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A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 1


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 1

Hello and Welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial, My Name is Dino and I am here to tell you a story which is called ‘A Limitless Hair Story with No Ending’ now I want to explain the purpose of name or the significance of the name and then I want to explain why I am telling this story. So first lets start with the name ‘A Limitless Hair Story with No End’ the name of this story is based on me telling a story on something I have Invented that’s a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry of hair. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough for helping people who want more hair, okay. So that’s the purpose of the name of the story and it’s limitless because it took many years, actually decades to actually come up with and it’s not ending because we have lot more to do with it to get it out the industry, to get it out into the world for more people to know about it okay. Both end users meaning people that need hair and both professional’s. That’s my objective I want to share this with the professional’s, so they can get it out to the public worldwide. So that’s why it also named Endless ‘A Limitless Hair Story with No End’ because we have lot to go to get it out there. My purpose to tell this story is to educate, know I also said why I am telling this story, I would explain why. I have been asked to tell this stories many years and many people used to say - How do you invent this? How do you invent this? And I always gave them very short explanations. But then I realized that people really want to hear the story of what led you up to inventing something or coming up with something, because it helps people to understand the significance & the details of the invention. So it really very helpful, many people told me that and that’s why I am explaining this story, alright. So let’s start with the story here.

I want to take everybody through what was out in the industry in reference to helping people about their hair about feeling good about the hair, about their hair, about fixing their hair problem any sort of thing okay. It also started the first, the first thing that was out in the industries were WIGS. Wigs are existed for centuries okay and people wear wigs for the purpose of fashion, it was almost like part of their clothing wear. It was a fashionable thing to do and they wear very popular and they still remain so popular okay. So Wigs are very very important in the industry and they are still around and they still have a importance too. Then they became a hair pieces which a hair piece is a part of a wig, its a small section of a wig you might say 'a hair piece' that what they called a hair piece. A hair piece was made to use with your hair. Now wig is mad to cover your hair to change your entire appearance and a hair piece is to work with your hair to add to your hair in conjunction with your hair and they became very very popular.

So 1975 I became a licence Hair Dresser and immediately I not only did hair, when I say did hair, mean I cut hair, I style hair and I did hair color everything possible out there. So I not only that but i got immediately into other method or any method of adding hair and when I say adding hair I meant wigs I meant hair pieces and anything else that existed, alright. And I love to study I love to reversed engineers stuff and look at things that are popular and find out why they are popular and how they help people. So I started actually doing wigs and doing hair pieces and from there I started making them. How did I make them? I reversed engineer them. I would get different kind of wigs and i would take them a part, piece by piece to understand how they were constructed. Then i did the same thing with a hair pieces took them a part piece by piece and then I started changing them a little bit, alright. I was taking things about them that were good and using them and altering them a little bit to make them a little bit better and it really very very helpful and i was very helpful to lot of people, because i was improving a way and I was improving a hair piece. In a way of improving it I was really making it lighter, because i found that the lighter worn the head the less you can see and find them and the more comfortable they are also. So that's what i actually did.

Now the next thing i found out because remember i love this study i study massively so i studied the industry massively and i found out about some pretty remarkable called a 'Hair weave' alright back then and even back then now we've more invented out very very very roughly about ten years before and they were hardly known so the explaining what a hair with his for people that don't know it . Two women from leave in Ohio actually invented hair weaving all right and it was about ten years before 1975 but still hair weaving was known but that known that much and they did something remarkable it was a revolutionary breakthrough and i want to explain why, all right. A weave was the first method to add hair that stayed on your head all other method before that we're adding hair ,a hair piece, a wig putting hair on top of which you attached and took off.

A hair weave was the first method that was a attach to your head and stayed on. Now this was a major breakthrough and the reason why i was a major breakthrough  is because to keep something on as part have you makes it feels like it's part of you and has a big psychological positive effect because, if now you put hair on and you go to sleep with the hair, so taking it off and you go on a shower the hair and taking off and you dive in the water with the hair and it's part of you it makes a big gigantic leap in the way you feel about yourself, because you start to for get that it's not your hair that it's all your here so that was a major breakthrough and what they didn't with hair weaving is they corn road your hair when you see now these two black women there were which black women you very well had a corn row hair which our breeds that are down against your scalp and they took the corn rose made them a little smaller and they made something called a wafting. Today known as a track a wafting is a strip of hair they took hair ran it through a machine and tie here together to make a strip of hair.

Now it's known in the industry also at hair extensions we're going to get to that a later a so now they made these strips of the air called wefts and what they did is the show the wefts onto the cornrows and because they so made on, what happened was now the hair was part of the client, part of their hair, where they can sleep but then and wake up with it so that was a major breakthrough because again it was the first step of having hair put on your had that stayed there ok. So now one more thing about this story i forgot to mention this the story is going to be broken up into different parts this story right now called 'a limitless hair story with no ending is part one' and the reason why and breaking it up and part is because i try to keep these videos around five seven eight minutes to make more palpable because we're all very busy and i want to extend the video into a half hours and hours, i tried not even though i turned off before but i breaking these out into parts.

