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Something is revolutionary! Just saying this is sometimes not enough. We are here to educate about its advanced benefits, too. You will also receive a page called “Advanced Benefits”, which has multiple short videos explaining each advanced benefit. This is doing the heavy lifting for you, meaning the videos will do this educating for you, thereby educating your public and your clients. Remember this is a full turn-key system which has been designed to use as little of your time as possible. The system does the work for you, and you just follow the system.   

Check out just a few of the advanced benefits which do not exist with any other option in existence today:

1. Healthy—The first and only method that is safe and healthy for your hair.

2. Invisible—Difficult to see, feel, or find where hair has been added, truly natural because you see and feel virtually nothing! 

3. Universal fix—The one and only method that will work on and solve ANY hair situation in existence. A one method fix-all. 

4. Stimulate Hair Growth—The only method which you can use any hair growth treatment. So, you can add the hair volume and/or hair length desired WHILE simultaneously stimulating your client’s hair growth! Think of the possibilities.

5. A flawless Blend Every Time—Due to the Micro Strand distrusting ONE human hair, spread apart, the added hair will always blend perfectly and flawlessly.

6. Duplication of Hair Growth—Hair grows out of the human head ONE human hair at a time, spread apart from each other and dispersed. The invention of the Micro Strand feeds hair the same way in with your client’s hair. 

7. Reduce or eliminate Hair coloring—Due to adding single human hairs and evenly distributed, this will camouflage roots showing, therefore reducing the need of touchups so often. Plus, any percentage of grey hair will automatically be reduced, sometimes eliminating the need to color hair. However, you can still color the client’s hair and the added hair you if choose. 

8. Reduce or eliminate Highlighting—You can add highlights or lowlights automatically into the added hair, creating any look you want with perfection. This enables you to either have all the highlights automatically blending in, or highlight/lowlight the client’s hair with the highlighted/ lowlighted added hairs. The point is you can produce a lot more professional creativity, making yourself and your business a lot more creative and unique. 

9. Reduce or eliminate perming—Because hair is blended in between the existing hair in the same way hair grows from the scalp, one human hair at a time spread apart, you’ll achieve even, natural distribution. This then will either dilute the feel and look of roots growing in which, in turn, enables your clients to reduce the need of perming. For clients on the fence of needing a perm or not, this will eliminate the need for perming. Either way, you have the ability to help your clients in more flexible ways. 

10. Add increased hair volume and/or hair length ANYWHEREHair Stranding is the only method which enables your business to help clients by adding hair anywhere on their head they desire. It’s important to know each and every other method of adding hair has its own particular restrictions on where hair can be added. Imagine offer a method that can add hair in a purely natural way anywhere on the head, even directly in the front hairline. Your company will not have no limitations. 

11. Lasts 3 to 4 YEARS!—When compared to any other method or option in the world, this method lasts far longer than any other. This alone makes this concept very appetizing, plus also makes this much more economical for your clients. 

Yes, there are more advanced benefits than listed above. Again, see videos on these and other advanced benefits on the website listed above. Just think, if you offered a product and service with just some of these advanced benefits, would this attract a lot more clients?


In reference to seeing videos about the advanced benefits for your prospective clients and for yourself, Watch this Video:-

Now think about this: where is there an educational marketing, selling, and training system that is completely automated, provided on videos for you? This saves you a tremendous amount of educational time for the public in your area, your clients, and even yourself and your staff. The videos give you the freedom to learn at your own pace and to let the videos bring you the clients. Yes, there is work involved from you and your staff, so you do have a responsibility to make this work. But it has been simplified to learn from and expand your business.

Limitless Hair Attraction
By Dino Dondiego

Eliminate or Reduce Hair Coloring/Perming - Advance Benefits Blog - InvisaBlend


Eliminate or Reduce Hair Coloring/Perming

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 15 which is “Eliminate or reduce Hair coloring and/or Perming” this is also very unique and very advanced and it doesn't exist anywhere else the reason why is because of the micro strand, now this is the micro strand as an example when it's finished after the hair has been added. Now because we're adding one hair at a time and it's one hair at a time distributed throughout an area one hair at a time spread apart when this is blended in between your existing hair it's an even distribution meaning it's one of your hairs coming out of your scalp and one of ours next to it one of yours one of ours one of your is one of ours when something is blended this precisely here's what happens, when you blend that in between your hair when your roots grow you're not going to see your roots it's going to camouflage your roots so all of our clients are able to go 2 to 3 times longer without the need of coloring.

