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Attachment called ‘Strand Locking’ this is the finest safest lightest attachment in existence

Hello Dino here and welcome to Advanced benefit number nine and that is ‘Attachment called strand locking’ this is the finest safest lightest attachment in existence and it's very important that you understand this attachment now just to touch on some hair stranding offers, three different attachments but I'm going to cover one at a time in this advanced benefit number nine we're covering the one attachment which is called ‘Strand locking’ now strand locking only exists by using a single micro strand. So this here whether you can see it or not I have to have it on a comb otherwise I'll lose it this is a single micro strand and remember the micro strand is used two different ways it's used to network together to sort of make the diamond shape micro strand sort of web and then we put one human hair on it as I showed in a previous video and then also use as an attachment to use this as an attachment called ‘strand locking’ we take a single micro strand and there's a special technique that can only be done with this and it's called strand locking we take seven or eight of your existing hairs next to your scalp and just with a twisting technique and only using the single micro strand we twist this around seven or eight of your hairs next to the scalp and it forms what's called an anchor.

Now if you look at the anchor with a magnifying glass it merely looks like and merely is a baby ponytail so please understand something you can take a ponytail on all your hair and make a ponytail you can also make a ponytail on six or seven or seven or eight of your own hairs, so that's exactly what we do that is the anchor the beauty of the anchor is that we're only using this sort of in this well thread here call the micro strand and we're twining it around seven or eight hairs and making a baby ponytail so it becomes the lightest safest most invisible attachment in existence to go along with the most safest lightest way of adding hair which is the single human hairs on the micro strand which is the sort of diamond web thing shown in other previous videos okay.

So what we do is that we attach this onto your hair we make a ponytail and then that ponytail is then attached to the finish micro strand around the perimeter and in between, so now here's how it's attached remember the micro strand itself the finish micro strand that has the hair on it, so I'll show you example as I did in a previous video that's the finished micro strand okay with the hair on it it's one of many different ones when this is finished and blended between your hair your own hair is blend it between it and this will contour to every shape and bump and movement of your head so it's flat against your head while the hair is blended through now I want you to know because this is fitting firmly firmly means flat without a crease in it because it's fitting firmly to your head and because your hair is coming through that takes up 50 to 60 percent of the hold ability alone so it automatically holds fifty to sixty percent just because of the micro strain alone and then the other 50 or 60 percent is held with the strand locking done with the individual micro strand okay

So does it hold you can jump out of a plane you can ride jet skis there is no worry about any sort of security you can pull it you can brush right down to the scalp it is the most secure way of wearing hair that exists on earth and remember your hair is blended through equally between it so if you pull your hair you're always pulling your hair and the added hair you'll never be able to distinguish what hairs are yours and what hairs are the added hairs so strand locking is a very remarkable type of attachment that makes this process called hair stranding very very unique all right our our next video is going to talk about the next sort of attachment and that will be advanced benefit number ten called ‘The extended wear’ and the extended wear brings it to another level for a different group of people so I'll see you then.

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Introduction to Advanced Benefits


Introduction to Advanced Benefits

Hello my name is Dino and this is an Introduction video/blog to a video series called "Advanced benefits" and the purpose of this introduction video is to emphasize the importance of this series there is a new and revolutionary concept of adding hair and when I meet adding hair there's all different kind of methods of adding hair there's Hair weaves there's Hair extensions in category wise there's Hair systems there's Hair units all right, there's Wigs there's all different methods of adding hair. 

This is a completely different category called Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend and it has completely different advanced benefits. I'm gonna use a metaphor or an example it's like as an example a landline phone to a cell phone now we're all used to the cell phone but if we weren't and a cell phone was introduced to us someone would have to break down what are the advanced benefits of a cell phone over a landline and if you really think about it you can go on and on and on what the cell phone does for us now over a landline it is an enormous benefit it is so enormous, it's basically making the landline obsolete over this.

