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How Does Your Hair Relate to Your Health - Limitless Hair Expert


How Does Your Hair Relate to Your Health

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top hair expert advice and personal achievement together today's subject is 'How does your hair relate to your health' now there's two parts of this how hair relates to your health one first of all is the physical part I want to first mention that when a nutritionist has to test your level of nutrition or lack of they sometimes take a sample of your hair and the reason why they take a sample of your hair is because out of your whole body your hair believe it or not is the last source that gets to nutrition so it would be logical then to take a sample of your hair to see where you lack or how much nutrition you have.

So that tells us alone how important your hair is now also relating to health you want to keep your hair healthy keeping air healthy means to keep it moist to put some sort of nutrition into the hair itself it's very important to do that next your hair is connected to your scalp and your scalp is part of your skin so also you should take care of your scalp now what you should do is first always keep it cleansed it's important just like your body to keep your scalp cleanse and whenever your scalp itches it usually means it needs to be cleansed in most cases not at all but in most cases so always keep your scalp cleanse clean open also always keep your scalp moist because your scalp is part of the health of your body which is then connected to your hair ok now there's a second part that's psychological and that is when you take care of any part of your body it starts a chain reaction of taking care of more parts of you so number one you start with the top in reference to health meaning your yeah take care of the nutrition of your hair and the nutrition of your hair always remember whatever you eat whatever you consume also nourishes your hair so take care of the health of your hair by keeping your hair moist by putting good nutrition in your hair by keeping even a low pH balance in your hair okay

Anything low pH is healthy for your hair alright now when you do that it causes a chain reaction psychological you take care of your hair you want to take care of your scalp you want to take care of your skin and hopefully it follows through to taking care of your body and your mind all right so please keep that in mind now our quote for today is as soon as they're able to walk hand them the broom this has significance this was told to me by my mother when I first had children and they were small before they were the walk she said to me hand them the broom as soon as they can walk if you wait after that it's too late what does that mean it all stems into being responsible you want to raise your kids to be responsible and the best way to do that is give them responsibility at the youngest age possible now this also ties into other parts of life not just your children all right it ties into responsibilities in a previous video. 

I talked about a quote from JFK John F Kennedy which said 'Don't ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country' that all stems into responsibility the more you're responsible for yourself the more you help yourself to more you grow the more responsible you are for yourself the more you contribute to the outside of yourself to others so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which is 'What are the best ways to prepare your hair in the morning' and I'll see you soon Thank you.

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How to Determine Price vs Value When Adding Hair - Limitless Hair Expert


How to Determine Price vs Value When Adding Hair

Hello Dino here and welcome again to another limitless hair expert expert video tutorial my name is Dino where we combined top expert hair advice with self-improvement today's subject is 'How do you determine price vs. value when you're adding hair' alright, so now I want this to be very helpful I want to cover some specific principles that you should follow but first I'm going to simplify this in reference to what's valuable in reference to a hair extension.

So let's just take a hair extension as one example a hair extension there's many different types of hair extensions without getting into different types I want to explain how you would evaluate the price versus the value just using that one example here it is the finer you add hair the more valuable it is but the more expensive it is so let me give an example if they're using something called the track or a Westing to strip of hair sometimes they use in some hair extensions the thinner the track the longer it takes to make it the finer it is in your head and the more valuable it is conversely the thicker the track the quicker it's made if it's made quicker it costs less but it's bulkier on your head and a little bit more risky on your hair now for other hair extensions like courage and extensions or the extensions with the bead same principle prevails here when the hunk of hair is thinner it's going to take longer to bind it on more time to bind it on more time to gather it and prepare it. 