So remember what I said how to eliminate or how to reduce coloring and or perming, so if you have a light percentage of gray this will blend in and lower the percentage of gray or lower the site of seeing a root and sometimes it's just enough where you don't even have the color here at all and other times where you have maybe a big difference between the root and the ends what it'll do it'll blend in so evenly it'll camouflage the need the need or sight of seeing the root and you'll be able to go two to three times longer without coloring so you can color it you can color it as often as you want although all of our clients or most of our clients go 2 to 3 times longer without the need of coloring and that's a great benefit of this it also relates to perming if you perm your hair, regularly once a month you could still do that if you want with the hair stranding on although it's going to camouflage the roots because this is going to be straight on the example of a relaxed or a perm it's going to be straight already pre permed blend it in with your hair and when your roots grow in you're not going to feel them and you're not going to see them as quickly and you're going to be able to go two to three times longer without the need of a perm touch-up

So it's very important it's a great advantage that doesn't exist anywhere else so for our next advanced benefit number 16 it is how to eliminate highlighting now you don't have to eliminate highlighting you can still highlight your hair with the hair stranding blended in between but it will enable you to eliminate highlining if you choose so I'll see our next video.

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Scalp - Down Brushing - Advance Benefit Blogs - InvisaBlend


Scalp - Down Brushing

Hello Dino here again and today this is Advanced Benefit number eight and that is “Scalp Down brushing” scalp down brushing is very important and only exists through hair stranding right through the technique of Hair Stranding through InvisaBlend very important here's the reason why all other methods of adding hair most of them you cannot brush all the way down to the scalp and if you can brush down to your scalp you're not getting all the way down to the scalp now from a health perspective you need to brush all the way down to the scalp, all the way out to the end you always want to do that.

So here's the important part about scalp down brushing because of the micro strand this here is the micro strand that is finished what I mean by that it's finished after the hair is applied alright first we make the micro strand which is not here right now on the shows you see that on the other video but this is the micro channel flip, it over for you that shows you the micro strand from the inside but when you flip it this way and you look it sort of disappears alright.

Now here's what's important about the micro strand member the micro strand is a filament as thin as one single human hair if you were standing in front of me and you looked at one single micro strand you would say that's a hair you would touch it you would feel it you would crumble it in your hand to say that's a hair it was invented to look and feel and be identical like a hair, but remember what I said in other previous videos it's ten times stronger than a hair and it's translucent I mean you can see through the fiber itself so that way when it lays down against the scalp you don't see it so because it's so soft it molds to your head as your hair is being blended through and it allows you to do something that you can't do with anything else you can scrape the brush right down into the scalp, scalp down brushing from scalp all the way through so not only can you do that but you should do that because it's healthy and remember hair stranding was invented most of all to be healthy for your existing hair and healthy for your scalp that's what's most important

So please remember this important principle scalp down brushing for our next video which will be advanced benefit number nine is the attachment called “Strand Locking” the lightest finest safest attachment in existence and you're going to find this very interesting and there's three attachments but we're going to cover one at a time I'll see you on the next video.

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The Most Potent Marketing Option is NOW Available


We all market in some way to grow our Businesses—But!

To increase the potency of this revolutionary product and service, there is also a specialized marketing system which magnifies this growth even more. This is still part of the ONE THING Concept of having a product/service everyone wants which also is a drawing card to your business. There are additional parts of marketing you receive when you offer this revolutionary product/service which additionally empower your results to even higher levels. The combination of this revolutionary product/service with an empowering marketing system through videos is a powerful package.

We all market in some way to grow our businesses—but in most cases, we put out a lot more effort and/or money than the amount of additional business we get. But what if you had a simplified marketing system that showed videos of a revolutionary product/service which enlightened the public and brought you a high volume of people? Your business would have a marketing volume button which you could control by turning up or turn down flows of business at will.

There is now such a marketing volume button, and it’s all due to a revolutionary breakthrough product and service which the public is starving for and when the public sees these straightforward educational videos of this unique product and service, they will contact you with great interest because it is something the public easily connects to understanding clearly which they need and want. Therefore, this is known to now be a limitless attraction to businesses that offer this unique product and service.

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Scalp Access - Advance Benefit Blogs - InvisaBlend


InvisaBlend allows 100% full scalp access!

Hello and Welcome to 'Advanced Benefit' number four "Scalp access" this is another very important thing that doesn't exist anywhere else it's very important to have full scalp access think about this all methods of adding hair they all have one thing in common they all add hair but cause you to remove or lose hair in the process and everyone knows this nowadays so it's important is to keep your existing hair and scalp healthy one of the elements of keeping it healthy is to have full 100% scalp access. So as a reminder I'm going to hold up the micro stand again hard to see hard to feel I want it to be logical to the audience here that if this is in between your hair and down against your scalp and all your hair is blended between this logically.

