “Do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day” I heard that phrase many many years ago and it really made an impact in me because what I found out and helping people through the years I'm a hairdresser I've been in the business of adding hair or in the field of adding hair and helping people since 1975 and what I found out is a lot of people that don't have a clear head all right I'll tell you what I mean by that in reference to their hair I found some people that they would be very upset about their hair and theirs their life through the day they're thinking about their hair or you might say they're thinking about their hair more than ten minutes a day and that sort of blocks their life it interrupts their life and that's not good if you're not happy with your hair whether it's the volume of your hair or whatever it is please do something about it research find out what to do you can always go to our website because we have a very unique revolutionary concept but do something make the move.

Now also I've seen other people that had problems with their hair and they would wear hair and what I mean by wearing hair some of them had a hair extension some of them had a hair system of some sort similar and wigs but even though they had somewhat solved their hair problem which really wasn't totally true because they weren't clear-headed about it which I'm going to explain that in a minute that is they walk around still thinking about their hair every time they walk in front of a light they take a picture they're always thinking about how's my hair is my hair secure does it look good all right now whether your hair is thin and you're walking around thinking about your hair more than 10 minutes a day or a lot or whether you have hair added in some sort of way and you're still thinking about your hair you're not enjoying life properly enough.

So I want to give myself as an example okay I have hair at it okay I do not think about my hair all right meaning if I'm in the shower if I'm thrown in a pool if I manage else I don't think about my hair because the way I feel about my hair is that it looks and feels 100% natural and I just want to enjoy life yes I think about my hair when I get in the mirror and I fix my hair I style my hair I think about my hair oh I'm getting a haircut I'm styling it different that's okay but don't walk through the day or spend the day off and on thinking about your hair / worrying about your hair okay so you should get to a point of enjoying your hair whether it's your own hair and you got to fix it just so or whether you have to add hair and if you need our help you can always look in a website in reference to what we do and how we add hair to see if that's the right fit for you okay but the ending of this I want to tell you you shouldn't be walking around thinking about your hair you should be enjoying life and that in conference that your hair looks natural no matter what you do and that's how I feel using myself as an example alright

So now I'm going to give you the quote for today the quote for today compound interest is the most powerful force on the universe that's by ‘Albert Einstein’ now why would I break out that it's a financial statement because I'm going to tie something in those principles or in that quote in that quote there's two key principles principle number one is consistency and principle number one is sorry principle number two is multiplication so two principles inside that quote consistency and multiplication alright now what does that mean because I want you to think about that quote and take the meaning of that quote into a different area all right when you're consistent about anything you want to do anything you want to achieve even if you want to improve your health improve your appearance when you're consistent what happens is the consistency multiplies and elevate you higher and higher and higher conversely when you're inconsistent or consistent in the other direction you don't take care of yourself then that induces you to not take care of yourself more but when you do take care of yourself it induces you to take care of yourself more which induces you to take care of yourself more and it starts multiplying and you start elevating. So please remember that principle and I'm invite you to our next limitless hair expert video and that is the hair elevation story hope to see you soon.

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Something Revolutionary Has Advanced Benefits - Limitless Hair Attraction


Just saying something is revolutionary is sometimes not enough. You need to educate about its advanced benefits, too. You will also receive a page called “Advanced Benefits”, which has multiple short videos explaining each advanced benefit. This is doing the heavy lifting for you, meaning the videos will do this educating for you, thereby educating your public and your clients. Remember this is a full turn-key system which has been designed to use as little of your time as possible. The system does the work for you, and you just follow the system.

In reference to seeing videos about the advanced benefits for your prospective clients and for yourself, go to this website: and then click on the second page called “Advanced Benefits” or check the below YouTube video.

Advance Benefits - YouTube Videos