So it's that significant in reference to this method called 'Hair Stranding' by Invisablend. It has highly advanced benefits so the purpose of this video series called Advanced Benefits is to break down one advanced benefit per video a short video explaining each advanced benefit so you the public could understand the major advantages of hair stranding over anything else. So stay tuned for our first advanced benefit series or video it's all about Health which is very important that's our number one and I'll see you soon

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How Does Your Hair Relate to Your Health - Limitless Hair Expert


How Does Your Hair Relate to Your Health

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top hair expert advice and personal achievement together today's subject is 'How does your hair relate to your health' now there's two parts of this how hair relates to your health one first of all is the physical part I want to first mention that when a nutritionist has to test your level of nutrition or lack of they sometimes take a sample of your hair and the reason why they take a sample of your hair is because out of your whole body your hair believe it or not is the last source that gets to nutrition so it would be logical then to take a sample of your hair to see where you lack or how much nutrition you have.

So that tells us alone how important your hair is now also relating to health you want to keep your hair healthy keeping air healthy means to keep it moist to put some sort of nutrition into the hair itself it's very important to do that next your hair is connected to your scalp and your scalp is part of your skin so also you should take care of your scalp now what you should do is first always keep it cleansed it's important just like your body to keep your scalp cleanse and whenever your scalp itches it usually means it needs to be cleansed in most cases not at all but in most cases so always keep your scalp cleanse clean open also always keep your scalp moist because your scalp is part of the health of your body which is then connected to your hair ok now there's a second part that's psychological and that is when you take care of any part of your body it starts a chain reaction of taking care of more parts of you so number one you start with the top in reference to health meaning your yeah take care of the nutrition of your hair and the nutrition of your hair always remember whatever you eat whatever you consume also nourishes your hair so take care of the health of your hair by keeping your hair moist by putting good nutrition in your hair by keeping even a low pH balance in your hair okay

Anything low pH is healthy for your hair alright now when you do that it causes a chain reaction psychological you take care of your hair you want to take care of your scalp you want to take care of your skin and hopefully it follows through to taking care of your body and your mind all right so please keep that in mind now our quote for today is as soon as they're able to walk hand them the broom this has significance this was told to me by my mother when I first had children and they were small before they were the walk she said to me hand them the broom as soon as they can walk if you wait after that it's too late what does that mean it all stems into being responsible you want to raise your kids to be responsible and the best way to do that is give them responsibility at the youngest age possible now this also ties into other parts of life not just your children all right it ties into responsibilities in a previous video. 

I talked about a quote from JFK John F Kennedy which said 'Don't ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country' that all stems into responsibility the more you're responsible for yourself the more you help yourself to more you grow the more responsible you are for yourself the more you contribute to the outside of yourself to others so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which is 'What are the best ways to prepare your hair in the morning' and I'll see you soon Thank you.

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The FIVE Benefits You Should Look Into Before Adding Hair - Limitless Hair Expert | Invisablend


The FIVE Benefits You Should Look Into Before Adding Hair

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial today's subject is ' What are the five benefits you should look into before adding hair ' now benefit number one is very important to me it's the first health whenever you're adding hair you want to add hair in a way that maintains the health of your hair and scalp benefit number two is something I call nothing less when you're adding hair you want to add hair as close as possible to having nothing added what that means is, if my finger is nothing you want to get as close as possible to feeling and seeing nothing when adding hair all right

Now benefit number three is no limitations when you add hair you want to add hair in a way that you have no limitation meaning you can do anything with your hair as you would your own okay. So that's very very important benefit number four is duplication of hair growth duplication of hair growth means you want to add hair in a way that duplicates the way here goes out of the head the first key to that is adding hair one hair at a time because that's how it grows out in your head alright.

So when you add hair the closer you can get to one hair at a time adding hair or if you can get to one hair at a time the better you are and benefit number five is called part of you what that basically means you would like to add hair that it just remains part of you that you get up at your hair you don't take it off and on you get up it's your hair you're going to shower to hair you dive in the water at your hair and it's part of you so you forget about it so please remember those five benefits they're very important when looking into adding hair.