So the finer it is that what the cost is going to go up because it takes longer to prepare it and it takes longer to apply it but what happens the finer it is the less you feel and on your head right so remember that principle now let's get to any sort of hair system same thing the thicker the base the thicker they add hair what I mean by thicker adding hair they sometimes add hair 15 hairs at a time 10 hairs at a time 8 hairs at a time 5 hairs at a time all the way down to one hair at a time the finer they add the hair the longer it's going to take to make it all right and therefore it takes longer it's going to cost more but it's going to be more natural same thing with the base if they're putting hair on some sort of base whether it's a hair unit some sort of hair process or even a wig the finer they make the base it takes longer to make it but it's lighter on your head and the less hairs they use at the same time which is finer it's going to take them longer to make it but and therefore it's going to cost more but it's going to be a little bit more natural all right and now that pertains that any type of thing you're putting on your head whether it's sort of a clip-on extension whether it's a professional extension wears any type of hair system words any type of wig or hair unit of any source even a hair transplant hair transplants will cost more if they take one hair at a time and replant one hair at a time it'll take longer but it'll be more natural but please keep in mind all of these methods all of the hair extensions and all of the hair systems and the wigs no matter how fine they are the value goes up and the cost goes up with it okay, but they're still not really totally healthy.

So please keep that in mind if you really want to get very healthy and reference to adding hair you want to add one hair at a time and you want to utilize your hair and not cover it in any sort of way and that's another subject and you can see that on our video if you want to see that all right.

So now our quote for today is the following 'Thinking is the hardest discipline of all because that's why so few people do it' 'Thomas Edison' now why did he say this Thomas Edison wasn't Venter he registered over 1,000 patents in the US Patent Office all right so he was a deep thinker why did he say this because he felt most people don't take time to think all right which is very valuable we're all thinking we're all visiting we're thinking but it's in short little excerpts what we're thinking all right even when we're reading we're thinking short little excerpts or to speak okay. We're not thinking long term and thinking things through in detail so that's why Thomas Edison made that statement that it's rare when you take time to think things through on your own and picture things and it becomes very helpful. 

So now for our next limitless hair expert video will be 'What are their true details about every attachment in existence' and this you're going to find very interesting what I mean by every attachment in existence means that there's many methods of adding hair all right many all right but you always have to separate what is the technique of how they're adding the hair separately from how are they attaching it so as an example you can have a hair extension and it could be attached ten different ways so when you're looking into this you always want to know what are they putting on and how are they attaching it that's why this subjects going to be very interesting and I'll see you soon.

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How to Increase the Value of Yourself through Your Hair


Hello Dino here and welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video tutorial and my name is Dino and today's subject is “How to Increase the value of Yourself through your Hair” now value of yourself is very important. I actually got this from ‘Joel Olsteen’ I was watching one of his shows and I noticed that he talked about value and how important it is and I want to sort of tie it into your appearance - all right so how do you increase your value and number, one value comes from internally, it does not come from possessions, it does not come from your position, all right. It does not come from things you get alright, it comes first from inside you have to value yourself inside first and then you do stuff exterior.

So me being in the hair business since 1975 one thing, I've noticed dealing with thousands of people trying to help thousands of people having thousands of consultations what I've noticed is that a lot of people would come in and they would love the concept all right whatever I was doing at that time but they didn't want to make the step now I can understand if they didn't have the money and then I try to help them in any way I can but when they do have the money and they like the concept and they feel like they shouldn't do it or they're not sure if they can do it they're not valuing themselves enough alright so you have to value yourself first and understand the value of yourself when you understand the value of yourself then the other things will boost your value but the main core of your value comes from internal alright

So things that you get your performance that you produce your position and even your popularity all of that should not create your value it should just induce or boost your value so I hope that makes sense to you when it comes to hair when it comes to your appearance all right what I want you to do is value yourself and if you value yourself you will then take care of yourself and I really believe everybody should take care of themselves from giving themselves good food taking care of the body taking care of their mind taking care of their hair taking care of your appearance when you do that then you'll be able to grow yourself better so take care of your appearance it's very very important and of course I'm a hair guy start with your hair okay

So now our quote for today is take charge of your appearance and your appearance will elevate you what does that mean when you take care of your appearance on a consistent basis what happens it consistently makes you feel better about yourself and the better you feel about yourself the more your self-esteem Rises so your appearance has a lot to do with how you feel although you should still value yourself first and then take care of your appearance okay let's not forget that so take care of your appearance and work on your appearance and it'll make you feel better and it'll boost your self-esteem as I said before all right so I invite you to the next video and that videos is called do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day so please I hope I can see you there thank you.

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