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Scalp - Down Brushing

Hello Dino here again and today this is Advanced Benefit number eight and that is “Scalp Down brushing” scalp down brushing is very important and only exists through hair stranding right through the technique of Hair Stranding through InvisaBlend very important here's the reason why all other methods of adding hair most of them you cannot brush all the way down to the scalp and if you can brush down to your scalp you're not getting all the way down to the scalp now from a health perspective you need to brush all the way down to the scalp, all the way out to the end you always want to do that.

So here's the important part about scalp down brushing because of the micro strand this here is the micro strand that is finished what I mean by that it's finished after the hair is applied alright first we make the micro strand which is not here right now on the shows you see that on the other video but this is the micro channel flip, it over for you that shows you the micro strand from the inside but when you flip it this way and you look it sort of disappears alright.

Now here's what's important about the micro strand member the micro strand is a filament as thin as one single human hair if you were standing in front of me and you looked at one single micro strand you would say that's a hair you would touch it you would feel it you would crumble it in your hand to say that's a hair it was invented to look and feel and be identical like a hair, but remember what I said in other previous videos it's ten times stronger than a hair and it's translucent I mean you can see through the fiber itself so that way when it lays down against the scalp you don't see it so because it's so soft it molds to your head as your hair is being blended through and it allows you to do something that you can't do with anything else you can scrape the brush right down into the scalp, scalp down brushing from scalp all the way through so not only can you do that but you should do that because it's healthy and remember hair stranding was invented most of all to be healthy for your existing hair and healthy for your scalp that's what's most important

So please remember this important principle scalp down brushing for our next video which will be advanced benefit number nine is the attachment called “Strand Locking” the lightest finest safest attachment in existence and you're going to find this very interesting and there's three attachments but we're going to cover one at a time I'll see you on the next video.

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The Best Way to Prepare Your Hair in the Morning - Limitless Hair Expert


The Best Way to Prepare Your Hair in the Morning

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top hair expert advice with self-improvement our subject for today is 'How to prepare or the best way to prepare your hair in the morning' now a lot to say about this number one it's very important to prepare yourself and take care of yourself first before you take care of others and approach the outside world and it could start really with your hair you want to feel good in the morning alright there's an old expression I got up on the wrong side of the bed what that technically means is you got up you didn't feel good and then you feel like the rest of your day is not so good alright you want to take care of yourself in the morning prepare yourself in the morning so that's the first important step now doing that in reference to your hair you want to make sure that your hair is looking good you want to make sure your hair is moisturize first that it looks healthy number one and then number two you want to prepare your hair in a certain way that makes you feel good it's something very unique about preparing your hair your hair is very similar to clay.

Now think of clay when it's soft when it's soft you mold it in position and then when you let it dry in that position it stays in that position your hair is very similar to that using me as an example that's exactly what I did with my hair when I got out of the shower today what I did is I combed it back I parted a certain way and made sure it was moisturized and I molded it in place in a way that I felt comfortable with it, after it was molded in place then it sort of sets so please remember that when you dampen hair or wet hair it's at a stage or you can then 'mold it' mold it meaning if you push it down as a bang it's going to stay as a bang all day you part it on the left it's going to stay pardon on the left all day my hair cannot part on the right using me as an example because it was wet I parted it this way if I want to part it on the right I have to wet it part it to the right and then it will stay that way so that's what I mean by as an example or an analogy that your hair is like soft clay whichever way you mold it when it's soft then it actually hardens and stays in that position same with your hair use water water is your best friend even through the day.

If you feel like you needed to restyle your hair a little bit grab a little bottle of water this is just water and just mist your hair so if you missed your hair you can comb it or put it in position and then that way let it dry in that position and it'll stay in that position and then after that then basically the hair can move around but it's going to basically stay in that position so you want to prepare yourself in the morning so you feel good about the way your hair looks then approach your day okay.

The Secret To Living Is Giving
— Tony Robbins

So now our quote for today is 'The secret to living is Giving' now that one I got from Tony Robbins alright and it has great significance what it basically means us as human beings ultimately feel great when we're giving to others now now that you should not take care of yourself you should take care of yourself very well because it makes you feel good and by taking care of yourself you actually set examples around others around you and then that causes you then to take care of others alright so the secret to living is giving and the more you give of yourself of your time of your money of your experience the better you feel and the more you grow so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which is what are the true facts about how to grow your hair back and I'll see you soon thank you

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Master The Most Healthy Way Men & Women should Brush / Comb Their Hair- Limitless Hair Expert Dino

Master The Most Healthy Way Men & Women should Brush / Comb Their Hair- Limitless Hair Expert Dino

Todays Subject on this Limitless Hair Expert series is called How to Brush your Hair in the Most Healthy Way