MicroHair~fiber enables us to add real human hair in the most natural way possible among your existing hair by adding one human hair at a time onto a network of strands that are as fine, soft and flexible as one human hair but ten times stronger and translucent. Because we add human hair one strand at a time onto this this MicroHair~fiber, it will give you more coverage throughout your scalp. This is something that is customized so it can cater to each persons lacking areas. When we add real human hair onto this MicroHair~fiber it will look and feel as though new hair is coming right out of your scalp making it the closest duplication of natural hair growth. did I mention this method of adding hair last for 3 to 4 years??

I WANT VOLUME, so why is this the best way to go?

Some women feel the need to cut their hair short when it starts to get thin because they lack in volume. With MircoHair~fiber extensions, you can have a longer look without compromising the thickness of your hair. Go for a shorter look and just add volume if longer hair isn’t what your’e looking for. These extensions are fed in-between your existing hairs giving you the max amount of volume with the least amount of hair added. So with this method, a little goes along way. With other hair extensions you are adding hair in rows or clumps so you have to add a lot of extra hair to make for adequate volume. The more you add the more cautious you have to be if any of your tracks, beads, or keratin clumps will show. NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS.


 I need Volume on the top and the sides of my hair, Can this still work??

YES, if you are looking to add volume or fill in areas on the top or front sides of your hair line this is the ONLY way to go if you still want to keep your existing hair without covering or removing what your already have. Every method of adding hair in the industry will do just that, except this! We use a microscopic tip instrument to add one human hair at a time onto the MicroHair~fiber and all you are using to attach this is the MicroHair~fiber, nothing else. No adhesives, those are bad! We want your hair to breath! So with this, you have full access to your scalp and existing hair so you wont risk loosing anymore hair than you already have. Remember, This is the closest duplication of natural hair growth, so hair can be placed anywhere including the top and front hair line. No matter what your situation is THIS method can help. The most invisible and safest approach to adding hair.


Take a real close look at this hairline.  How can this not be an actual growing hairline???  The fact is that none of these hairs are actually this person’s own hairs.  What kind of advanced technology can duplicate such a purely natural hairline?

Well, there is a new and highly advanced technology that has been created that will change and make all other techniques in the world of increasing hair volume obsolete!  Introducing the breakthrough ingredient that makes this all possible, Hair-threads called Translucent Blending-Strands.

What are these Hair-threads and how can they create the duplication of a real growing hairline?  Hair-threads are ultra-fine filaments that duplicate the finest human hairs in the world.

How do these Hair-threads duplicate real high quality human hairs?   These Hair-threads replicate the same diameter of the finest human hairs, so they bend, move and have the same flexibility as the best human hairs, but these Hair-threads are not used to replace human hairs.  Instead theseHair-threads are used to plant single real human hairs, one at a time, either in-between thinning hairs or directly into a bald area.

The ultimate and finest way to add real hair would be to add hairs onto something as fine as human hairs, and that is what is performed here within this picture above.

Single human hairs, one real hair a time is feed onto these Hair-threads, called Translucent Blending-Strands.  These Hair-threads are also transparent upon contact of the scalp so you then see nothing but single human hairs appearing to be actually growing directly out of the scalp, even in the very front hairline which is the most critical area.

A picture says a thousand words but an actual demonstration is solid 100% proof of reality.   That is why trail demos are available as real proof.   For availability of this actual proof call 800-992-9976 or email    Also see additional details on the website