Would you have full scalp access and the answer is obviously YES, so this is between your hair and between your hair and down into your scalp this has to be obvious to you the viewer that you're going to have full access to your scalp why number one for health reasons you want to be able to touch your scalp easily and get right down to the scalp you want to be able to put a scalp treatment on a moisturizer on and easily get immediately right down to the scalp that's very very important, even progressing even past that if you want to use any kind of treatment to help stimulate your growth hair stranding is the only method that will allow you to add hair have the hair you want to have while simultaneously stimulating your hair growth, why because this is the only method that you can add hair and still have a hundred percent access to the scalp,

Even if you went to a doctor and akhom treatments in they would have 100% easy access to the scalp so that's why you can add the hair you want and do scalp treatments or hair growth treatments of any kind and still get down to the scalp so that way you can have your hair and see if you can grow it to at the same time so please remember that full scalp access is very important it doesn't exist anywhere else but through this method called hair stranding so please watch our next video advanced benefit number five and that is 'Stimulate Hair Growth' and I'll see you soon

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The ONE Thing That Provides LIMITLESS Growth to Your Hair Business


You are about to find out what the ONE Thing is which will provide you with a limitless growth for your hair business. After this ONE Thing is divulged to you, you must then read on to thoroughly understand what part of this one thing is that makes “The ONE Thing” impactful. Understanding this one thing that makes an enormous impact is achieved by learning and understanding the system which makes this ONE THING so effective. There is a system that supports this one thing you need to learn about. So, with that said, here is the ONE THING:

The ONE Thing that provides limitless growth to your hair business is called H.P.S.—Health Purpose System. This is the ONE Thing that provides LIMITLESS Growth to your Hair Business. But there is a lot more to this than meets the eye, which you need to thoroughly understand to make a huge upgrade in your business.

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Limitless Hair Attraction
By Dino Dondiego

A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 3


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 3

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial today the subject is a 'Limitless story with no ending Part 3' now where we left off on part 2 on the previous video was about the invention of hair weaves and how that transferred over to somebody taking part of that technology and making it into a hair unit that was attached to stay on the head and what was done then is that from hair weaving they used to make cornrows which is our braids tie down against your head your own hair making a braid against your head and they took that principle from a hair weave and they use that with a hair system or a hair unit where they put the unit on top of the head and then 'wait a cornrow around the perimeter and they sewed the edge of the hair unit to the cornrow and thus now it was another breakthrough because now they can take people that have hair loss are very thin hair on top and they can actually put some sort of hair system or hair unit on top on a semi-permanent basis meaning where somebody can go to sleep and wake up with their hair diving on the water with their hair and these are major breakthroughs because remember before hair weaving and before hair systems were created everyone was adding hair where they add hair take it off at night and hair take it off so these are major breakthroughs to be able to keep hair on as part of you okay now the problem that arose from that was that making a braid around the perimeter of where your thin eventually then caused something called Baldness or Alopecia track sation.

So it almost created a new method of losing hair which again was called alopecia taxation' which means it was causing a tract of baldness around the because they cornrowed the edge over and over and over in the same place which made you lose more hair there so next then they came out with medical bonds so now they took the hair unit the hair system and they bonded it onto the scalp using a medical bond which made the track sation the alopecia track sation go away but caused another problem so it wasn't improvement but it is caused another problem and the problem that it caused was that you had to shave off any existing hair to bond on a unit and that's what still exists today by the way or if they don't shave your hair they bond on top of your hair and you lose your own hair so there's a common denominator here and that is all methods in the industry back then when this was first invented up to today still have one thing in common they all add hair and simultaneously cause you to lose hair which is not a good trade-off okay.

So that's where that ended up is now there were hair units hair systems although please be aware that each company that did these hair systems they put their own name to it to make it seem to the public as if it was a unique method but up to today all methods of adding hair they all cause you to lose more hair so please be aware of that so this story will continue on the next video called 'The limitless hair story with no ending part 4' and that story is going and then explain where that last technology was then picked up and improved into a brand new technology that is totally revolutionary totally opposite from everything so please stay tuned for the next video part 4 see you soon

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Experience with Hair Stranding - The Feel of Nothing


The Feel of Nothing

When it comes to acquiring fuller hair, everyone wants it to be natural and the core of natural is to see and feel nothing. When a client can’t see or feel anything but their own hair, they are ultimately comfortable. The art of adding additional hair which has never been achieved is the ability to add hair in a way you feel and see as if nothing is there but all your own hair. If someone has additional hair added and they feel nothing but their own hair, this becomes a vitally important detail to achieve. The need for adding additional hair for everyone is extremely emotional, so the ability to add hair which feels and appears as if nothing is there and/or feels and appears nothing has been added causes an individual to forget any hair was added at all. Achieving this is a major breakthrough benefit which has never been achieved until now.

The invention of the Micro Strands has made this possible. Now, for the first time ever, individuals can add additional hair with the feeling as if there is nothing there but their own hair—a truly remarkable achievement for mankind.
If you want to blow away everyone who comes into your business to see your revolutionary product and service, and blow away your clients, then the next logical step you need to take is to offer Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend. All the steps are at your fingertips—the videos that show exactly what Hair
Stranding by InvisaBlend is and how it works and then actual real-life proof when they come into your business by letting them feel and see the Micro Strand invention. As you read on, you’ll learn about a FREE Trial you’ll offer which enables your prospective clients to experience the results of the service you will be providing.

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