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Experience with Hair Stranding - The Feel of Nothing


The Feel of Nothing

When it comes to acquiring fuller hair, everyone wants it to be natural and the core of natural is to see and feel nothing. When a client can’t see or feel anything but their own hair, they are ultimately comfortable. The art of adding additional hair which has never been achieved is the ability to add hair in a way you feel and see as if nothing is there but all your own hair. If someone has additional hair added and they feel nothing but their own hair, this becomes a vitally important detail to achieve. The need for adding additional hair for everyone is extremely emotional, so the ability to add hair which feels and appears as if nothing is there and/or feels and appears nothing has been added causes an individual to forget any hair was added at all. Achieving this is a major breakthrough benefit which has never been achieved until now.

The invention of the Micro Strands has made this possible. Now, for the first time ever, individuals can add additional hair with the feeling as if there is nothing there but their own hair—a truly remarkable achievement for mankind.
If you want to blow away everyone who comes into your business to see your revolutionary product and service, and blow away your clients, then the next logical step you need to take is to offer Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. All the steps are at your fingertips—the videos that show exactly what Hair
Stranding by InvisaBlend is and how it works and then actual real-life proof when they come into your business by letting them feel and see the Micro Strand invention. As you read on, you’ll learn about a FREE Trial you’ll offer which enables your prospective clients to experience the results of the service you will be providing.

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Give Your Clients and the Public Something to Talk About


The best way to stimulate interest about your business is to give the public something to talk about within your business. The best way to do this is to offer something unique which people will talk about. If you were to offer something revolutionary and bragged about it, plus had a way of spreading this news, it would be like you were on a news station consistently.

There is a revolutionary product/service is shown on videos, which can have your company’s name and contact information within, to notify the public. Once people see these videos, they will contact your salon, Hair Studio, or cosmetic company with questions and enthusiasm.

Interesting news automatically spreads in a viral way, especially if there is something that can be spread around digitally, like video links. This is exactly what keeps happening with companies that offer Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. First you share the Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend videos through your social Medias and emails and then people find these videos very interesting because it is something completely different from what they have ever seen.


There are videos showing a revolutionary product/service that will give your public something to talk about—your business. Just go to www.InvisaBlend.com and look at these videos, or just one video on the home page. If you feel this new concept is something that your audience will want, then your next step is a natural one!