Exercise for Hair Growth – Natural Hair Loss Solutions


Exercise for Hair Growth – Natural Hair Loss Solutions

If you have any degree of hair loss—one step to take is good health.  Overall good health maximizes the health of your hair too.  Exercising will not correct a hair loss problem although it will at least help slow down some hair fall-out by just good blood circulation.

Exercising is just one of many steps you can take to optimize the health of your hair, and it’s a step that adds to your overall health and appearance.  Meaning, the more you do things to take care of yourself health and appearance wise the more of these good things become easier within your life.

So no matter what kind of hair loss you may have—meaning any form of Alopecia, female pattern thinness or female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, androgenic Alopecia or any kind or degree of hair loss your overall health counts. 

This video is simply to provide you with some simply exercise you can partake in.            

           There is such a routine called “diver’s push-up” and this is very similar to the yoga move of chaturanga but a little faster. You start in a downward dog position with your hands on the ground and your hips high. Now with your feet on the ground, so you form a triangle shape, in a fluid motion, dive toward the floor with your head down, coming into a low push-up position, and then swoop chest forward and up so you end in an upward dog position. Now push your hips up to return to starting position.

            This type of exercise helps regulate the supply of blood which helps in hair growth. Just like the “sarvangasana” for example, this can give satisfying results for people suffering from hairfall and baldness conditions.

            Remember that one of the reasons why we encounter hair loss and other hair problems has something to do with the kind of blood circulation that our scalps receive. That is why performing exercises which keep blood well-flowing is a helpful solution to cases of hair loss. Try doing the diver’s push-up often and see an improvement on your hair growth!

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Hair stranding required no surgery - A letters from anonymous (Volume3)


We have so many clients who want to spread the word about InvisaBlend’s amazing hair loss solution, Hair Stranding.

But often with hair loss our clients want to be discreet. With our blog series Letters from Anonymous our Hair Stranding clients anonymously speak about their experiences with Hair Stranding.


"I’m a Mom that lives a busy lifestyle. I have four wonderful children which certainly doesn’t help with keeping my hair, they’re a handful! My newborn is messy of course and when I tried using powders I felt like I was cleaning all day. It got all over my house and even on my kids. Not to mention it was embarrassing. I didn’t want to hair restoration. The idea of it scared me and I didn’t want my hair shaved off. When Dino told me Hair Stranding required no surgery and would be very discreet I decided to give it a try. No mess, no upkeep, I’m completely hooked. Give the free trial a test and see for yourself!"

Limitless Hair Expert - How to Brush Hair in the Most Healthy Way


Hello, Dino here. The subject today is called how to brush your hair in the most healthy way. What I’ve found is most people don’t know how to properly comb or brush their hair in a healthy way, and they don’t what comb or brush is healthiest for their hair.


The wider the teeth of a brush or comb, the less pressure on hair and the more healthy for hair. The closer the teeth, the more tension on the hair, making it less healthy.


This is an example of a wide tooth brush. Notice the teeth are far apart. In addition there are no obstructions, there are no balls at the end, the teeth are far apart. This makes this the best brush.


The brush that has teeth that are wide apart glides through your hair with less pressure, with less tension, and has less possibility of popping or breaking any of your hairs.


This also pertains to a comb. The wider the tooth of the comb, the healthier for your hair. Same principle. So please remember, when you’re brushing your hair, use a wide tooth comb or brush. It doesn’t matter the length of your hair.


Now secondly, methods of brushing your hair. You always brush from the bottom and work your way up. If you get caught in a snag, you skim the service first, and then you brush deeper and deeper until you get through the hair. And then you work your way up higher and brush the surface, deeper and deeper. If you get caught in a snag, always skim the surface before your brush deeper. By doing this it will cause less tension and you won’t see those snapped hairs. Some people have those little squiggly hairs, those are from brushing improperly.


Please remember, if you brush properly your hair will be in better condition than it’s ever been in and you won’t see those snapped hairs.


The quote for the day, “It’s what you know learn after you know everything that counts.”


A famous quote by a famous basketball coach named John Wooden. What it means is that after you master something, there’s always additional levels of understanding. It’s the expert that digs deeper that learns more. So please give that quote some thought.


Stay tuned for our next video that will be about how to evaluate the different methods of hair addition.


Recipes for Hair Growth - Lemon Chicken


It’s time for another delicious recipe that will protect and grow your hair. Lean meats like chicken are great for hair growth. Eat one serving every day. Minerals like iron, magnesium , zinc, and biotin found in lean meat assist with hair growth.


Let’s make something appetizing with chicken and get those golden locks growing. Lemon Chicken!




  • 1/3 cup lemon juice

  • 1/4 cup olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

  • 2 large cloves garlic, finely chopped

  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped red bell pepper

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

  • Mix lemon juice, olive oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, red bell pepper, salt, and pepper inside a bowl. Place a quarter cup of the mix to use for basting. Put the chicken in the bowl, and marinate 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

  • Preheat the grill to a high heat.

  • Drain the marinade and place the chicken on the grill. Cook for 7 minutes on each side. The juices should run clear. Be sure to baste occasionally with the marinade you set aside.

