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A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 4


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 4

Hello and welcome to another 'limitless hair expert tutorial' video my name is Dino and today's subject is a ‘limitless hair story with no ending Part 4’ this is the last part of this story ok. So it's very important because it transitions from a last invention into a very advanced invention where we last left off was the amazing jump in technology where they invented hair systems, that was very big at the time when it was first invented because there were hair systems that were able to add hair and keep hair on where you swim with it and shower with it so it was a big advancement at that time but now the goes step further just, so everybody has clarity there's multiple ways of attaching hair systems and also hair extensions the hair systems in quick review were added with bonding first with braids then with bonding and the braids cause tracks action hair loss and the bonding sort of smothered the hair and they both had something in common what they did they caused additional hair loss or they caused you to remove or lose hair to add hair now I want to touch on extensions to the extensions were happening at the same time and they became very big and then they started making different ways of doing extensions alright.

So some examples they actually came up with tape on extensions this is sort of a track alright and the track had tape on it that you removed the backing of the tape and you actually taped this on in between the hair and they're still popular today alright so that was one way another common way in addition to that is this and they were bonds it's loose hair with a bond at the end and the bond gets heated first the bond is hard now there's a heating mechanism that takes the hard bond softens it so it can go around your hair and then hook on to your hair and this is very common also it's very common to call these a keratin bond keratin is the main protein of which your hair and nails are made out of so they're saying this is keratin but it's technically still a bond with just a little curtain in it okay that's all it is and then also they would have other extensions which they would use an apparatus like this with little beads and the beads would crush the little pieces of hair onto your own hair okay that was another form of extensions then they would actually take other extensions and they would take tracks like this and other small little hair pieces that they called extensions and they would put these clips in it in the very big loud sounding clips and they put this on it so you can manually do it yourself and take it off and on okay.

So there's all these different methods of hair extensions but they all have the same thing in common a common denominator and that is all methods of adding hair cause additional hair loss that's very important to understand and most of the public realizes that and when it comes to hair systems hair units hair processes they're basically hair pieces of which go on top of your hair and of which are we they shave your hair to put it on so all these methods the methods that war for hair replacement for more or less severe hair loss and all extensions all have the same common denominator and that is you lose more hair by adding hair and now my experience I'm a hairdresser putting hair on since 1975 a long time and I did all of these methods and I found these methods very fascinating but there were downfalls so I wanted to improve the downfall so they sort of led me into what I invented today which is called Invisablend or Hair Stranding and here's the key thing there was one key point there was actually three but the highest point was I needed to come up with a method of adding hair that was safe that was healthy for your own hair because even though some people would trade that off and lose hair to add hair I didn't want to do that I knew the public would love to have a way of adding hair while keeping the existing hair safe and healthy, so that was my biggest point in reference to inventing and visible and or hair stranding there was a second point I wanted it to feel like there's nothing there because all these other methods all the hair replacement systems non-surgical all the hair extensions all the different methods they had restrictions to them so you can do certain things and certain things you couldn't do and then also certain ways to move the hair you'd see it if you wring your hand in there you'd feel it okay.

So the feel was important to me so in addition to inventing something that was healthy I needed to invent something that was also a Now thing las' feel I always say as close as possible to nothing because if you don't feel anything then you're more comfortable because you forget it's nothing but your own hair okay so then I Lane leaned on that particular point and then there was a third point - and that was I wanted something universal here's what I mean by universal all these other methods for first certain haier situations so extensions as an example you couldn't put hair on top see okay and hair replacement you didn't do it to make your hair longer it wouldn't make any sense so as an example each of these different methods or for specific situations I wanted to invent something that was more Universal that one method was good for any situation any situation that exists on earth so in summary this is three points I want something healthy I want something that feels like there's nothing there and number three I want something Universal that's good for anybody and that's what was invented and it was invented due to this here as you've seen before the micro strand which is very hard to see the micro strand is very sheer it disappears this gets blended between your own hair and when it gets blended between your own hair it's healthy it's safe because when this is blended between your own hair you have full 100% access to your scalp all your scalp breathes all your hair is used that's what makes it safe and healthy and then of course we use a microscopic tip instrument that feeds one hair at a time on this that this becomes this here okay and that way this is customized for you and blend it in between your own hair but then again remember it's healthy because you have a hundred percent access to the scalp you're using all of your hair okay and let's talk about the feel the feel obvious when this is blended between your own hair you can dig right down to the scalp you can brush right down to the scalp you don't feel anything at all okay and when you touch it you don't feel anything at all

So the feel is next to feeling like there's nothing there at all and therefore you forget about your hair you want to walk around forgetting about your hair and just thinking just my own hair you don't want to be thinking about your hair you want to completely forget about it and the feel of being nothing there gives you that experience and then I want to touch on one other thing in reference to attachment we take whether you can see this or not we take a single micro strand and there's a special attachment called Strand Locking that was invented to go with this that's very revolutionary because what's done with this is all we uses this single micro strand we twined it around a few of your hair seven or eight hairs it makes a little anchor and this locks the finished product this down this locks this down in between your hair so therefore now it's secure it's part of you you can brush down the scalp you could do anything with it and here's the point of number three it's universal this can be customized for literally any situation that exists on earth. 