So it's more comfortable for you so if you want to go from one video to the next you can or you can watch one video on one day and the other video on another day. So this story right now in limitless hair story with no ending is going to have parts to it, at this time i don't know how many parts but this one right now is a limitless hair story part one and i'm going to end a story right now and i'm going to pick up with the neither filming of a limitless hair story with no ending part 2 and then i want to my part three and etc okay. Now in the next one called limitless hair story with no ending that is going to be part 2 and i will explain how that one invention. Hair weaving that was a major breakthroughs how that the story lead into another invention and i want to explain everything sudden very important people when something these invented it induces somebody else to invent something outs at another level and that's how i invented my invention alright which you can always look at my website to see it but i wanna leave up to that, i couldn't invent want i invented if this other people didn't invent something like hair weaving ans this other methods come up with before of miss studying history and reversed engineering things that became a stepping stone into me eventually inventing something revolutionary today alright. So it very important people when people invent something studied to else to invent something better at another level, so the next video part 2 of a limitless hair story no ending is going to talk about, I gonna talk about how Hair weaving was taken on someone inventing on some another level, so please watch the next video called a limitless hair story with no ending, and see you soon.

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What Should You Know About Your Hair Shafts - Limitless Hair Expert


What Should You Know About Your Hair Shafts

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial my name is Dino where we combined expert advice about hair with self-improvement today's subject is 'What you should know about your hair shaft' now the hair shaft first just so you know is the hair from the part of the scalp to the end that's the hair shaft. I want to approach this differently I want to give you different information information that you can't find anywhere else or on the internet one approach is very differently that you'll find very interesting and very educational now to tie this in I want to talk about the health of the body and the mind because the health the nutrition and the health of your body connects to your hair I'm going to use an example here about that when you go to a nutritionist the nutritionist will take a sample of your hair to determine the nutrition or lack of in reference to your body and the reason why is because the hair is the last spot that receives the nutrition.

So it's illogical to go to the hair the last spot to find out where the nutrition is ending up at ok so it's important so hair plays an important factor now I want to talk about the pH balance I want to talk about the health of your body and then I want to connect it to the health of your hair and your hair shaft alright so in reference to the health of your body there's something called 'pH' balance your body needs to maintain a pH balance of 7.2 some around the 7-point area if your body doesn't maintain that your body will burn up and you'll die and we don't want that to happen so what your body does it maintains a pH balance here's how it does house is that works your body takes and absorbs and stores alkaline alkaline balances it lowers asset, so you have to think there's acid in your body and there's alkaline we have a high acid diet normally speaking okay.

So what happens is that you eat acid foods that are acid E and your body has stored alkaline and what it does it balances it out so what your body does it's spitting out alkaline when it needs it to keep your body at a balance so where you get alkaline from basically to simplify greens everything green gives you alkaline okay and what happens is your body stores the alkaline and then spits it out and use it to keep your body balanced now if you don't have enough of alkaline in your body what happens it takes it from your facts from your fat actually then from your organs then from your bones so it's sort of okay. To take it from your fat but when it starts taking it from your organs it starts depleting the organs when it takes it from your bones it starts condensing the bones and that's what causes us human beings to shrink as we get older.

So I don't know if everyone knows but as you get older you tend to shrink somewhere around 40 years old or older you tend to shrink and the reason for that is because of alkaline because the body is taking alkaline from fat then organs been boned and it's condensing the bones and causing you to shrink all right so it's not good when the body takes alkaline from the organs and the bones but it will do that to keep you surviving okay so now how does that relate to hair it relates to hair because the hair the hair shaft which is all your hair needs also to be a balance of about seven seven point six somewhere around that area seven point two seven point six it needs a pH balance of around that seven point area okay seven point two seven point six area to keep healthy so now when you use conditioners or anything you put on your hair the lower the pH the better so a conditioner that has a four pH balanced a 5 a 3 a 2 will lower your pH balance and keep the hair more healthy all right now conversely anything you put on your hair that has a higher ph 8 9 10 11 that cleans the hair but it also wears down on the hair so when you bleach up your hair it brings the pH balance to about a nine if you use relaxers that's the worst even though you can use them you have to know how it brings the pH balance up to about 11 and then you use a neutralizing shampoo alright or some sort of neutralizer the neutralizer has a low pH that then lowers that pH down.

So as an example if you were to use a relaxer and your pH 1 up to a 10 or 11 and then you put a neutralizing shampoo in then at a lower it back to a setting okay so it's important your intake of alkaline because alkaline lowers the pH so anything you use in your body that's alkaline green is good for your pH lowering your pH in your body and anything you use on your hair if you use anything green actually on your hair it's actually good because it lowers the pH or look for pH on any label of any shampoo or conditioner a lot of times they'll give it to you but when they do they're usually proud of it because it's usually a lower pH and what that does it closes the cuticle of the hair and just so everybody understand something here right here this is the hair and the outer portion of the hair here is the cuticle layer then there's the cortex and then there's something called a medulla that's what the hair is constructed of the hair shaft itself and when you put low pH something with low pH it closes the cuticle seals it makes it smoother and easier to deal with okay so please keep that in mind there's always a connection between health of your body and health of your hair all right.

So now our quote for today is the fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that cast it that's by 'William Shakespeare' and that is great meaning and the reason why I bring up these quotes is because I bring up the definition behind it because they have great significance and what does that mean alright it means whatever you cast out has an effect on yourself more than it does what you're casting out to so as an example when it says the fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that has cast it okay what that means is that when you cast out a compliment alright it helps the person you're casting now too but also helps yourself conversely if you're casting out an insult or you're even thinking of negative things it hurts you the person who's casting it more than who you're delivering it to so please keep that in mind now for our next limitless hair expert video it'll be 'How do you determine price versus value when adding hair' and you're going to find this subject very interesting because I want people to follow a specific principles to follow in reference to if they're shopping for some sort of way of adding hair and you're trying to determine is valuable enough is this worth the price so it's an interesting subject so I'll see you soon on that thank you.

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