  1. Salmon for Shine – Fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t make these healthy fats, so you have to get them from food or supplements. They help protect you from disease, but your body also needs them to grow hair and keep it shiny.
  2. Eggs are rich in biotin, a B vitamin essential for hair growth and overall scalp health.
  3. Pork tenderloin is rich in B vitamins — folate, B6, and B12. These vitamins are involved in the creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to all body cells, including those of the scalp, follicles, and growing hair.
  4. Lentils – are a great vegetarian source of iron-rich protein, which I recommend for two reasons. First, protein is necessary for all cell growth, including hair cells. Hair gets its structure from hardened proteins called keratin. Without enough protein for keratin, hair grows more slowly, and the individual strands that do grow are weaker.
  5. Tofu, soybeans, starchy beans, and black-eyed peas – These play the same role as Lentils for hair health.
  6. Red, yellow, and green bell peppers – these are a colorful, delicious source of vitamin C, which is necessary for hair health for many reasons.
  7. Sweet Potatoes – This has Beta-carotene of which is converted to vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A is necessary for all cell growth, including hair.
  8. Oysters – The mineral zinc is involved in tissue growth and repair — and that includes hair growth.

Good sound advice from Dino the Hair Expert.


No matter what your hair situation is, INVISABLEND Hair Studio can help any hair situation. This is the perfect example of how this method of adding hair “bridges the gap” between hair extensions and hair replacement. Hair extensions, wouldn’t adequately cover all these choppy layers without showing some of her inconsistent shorter hair. You would have to add so many tracks, beads or Keratin clumps to make the weight distribute evenly. That would be very uncomfortable, not to mention if the wind blows a curtain way you could see what was going on underneath that hair; lots a bumpy tracks, Beads or keratin fusions.

If she were to try an conventional hair replacement method, they would have to cover what she has or remove her existing hair, stunting the growth of her own hair!

InvisaBlend’s MicroHair~fiber extensions are the most natural and most invisible way to add hair. This is the closest duplication of natural hair growth, so we are able to put hair anywhere on your scalp, including the top and front sides of your hair line. All you will feel is thicker, fuller, longer hair.. No clumpy, bumpy, uncomfortable and embarrassing mess that attaches the hair found in other conventional hair extensions. This so something that works with your existing hair, giving you full access to your scalp so your hair and head can breath! When your scalp can breath, your hair will grow the way it’s supposed too. Want to see this for yourself? Call the number listed and find out where the nearest InvisaBlend Hair Studio is to book a free trial run experience. Adding hair doesn’t have to mean loosing your OWN. InvisaBlend; the healthiest and most Invisible way of adding hair. #hairextensions #hairreplacement #hairlove #hair #thickerhair #fullerhair #healthierhair


The concept of InvisaBlend was developed to fulfill three voids in the world of increasing hair volume and hair length.  Health as always comes first, and this was an extremely important missing part, meaning all hair extensions causes additional hair loss, every hair replacement system removes hair to add hair, wigs and weave and all other methods of adding additional hair ALL also cause additional hair loss. This is a very discouraging tradeoff of self-improving.  InvisaBlend broke through this barrier and invented the first and only healthy approach to fuller and or longer hair.  A revolutionary concept that will soon make all these other options obsolete!

Secondly, all of these methods mentioned above have restrictions due to having some degree of bulk when the hair is added. You move you hair around and you see where the hair is added.  This causes restriction in a person’s daily living.  But due to InvisaBlend’s breakthrough invention, the Translucent Blending-Strand, hair can be added ONE real hair at a time onto a filament as fine and soft as one hair.  The results – the look and feel of NOTHING but your own hair and scalp.  No matter what you do with your hair you see and feel noting but your own hair and scalp.

Thirdly, every method of adding additional hair is for specific hair needs.  One example – hair extensions create fullness along the bottom but cannot fill-in the top area.  Conversely InvisaBlend is the first and only Cure-all, meaning InvisaBlend can provide the results you desire on any hair types and any hair condition that exist on earth.

Therefore InvisaBlend is the breakthrough creation that can achieve any results you desire on any hair condition, and in a purely natural way that adds more hair volume or length the same way hair naturally grows out of the scalp. Purely natural no matter what you do.

Copyright © 2017 Dino Dondiego.  All rights reserved.  

