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What Should You Know About Your Hair Shafts

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial my name is Dino where we combined expert advice about hair with self-improvement today's subject is 'What you should know about your hair shaft' now the hair shaft first just so you know is the hair from the part of the scalp to the end that's the hair shaft. I want to approach this differently I want to give you different information information that you can't find anywhere else or on the internet one approach is very differently that you'll find very interesting and very educational now to tie this in I want to talk about the health of the body and the mind because the health the nutrition and the health of your body connects to your hair I'm going to use an example here about that when you go to a nutritionist the nutritionist will take a sample of your hair to determine the nutrition or lack of in reference to your body and the reason why is because the hair is the last spot that receives the nutrition.

So it's illogical to go to the hair the last spot to find out where the nutrition is ending up at ok so it's important so hair plays an important factor now I want to talk about the pH balance I want to talk about the health of your body and then I want to connect it to the health of your hair and your hair shaft alright so in reference to the health of your body there's something called 'pH' balance your body needs to maintain a pH balance of 7.2 some around the 7-point area if your body doesn't maintain that your body will burn up and you'll die and we don't want that to happen so what your body does it maintains a pH balance here's how it does house is that works your body takes and absorbs and stores alkaline alkaline balances it lowers asset, so you have to think there's acid in your body and there's alkaline we have a high acid diet normally speaking okay.

So what happens is that you eat acid foods that are acid E and your body has stored alkaline and what it does it balances it out so what your body does it's spitting out alkaline when it needs it to keep your body at a balance so where you get alkaline from basically to simplify greens everything green gives you alkaline okay and what happens is your body stores the alkaline and then spits it out and use it to keep your body balanced now if you don't have enough of alkaline in your body what happens it takes it from your facts from your fat actually then from your organs then from your bones so it's sort of okay. To take it from your fat but when it starts taking it from your organs it starts depleting the organs when it takes it from your bones it starts condensing the bones and that's what causes us human beings to shrink as we get older.

So I don't know if everyone knows but as you get older you tend to shrink somewhere around 40 years old or older you tend to shrink and the reason for that is because of alkaline because the body is taking alkaline from fat then organs been boned and it's condensing the bones and causing you to shrink all right so it's not good when the body takes alkaline from the organs and the bones but it will do that to keep you surviving okay so now how does that relate to hair it relates to hair because the hair the hair shaft which is all your hair needs also to be a balance of about seven seven point six somewhere around that area seven point two seven point six it needs a pH balance of around that seven point area okay seven point two seven point six area to keep healthy so now when you use conditioners or anything you put on your hair the lower the pH the better so a conditioner that has a four pH balanced a 5 a 3 a 2 will lower your pH balance and keep the hair more healthy all right now conversely anything you put on your hair that has a higher ph 8 9 10 11 that cleans the hair but it also wears down on the hair so when you bleach up your hair it brings the pH balance to about a nine if you use relaxers that's the worst even though you can use them you have to know how it brings the pH balance up to about 11 and then you use a neutralizing shampoo alright or some sort of neutralizer the neutralizer has a low pH that then lowers that pH down.

So as an example if you were to use a relaxer and your pH 1 up to a 10 or 11 and then you put a neutralizing shampoo in then at a lower it back to a setting okay so it's important your intake of alkaline because alkaline lowers the pH so anything you use in your body that's alkaline green is good for your pH lowering your pH in your body and anything you use on your hair if you use anything green actually on your hair it's actually good because it lowers the pH or look for pH on any label of any shampoo or conditioner a lot of times they'll give it to you but when they do they're usually proud of it because it's usually a lower pH and what that does it closes the cuticle of the hair and just so everybody understand something here right here this is the hair and the outer portion of the hair here is the cuticle layer then there's the cortex and then there's something called a medulla that's what the hair is constructed of the hair shaft itself and when you put low pH something with low pH it closes the cuticle seals it makes it smoother and easier to deal with okay so please keep that in mind there's always a connection between health of your body and health of your hair all right.