So please don't think that this won't work for you because this works on absolutely any situation that exists on earth and that's the story on how I led up to inventing this but as I call this story it's a limitless story with no ending reason why it's still in the beginning stages there's not enough people that know about this so we keep making videos to educate the public to spread the videos around so that way more and more people will know about this because still as of today people find out about it and go why did I know about this this is completely different this is obviously much better than anything else it's obviously revolutionary so we want to get it out into the world more and one way we do that is that we actually certify professionals and licensed professionals to do this this is how we're able to get this out into the world not only just the US but into the world and we do get calls from all different parts of the world. So that's why this story is said to have no ending because we have to keep progressing by keep educating the industry the professional industry and the public at large about this advanced technology so I hope that was very interesting to you and I'll see you soon on the next video Thank you.

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Why do MOST Women LOSE Hair or Start GOING BALD !! - Hair Expert Dino


Why do MOST Women LOSE Hair or Start GOING BALD !!!!!!!

Hello. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial video. My name is Dino and today's subject is, what is the number one reason why women lose their hair? Now I want to go through a couple things here for you, women lose their hair for many different reasons but there's one key reason that is most popular that most people don't understand and here it is its female pattern thinness.

Now there's a lot of technical terms of why women lose their hair but the most common one that's not brought up by doctors by professionals is that it's female pattern thinness now not male pattern thinness I want to bring that up to some females can have male pattern thinness just to clarify this when a female has male pattern thinness it means they have a little bit of an imbalance of hormones, they have a little bit more male hormones and therefore it affects them in a male pattern baldness way.

When a woman has male pattern baldness they have the same bonus as a guy meaning just on the top, alright and to an area where it goes actually bald. So you'll know any female will know if they have male pattern baldness because it's kind of like a guy where it goes bald and it goes just on the top and it's more rare, so please don't worry it's very rare it happens but very rare for a woman to get male pattern baldness, although it does happen.

Now, female pattern thinness has a specific pattern to it, alright and female pattern of thinness is thin on the top going down halfway through the back and all the way to the sides sometimes it bald in the front and sometimes it just gets thin in the front it's mostly thin in most cases through the top. And secondly thin on the sides but it's that pattern female pattern thinness is the pattern of being thin on the whole top half way down the back besides when you have that pattern you have female pattern thinness.

Now, what is female pattern thinness? Female pattern thinness is genetic not just hereditary, hereditary is part of genetic but not always so you can go back three generations ago no one in my family has lost hair, alright it doesn't matter every human being is unique, it's like with the expression when you say when God made me broke the mold, well, technically when God made anybody he broke the mold because everybody is unique in their own way so you can have generations back and not have anything this.

And you could be the first because every human being is unique in their own way and they have their own genetic structure, alright so on a giving example of genetic structure genetic structure would be gray hair, alright it would also be when you're a kid you're blonde and when you get older you become over that that's a genetic structure, alright. Be the color of your eyes genetic structure best example is getting back to gray hair think about this we go gray but some people will bring their 20s not some people out to the 30s some people out to the 40s and all different percentages, okay.

That's your genetic structure, alright. Your thinness is your genetic structure all human beings their hair thins as they get older it's just that some women have female pattern thinness and the thinness happens as a genetic structure little early in the game, okay not that you shouldn't do anything about it, alright. You can and you should and if you want to go to our website you can see about this method that can fix it but that's what the most common way or reason why women go thin female pattern thinness from a genetic structure, okay.

So now let's talk about our quote for today our quote for today is when you understand and realize the law of control self-esteem will evaporate. Now I want to bring some mud to you law control there's many laws in the world, I'm going to give you an example of a law actually there's a law control there's a law of there's a lot of correspondence, there is a law belief there's many psychological laws that if followed could really improve your life give an example of a law one, law is gravity, gravity is a law you throw something up that comes down well there's psychological laws and one of these laws is the law of control.

Now, what does the law of control mean, the law of control means you are in control alright to the degree that you feel that you're in control of outside people and outside circumstances now conversely you have stress based on the way you feel how much you're in control of outside people and outside circumstances it's a feel alright control is self-imposed, alright. So stress is self-composed what it means it's a feeling it's not a reality.

So when you feel like you're in control you don't have stress that's when it evaporates so when you live by the law of control the more you improve and understand the law of control, the more you have less stress, less stress and ultimately when you master the law of control you have no stress and you have that ability, so please remember the law of control, okay.

And stay tuned for our next Limitless Hair Expert video and that is “How to Add Hair and Stimulate Hair Growth at the same time”. And I'll see you soon

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Know Why Your Hair Tangles & Best Advice For Tangle Free Hair - Hair Expert Dino

Know Why Your Hair Tangles & Best Advice For Tangle Free Hair - Hair Expert Dino

When I say added hair it means a weave and extension, a hair system any method of adding hair when that hair tangles why because the why is going to tell us how to counteract that, okay.

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there are concealers out there that's the technical term, concealers are technically the powders that they put on your hair, there's all different name brands because it's very successful and I'll tell you why in a moment.

How to Evaluate the Dangers of Hair Shedding - Limitless Hair Expert

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Now every single hair on your head has a lifecycle of about two to three years and after that lifecycle is finished a new hair comes underneath the old hair and pushes the old one out