Video showing and explaining the InvisaBlend concept from the inventor

Intro to the Hair Revolution - InvisaBlend, Narrated by Dino the hair exert to educate viewers about hair additions and InvisaBlend. InvisaBlend Review. Visit or Call now at 1-800-992-9976 To Schedule FREE TRIAL . Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is a breakthrough concept that is revolutionary due to the Invention of the Micro Strand by InvisaBlend.


Natures way to a healthy head of hair. It is so important to give your hair constant nourishment by starting on the inside out. MICRO-STRANDING is the only method of adding hair that leaves your precious hairs alone and allows your hair to breath so that nourishing your real hair doesn’t go to waste. You can actually stimulate hair growth while wearing the MicroHair~fiber extensions using treatments or any other natural vitamins to promote growth. Invisablend won’t stunt the growth of any new hair or existing hair you have because it allows you scalp to breath. There is a light at the end of the tunnel with INVISABLEND

Hair growth system we recommend here at Invisablend hair studio because of its natural ingredients.

At Invisablend we created the only method of adding hair that promotes hair growth. We want your natural hair to be healthy a free so you are able to use vitamins and hair growth treatments to help hair growth!


 Revivogen MD is a dermatologist formulated natural solution that combats the most common form of hair loss, androgenic alopecia

-Natural solution for thinning hair -Reduces DHT production -Blocks DHT attachment to the follicle

-Activates the hair follicle growth cycle

Works on front of scalp and crown -Safe and affective for both men and women -Protects nourishes and revitalizes the hair

You can use any treatment you like when you use our MicroHair~fiber extensions or our technique of adding hair anywhere on your head (Micro-standing)  but we really love Revivogen!!


Can I stay active with the MicroHair~fiber extensions? 


We get this questions a lot as all ways of adding hair restricts you from many activities that you love. Going to the gymsweating, swimming and even showering is a big factor when something is covering your head/hair and absorbing liquid. Also, creating a lot of movement is not ideal for those who wear added hair or extensions. This can cause matted areas close to the root and increase uncomfortable tension leading to more breakage.


MicroHair~fiber extensions do not restrict you from being yourself or living an active lifestyle.  Brush all the way down to your scalp and feel nothing but thicker fuller hair. Put up your hair and go for a jog, skydiving or whatever other fun activities you have going on in your life. You will never feel constricted or confined by this type of method of adding hair because it is the closest duplication of natural hair growth. This is something that is evenly dispersed throughout your existing hair.We add one human hair at a time rather than in clumps or tracks that cover and damage your hair. Remember, this is also the most versatile way of adding hair. So if you need hair added on the top or front of your hairline, this is the way to go. This is something that works WITH your existing hair and it’s the closest thing to having nothing on your scalp.  You will never miss an opportunity to go in the water at the beach again! Get ready summer, here we come!


Keratin hair extensions VS. MicroHair~Fiber extensions. My story

Something new has hit the hair industry by storm and I had to share my experience on what I had gone through in the past with the more conventional ways of adding hair and how this new method is such an upgrade from all the rest.
Here’s how it all started…
I loved having a bob hair cut the first two months after I cut off my long hair. After a short while I began to really miss my long locks. I never had very thick hair but I was craving the length I once had for most of my life. Needless to say, I knew growing out my bob would be a very long process. I became inpatient and started looking into hair extensions. I knew I didn’t want clip-ins. I wanted something that was in my hair all the time. Looking into a more permanent solution, I stumbled upon what most women are doing now- a- days. Keratin extensions seemed to be the best way to go. I read a lot of great reviews on how they were better than the tape, braided and mirco links extensions.
( See details of each method of adding hair below.)
Tape-in Track extensions : The hair is bonded to your natural hair with tape and are 1.5 wide wefts applied row by row. One tape wefts extension is placed on the hair and the other side is sealed with a single sided piece of tape. Because these extensions come in rows, they are not the most undetectable way of putting in hair as they can be seen when putting your hair up. Tape- in extensions requires no tools or chemicals. This extension last up to 3-4 months.