So now our quote for today is the fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that cast it that's by 'William Shakespeare' and that is great meaning and the reason why I bring up these quotes is because I bring up the definition behind it because they have great significance and what does that mean alright it means whatever you cast out has an effect on yourself more than it does what you're casting out to so as an example when it says the fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that has cast it okay what that means is that when you cast out a compliment alright it helps the person you're casting now too but also helps yourself conversely if you're casting out an insult or you're even thinking of negative things it hurts you the person who's casting it more than who you're delivering it to so please keep that in mind now for our next limitless hair expert video it'll be 'How do you determine price versus value when adding hair' and you're going to find this subject very interesting because I want people to follow a specific principles to follow in reference to if they're shopping for some sort of way of adding hair and you're trying to determine is valuable enough is this worth the price so it's an interesting subject so I'll see you soon on that thank you.

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How Often ONE should Wash their Hair & Shampoo Tips For Oily Scalp - Limitless Hair Expert

Subscribe : : Hair Stranding : .Know the actual factors one should consider before shampooing their hair. In this latest Limitless Hair Expert video, Hair Expert Dino has explained how often one should shampoo their hair and what factors one should consider.

How Often ONE should Wash their Hair & Shampoo Tips For Oily Scalp - Hair Expert Dino

Hello. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert, where we combined hair expertise and self-improvement together. And I'm Dino, so today's subject is “How Do You Know How Often To Shampoo Your Hair” alright because a lot of people asks have asked me through the years how often shampoo my hair can I shampoo my hair too much too little, okay.

Now everyone's a little different but there's two keys to how often to shampoo your hair one is, sort of the environment meaning dust around you, dirt around you or you putting stuff on your hair the more stuff you put on your hair a little bit more often you should shampoo just to clean the stuff off the surface alright, that's one.

The other key is really your oil point glands which is your sebaceous gland the oils from your scalp this is important because most people think the oils from your scalp are healthy actually they're waste they're actually waste coming out of your scalp and the oil itself on your scalp is not healthy.

Now, if you take the oil out of the scalp and you put it on the hair shaft then yeah then it's going to moisturize it, but that's not what just happens normally the oils secrete out of the scalp and they lay down on your scalp that part is not healthy and the reason why is underneath your scalp there's something called a hair bulb so let's say this here is the surface of your scalp this is underneath your scalp most people think your hair is into your scalp tight it's not what happens is that the hair is into the scalp loose and there's a little fibers on the wall on the hair bulb and those fibers hold in the hair and underneath.

That is actually your sebaceous gland which is your oil gland and that particular gland secretes oil fills up the hair bulb almost like a little glass while the hair is sitting in while the hair is attached to little fibers on the wall so the more that fills up and stays there the more eats away at the fiber and causes the hair to shed quicker so the reason why I'm bringing that up is because you should shampoo your hair as often as you need in reference to how oil in your scalp gets., okay.

Now, I want to say one thing about that you also have to be careful on which shampoos you use there's sulfate shampoos sulfates mean detergents alright there's sodium chloride is really salt and they put them in shampoos also to do more thorough cleaning so sulfates sodium chloride / softs what they are they're deep cleansers and they clean the scout really good but they over clean the scalp and if you over clean the scout what happens you cause the oil gland to secrete more oil because you over cleaned it or you cleaned it with something harsh so what do you do you look for shampoos that don't have sulfates sodium chloride read the ingredients, okay.

And you find shampoos that are more gentle when shampoos are more gentle they clean the scalp and the hair and a better way that don't cause the oil gland to over secrete more oils okay so keep that in mind and that's what you should do you should clean your scalp as often as it needs it or shampoo your hair as often as it's needed and why is it needed again because you could be putting a lot of stuff on it your hair could be dirty from stuff on top of there or could be that your oil glands are secreting a little bit more often.

So if you go a week and your scalps on oily you can go weak alright if you go a couple days in your scalp so oily or a day in this counseling you should shampoo it lightly with a non-sulfate non sodium chloride shampoo alright so keep that in mind now our quote for today is by Brian Tracy and it is the healthiest personality gets along with the widest range of people so what does that mean remember you want to always improve your personality improve yourself.

And one way of doing that is to understand people and understand more and more different people how they think how they feel so when you connect with more different kind of people your personality gets along with a wider range of people and your personality grows so please keep that in mind.

Now stay tuned for our very next series of the limitless hair expert and that will be about the best ways to evaluate any hair system. And I'll see you soon. Thank you.

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