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Last Three to Four Years!!

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 18 and this is last three to four years now this is a big thing because all methods of adding hair all of them, last a fraction of that time as an example hair extensions, usually last three to four months somewhere around that area a hair system lasts now-a-days under one year all right, any method out there that you get doesn't last anywhere near as long as 3 to 4 years

So this is a major advantage for the public the reason why it lasts 3 to 4 years is all due to the invention of the micro strand invention of the micro strand is very very unique because the micro strand is is thin as a single human hair but remember it's ten times stronger than a human hair and then of course it's translucent where when it blends in you don't see it okay because this micro strand is ten times stronger than hair it lasts for years almost indefinite so when we add one hair at a time on this what's going to happen is that you're getting this blend it in between your own hair after the hair is arm less this becomes this with the hair on it and this here your investment will last you a good three to four years on an average now it makes it last that long it will shed like regular human hair just like your own hair and you will add hair to it during that three to four year period although at least your investment will last an average of three to four years now some cases if your rough with it it could less so less in some cases if you're good with it it can last a lot longer than that but the good average basing it out all of our clients averaging out our clients is three to four years

So this becomes more economical than any other method because now you can invest in something that'll last you for years and therefore it will become more economical and that's in addition to being healthier for you and more natural for you and all the other benefits so please keep that in mind two very important benefit and when you come in and see this will show it to you will blend the hair in and then you'll understand it even more thoroughly okay. So stay tuned for our next advanced benefit number nineteen and that is “The duplication of a real growing hair line” and I'll see you soon.

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Reduce Your Grey Hair Percentage - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


How to Reduce Your Grey Hair Percentage

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 17 and that is “Reduce your gray hair percentage” now this is a great benefit if you have gray hair and you're okay with gray hair you just want to reduce it. Invisablend or Hair Stranding, through Invisablend is the only method that could reduce your gray hair while still keeping some gray hair.

So it's almost like the colors that they have like they have Grecian formula out there where they comb through color and instead of getting rid of all your gray, it could diminish it or lower the percentage because of the invention of the micro strand, remember this is the micro strand it's very hard to see and because we put one hair at a time on this and that becomes this the finished micro strand because we're putting one hair at a time on this when this gets blended in between your existing hair you do not need to match color exactly you can if you want to match your color exactly but if you want to alter your color or diminish your percentage of gray you can put in a hair color with a less grey than yours or no grey than yours and because it's evenly distributing hair in between your hair it's going to blend in beautifully and it's going to reduce your percentage of gray so that's another great advantage so now for our next advanced benefit number 18 that is “Last three to four years” and I'm going to explain why and how that's possible I'll see you soon.

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Millimeter Distribution

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 13 “Millimeter distribution” now this is very important the micro strand as I showed in other videos which is here the invention of the micro strand comes in different millimeter openings all right this here as an example is a 20 millimeter opening and the millimeter opening is done and customized according to each area of your head the area that needs more hair the millimeter of the opening gets smaller down to, like let's say a 7 millimeter or an 8 or a 9 or a 10 and then in another area, where you need less hair the millimeter gets larger therefore we're contributing less because you're contributing more and this gives a precise amount of volume in each area of your head to create a perfect balance

So the millimeter distribution is very important and plays a very important part in customizing like I said in the previous video fingerprint customization this plays a very important part the different millimeter openings and there's a millimeter opening that's an M 20 that means a 20 millimeter opening and M 15 and M 13 and M 10 and n 9 and m 8 and m 7 all the way down to an M 1 which is I have is for a bald area and remember these are mixed you get many different millimeter openings in different areas of the head to create a perfect balance and a perfect distribution of hair in conjunction with yours

So please remember that detail it is very beneficial to everyone while keeping your hair healthy so please watch our next advance benefit number 14 “Which is precise percentage volume distribution” see you soon you.

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Finger Print Customization - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


Finger Print Customization

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 12 “Fingerprint customization” now this is very important with all other methods of adding hair they are cookie cutted or similar or close to being cookie cut it meaning there's so many different ways the hair is applied although conversely with Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend there's an endless ways of making it customized because of the invention of the Micro Strand customized in literally thousands of different ways

So it is like a fingerprint when we look at each individual we can customize this individualize like a fingerprint that's why we call it fingerprint customization there's thousands of ways of different of making this so it's very precisely customized and you'll find out when you come in and get a free trial you'll see the details also in other videos we'll get into more details on how this is customized literally in thousands of thousands of different ways okay so now please watch our next video which is advanced benefit number 13 and that is “Millimeter distribution” I'll see you soon.

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Health along with Healthy Hair is Important to Everyone


What is the most significant element or detail for every human on Earth? It always starts with “health”. Receiving, doing, achieving anything by substituting the health factor is a bad trade-off which makes people hold back or causes people to consciously or sub-consciously keep looking for something else. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with what we are providing so they don’t have their eye out for something else by providing the best solution, or even better yet, a revolutionary solution that thrills them. People have a natural or automatic reaction to staying alive, following and being attracted to things in our life that are safe and healthy for us, and the strongest attraction to us is a product and/or service that is safe and healthy, or better yet, the best in this area. Do you agree?

Whether people know this up front (consciously) or not, “Health” is always most important to everyone when it comes to their overall health and/or health of their hair. No one wants to damage their hair or cause additional hair loss for themselves. This is just a common fact we all realize. Based on this most important fact, this was the sort of missing link that was not available within all methods and/or techniques of adding additional hair in existence. Find what is missing which most of the public wants or what is a problem that is not yet solved and create or invent something that would fulfill this missing link.

That is exactly what was done. A concept of adding hair was invented which adds additional hair on anyone with any situation while keeping the individual’s hair safe and Healthy! If your business had the one method of adding additional hair that was safe and healthy for your client’s hair versus other options of adding hair that are known by the general public to cause additional hair loss, would more clients be inclined to come to your Hair Studio, Salon, and/or Hair Clinic?

“Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.” The more people you truly help, the more rewarded you are. I deeply and truly believe this quote, I hope you do, too.


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InvisaBlend allows 100% full scalp access!

Hello and Welcome to 'Advanced Benefit' number four "Scalp access" this is another very important thing that doesn't exist anywhere else it's very important to have full scalp access think about this all methods of adding hair they all have one thing in common they all add hair but cause you to remove or lose hair in the process and everyone knows this nowadays so it's important is to keep your existing hair and scalp healthy one of the elements of keeping it healthy is to have full 100% scalp access. So as a reminder I'm going to hold up the micro stand again hard to see hard to feel I want it to be logical to the audience here that if this is in between your hair and down against your scalp and all your hair is blended between this logically.

Would you have full scalp access and the answer is obviously YES, so this is between your hair and between your hair and down into your scalp this has to be obvious to you the viewer that you're going to have full access to your scalp why number one for health reasons you want to be able to touch your scalp easily and get right down to the scalp you want to be able to put a scalp treatment on a moisturizer on and easily get immediately right down to the scalp that's very very important, even progressing even past that if you want to use any kind of treatment to help stimulate your growth hair stranding is the only method that will allow you to add hair have the hair you want to have while simultaneously stimulating your hair growth, why because this is the only method that you can add hair and still have a hundred percent access to the scalp,

Even if you went to a doctor and akhom treatments in they would have 100% easy access to the scalp so that's why you can add the hair you want and do scalp treatments or hair growth treatments of any kind and still get down to the scalp so that way you can have your hair and see if you can grow it to at the same time so please remember that full scalp access is very important it doesn't exist anywhere else but through this method called hair stranding so please watch our next video advanced benefit number five and that is 'Stimulate Hair Growth' and I'll see you soon

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