Braided weft hair extensions: They are sewn into your natural hair which is braided to cover your whole head and the wefts of hair are sewn into the braided rows. Causing a lot of tension in the long run and ripping hair from the root. People with thin hair have a harder time with this kind of extension because they don’t have enough hair to make a big enough braid to hold the hair extension. These extensions last for about 2-3 months at a time.

Micro link or mirco bead extensions : These are applied by a very small portion of hair at a time with a tool to attach each hair extension to your natural hair. The links are kind of like a screw which can damage you hair shaft when clamped together. There’s a lot of tensions that occurs with these because they screws are hard and cause more pull. Not comfortable to sleep in as well. These extensions last for 3-6 months. Preferably need to get tightened every 4 weeks.

Fusion/ keratin extensions: An ultrasonic wave softens the keratin to bong during application. Unlike the tape extensions that are done in long strip tracks, these are applied via individual wefts. These wefts look and feel just like flat pieces of plastic but are made of natural hair protein. You also need to avoid oils or heated appliances near the connection as this will cause the bond to weaken or fall out. This method last for about 6 months until needing to be replaced.

My choice. The keratin extensions seem to last the longest and be the safest. Having the word keratin in anything now a day’s is good, right? Even if it is technically glue, with hair protein infused in it. I mean, there are extension bars in the city that just put keratin extensions in. this had to be the best way to go.

The keratin extensions.
I spent about 850 dollars putting these keratin extensions in at a location I will not name in. The hairstylist was very accommodating. The procedure was painless and I walked out with hair that was about 20 inches longer than my natural hair. I felt like a superstar. But wait… This feels strange. Physically, there is a tiny “bead” ( Think of it like a little spot of clear nail polish that hardens to a small spot of your hair) where the keratin glue is attached. When ran my fingers through my hair I could definitely feel them. I knew my boyfriend would eventually feel them too and it made me nervous about what he would think. He knew I was getting extensions but to feel my head with this bumpy nest, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would be taken back.
Having them in.
The first week or two with them were good. Except for the nights, where I tossed and turned trying to get used to the hard little bumps I was laying on that were pressed up against my scalp. Eventually I did get used to it and it was fine. So fast forward two and a half months, I decided to remove them. The new hair growth that was coming in was getting tangled, almost starting to dread as the keratin extensions started to have more wiggle room from the new growth. They were now about an inch and a half away from my scalp and moving about a little too freely. Brushing my hair was now getting more difficult as the special brush I was given would snag on the open area were the new growth was. I could hear my hair ripping every time I brushed. Yikes! They said they would last longer than this but I already had pieces falling out and it was becoming unbearable.
I got them removed… The result made me have a panic attack. My hair felt way thinner and the bottom of my hair actually looked shorter and choppier than it did before. I felt like I HAD to put the keratin extensions back in in order to look normal. Now my hair was really thin AND short. I left the salon to gather my thoughts on what to do next. I can’t keep spending 850$ every 2 and a half months, nor will my hair be able to handle that kind of damage. Imagine what my natural hair would look like a year from now.. 2 years? I’d never grow out my hair.

So I reached on google for safe extensions and this place called InvisBlend Hair Studio comes up. It’s a hair replacement facility, which makes me think of people that are REALLY balding probably go here. I had nothing to lose. I had to see if they could do something. Surely if they can help people with more serious hair issues they can help me out, right?