Exercise for Hair Growth - The Uppercut

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This uppercut exercise will get you punching away your hair loss.

Exercise can play a port in help growing our hair. So, let’s try doing what the boxers do—uppercuts. A good exercise can leave a positive impact on your body. Hair Stranding is a good idea for fighting hair thinning or baldness because Hair Stranding is a breakthrough concept that adds additional hair while keeping your own hair healthy and growing. 

One revolutionary benefit about Hair Stranding is the fact that people are not to get Hair Stranding for just replacing their hair but instead people are to acquire Hair Stranding to add more hair then they can grow either on their own and or while applying hair growth treatments.

The fact remains that all and any hair growth treatments on earth do not grow a significant about of your hair back, but at most will either slowdown or delay your hair loss or possible just grow a very low percentage of short fussy hair.  That’s where Hair Stranding comes in—when you realize or experience that any hair growth treatment only help grow your hair to a certain point (as stated above) and you are still uncomfortable with the amount of limited hair you still have THEN Hair Stranding come in to play to provide you with the rest of the hair of which will make you comfortable or better yet thrilled.

Most importantly—Hair Stranding will add additional hair (Non-surgically) in-between your existing hair WHILE KEEPING ALL OF YOUR EXISTIGN HAIR HEALTHY AND GROWING. So the objective of acquiring Hair Stranding is to add the additional hair that you can’t grow PLUS… maximize the health and growth of your hair simultaneously!  Exercising is one of a few ways of maximizing the health and growth of your hair in conjunction with having Hair Standing.  

Doing uppercuts like the famous boxers can be a good way to relieve stress and improve hair growth, as if taking out the anger or stress that stays inside. Why uppercuts can be a good hair loss solution? Our hair reflects our physical and mental health. This type of workout can be a good way to let go of the cortisones (stress hormones) and hello to endorphins (happy hormones). Your health reflects many things about you. Aside from health problems such as alopecia or cancer, the things about turning bald because of stress can actually be true. Too many things that bottled up inside, let them out.

The video above shows uppercut cardio exercise routine which will get you to reduce or delay some hair loss.

Stand shoulder width apart with your right foot one step ahead of your left foot and your hips squared. With your right hand, punch up and to the left with a scooping motion. Now punch again on your other side. Alternate quickly while maintaining loose knees and a tight core. Halfway through, switch your stance to the other side.

Hair loss is common and widespread, and there are solutions but you have to know that different solutions along with what limitations each solution has.  The current problem in the world of adding hair is that all method of adding hair cause additional hair loss.  Some category examples are the following:

·         All types and even the best of Hair Extensions

·         All types and even the best of Hair Weaves

·         All types and even the best of all Hair Systems, also called Hair Units, which in effect are hair pieces.

·         All types and even the best wigs

·         All types and even the best Hair Transplants, also known as Hair Grafts or Hair Grafting.

So take note that ALL and any of these different types and or categories of hair loss solutions ALL cause additional hair loss and or hair removal by adding additional hair. This is a counterproductive trade-off. BUT this is the entire reason why Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend was invented—for the purpose and benefits to disrupt the entire industry of hair—by adding Health to the equation.                     

NOW there is Hair Standing that enables people to maximize the hair and growth of your hair and then have Hair Stranding to fill-in the rest.  This is a major turn-a-round and upgrade throughout the entire industry worldwide!  This is where Hair Stranding comes into play—let’s do everything possible to keep your entire body, mind and hair at it maximum health and growth levels and know at the same time that there is now Hair Stranding to bring us the rest of the way.

Watch the videos on Hair Standing on this website to understand how Hair Stranding has added “Health” to the equation in reference to adding hair.

Letters from Anonymous - Volume 2


We have so many clients who want to spread the word about InvisaBlend’s amazing hair loss solution, Hair Stranding.

But often with hair loss our clients want to be discreet. With our blog series Letters from Anonymous our Hair Stranding clients anonymously speak about their experiences with Hair Stranding.



"I was hesitant to try hair stranding. But the free trial got my foot in the door. Instantly I knew this was right for me. The second the hair was applied, it looked right. I couldn’t feel it on my head, but I could the difference. I had hair loss on top of my crown, but not anymore. I was amazed at how simple it was to have it applied and how long it stays on. Absolutely love it."

Recipes for Hair Growth - Strawberry Salad


It’s time for a delicious recipe that will protect and grow your hair. Spinach salad with strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette is on the table for tonight. But first let’s talk about why this recipe helps your hair.


Spinach is a very important vegetable for hair growth because it is high in protein and vitamin A and C, the body uses these vitamins to produce oils in the scalp that can help increase hair growth. Vitamin A and C deficiencies can increase hair loss and lead to brittle, thin hair that does not grow as quickly.


Strawberries contain folic acid, vitamins B5 and B6, all of which prevent hair loss. Strawberries promote silky and shiny hair. Strawberries can add extra shine to your hair.


You can buy pre made raspberry vinaigrette in the store. Cut up some strawberries, dice some almonds, and sprinkle it over a salad with some feta cheese and a little bit of salt and pepper.