My experience at InvisaBlend hair Studio
I went there for a free consultation and trail run experience. They were very patient with me and showed me step by step how the process works. This is something I’ve never heard of before so it was almost hard to believe that this could be the safest and healthiest approach to adding hair. I mean, that’s what I thought the keratin extensions were and they were most certainly not! I asked a lot of questions on how they could possibly create something that was this advanced and different than anything else in the hair industry.
They explained
It all possible with this new MicroHair~Fiber technology. It’s a special filament that’s made into strands that are as fine, soft and flexible as one human hair but 10 times stronger and last for 3 to 4 years.. How long?! Yea, way longer than anything else I’ve ever heard of. They use a microscopic tip instrument to feed one human hair at a time onto the MicroHair~Fiber. This allows a breathable passageway for your hair and scalp. It enables you to have full access to your existing hair. The MicroHair~Fiber allows evenly distributed human hair to flow freely and openly amongst your natural hair, creating a look that is the closet duplication of natural hair growth. They attach the customized area of hair using one strand of the MicroHair~Fiber at a time, that’s it! No glue is needed. You can brush all the way down to your scalp and feel nothing but your skin and fuller, thicker hair.
Well that blew my mind… I was of course skeptical.
So to ease my mind they let me see, feel, hold and even put in a sample of the MicroHair~Fiber so that I could experience how light- weight and free my natural hair would be. It was something I had never heard of before and I almost thought it was too good to be true. But experiencing how lightweight the feel was and how much thicker it made my hair look, I was really impressed! My other extensions didn’t really provide me with much fullness, just length. For me to get length with the keratin extensions I would have to put in almost double the amount of keratin bonds and that would leave me with even more uncomfortable mess under my hair. With this method, a little hair goes a long way because of the way the MicroHair~Fiber strands are aligned to be fed in between your existing hairs. Being that it is feed one human hair at a time rather than in small chunks like the keratin extensions, the hair could be spread more intricately throughout my existing hair. He even said I could put the added hair right up to my hairline and on the top of my head. Because this method is the closest duplication of natural hair growth, this is possible. Whenever you put it, it will always look like it is coming right out of your scalp.
My customization I was just interested in applying it to the sides and back of my hair as I didn’t have much thinning on top. They gave me about 3 to 6 different price options to choose from since there are about a thousand different ways this could be done on someone. So they took my sizing, the hair texture, colorsarea by square inch and length I wanted so my customized hair could be made as soon as possible.

Experiencing my new and improved extensions. I have never had hair that looked like this before. The quality of hair is amazing, silky, soft and the amount of thickness I have on my hair with this kind of length is beautiful. Even when I had naturally longer hair I didn’t have this kind of fullness all over. Not only don’t I feel uncomfortable bumps along my scalp anymore but I can actually run my fingers through my hair without feeling anything but my head and hair. I can rest on my boy-friends chest while we watch TV and not feel like I’m hurting him with sharp bumps pressing against him and I.
Going to the beach almost every weekend this summer required me to be in and out of the ocean. Most of my time spent on the beach is riding the waves and spending time in the water. My hair was never an issue. I felt a beach beauty the way my long locks would air dry in this pretty beach-wave texture that I picked out when I had my consultation. I actually had people walking up to me and telling me how beautiful my hair is. On the beach!
Fast forward to 8 months later, I decided to take the extensions out of my hair to see how long my natural hair had gotten. I wanted to see if my hair was going to be like it was when I took out the keratin extensions. I was nervous because I hadn’t seen my natural hair in so long.
My hair was past my shoulders now, it grew so much! I was relieved to see that my hair wasn’t any thinner and how much it grew! I was very pleased with the results and asked the stylist to put the InvisaBlend’s extensions back in shortly after. Since my hair was safe with this method I was confident that my hair would be okay with theses extensions in. Honestly, I might never want to take it out; even when my hair gets as long as the InvisaBlend hair. The MicroHair~Fibers allow so much body and fullness that I never had before.
So if you are looking for something that is safe, healthy and the most invisable and undetectable extensions in the hair industry today. MircoHair~ Fiber technology is the only way to go. If people knew about this method before the other more conventional ways of adding hair, it would be a no-brainer. Why would you add hair just to have more hair fall out??! Why would you have something in your hair that restricts you in so many ways?! MircoHair~Fiber is the only method that makes sense. MicroHair~Fiber is not just a hair extension, but an extension of you!