Now quote for today is 'To become interesting' the interest it and what that means is it's very important and helps you grow when you become interested in others when you become interested in others you grow you learn more and therefore you become interesting so now for our next limitless hair expert video that will be 'How does your hair relate to your health' and you'll find that very interesting I'll see you soon.

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How to Achieve the Most Subtle Transformation - Limitless Hair Expert


How to Achieve the Most Subtle Transformation

Hello and Welcome to another limitless hair expert video where we combine top expert advice on hair with self-improvement and today's subject is 'How to achieve the most subtle transformation' so this is important to a lot of people and the reason why is because there's a lot of people that have thin hair and they want to do something about it but they want to do it in a subtle way they don't want anyone to notice that they did anything this is a common thing I went through this myself so it's a very important thing a lot of people use the powders that are called concealers because they can sprinkle them in and it doesn't make much of a change and it just makes it a little bit of a darkness.

So you can't see in the scalp but doing things subtle is very common for a lot of people because they don't want a big difference from one day to the other alright so the way this is done is through something that I invented called a micro strand and the micro strand is really this what I invented was, I invented something called the micro strand. I'm just gonna hold it up to my chin alright because it's really hard to see this micro strand it's a filament or thread if you will is fine is one single human hair matter of fact when you see this in person it'll feel like a hair it'll be soft and flexible like a hair and the filament itself this filament is actually fine and soft like a hair but it's ten times stronger than a hair and it's translucent meaning the the thread itself the filament itself can actually be seen right through so upon contact of the skin or the scalp it actually disappears so then the next thing we do we take a microscopic to the instrument and we feed one human hair at a time onto these micro strands.

So now this here is the micro strand after there's one hair at a time added on to it and you see it's very translucent you see through it very subtle so the micro strand because it's basically invisible it's hard to say you could put any percentage of hair on this meaning you could put 25% of hair on it leaving it 75% bare you could put 10% hair on it leaving it 90% bare you could with 50% hair on it because this is very difficult to see feel or fine you can then put any percentage of hair on this therefore creating the most subtle transformation. So now people if they have any sort of hair loss and they want to make a subtle transformation they can use the micro strand and they can add any percentage they want they can add 25% they can add 5% hair if they want and they can do it gradually as time goes on or they can just do a subtle change and stop. So that's the beauty about what was invented right now it allows people now to make very subtle transformations which has been very helpful to people.

So if you want more information about this just go to our website and you'll get to understand it through looking at our videos or you can contact us with any questions so our quote for today is the more you don't trade speed for quality the more effective you'll be with more effort so what this means is that quality always superseded speed and everything you do in life and things you buy and things you do for yourself so quality is always where it's happening always keep a balance between speed and quality there's a lot of things we have to get through and that we have to speed up but don't ever sacrifice speed for quality and that means everything it don't eat too fast you're better off eating good foods eat it slower alright don't shop too fast you better off taking your time figuring out what you yet everything if you're exercising it's more important the quality the form of when you exercise as opposed to getting through the exercise faster even with hair when I think about hair quality is there I want to make something that is going to be top quality for someone even if it takes longer even in what I invented the hair stranding it takes a long time to prepare but I chose that because I wanted quality much more than speed so it was more important for me to get top quality as opposed to getting the product faster to the person so please remember that principle it's very important and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which will be 'What is the difference between non cuticle hair and remy hair' and I'll see you soon.

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The Micro Strand Revolutionary Invention - Limitless HAIR Attraction


How does this revolutionary method/category of adding hair work? Why is it so different? How could this be so extremely beneficial that it will cause all other options to become obsolete?

It all derives from the key component of Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend, called the Micro Strand.

  •         The Micro Strand is ten times stronger than human hair
  •         The Micro Strand is translucent
The Micro Strand invention before human hair is added.

The Micro Strand invention before human hair is added.

Finished Micro Strand after hair has been added.

Finished Micro Strand after hair has been added.

The following are some video details which will give you more clarity:


How to Not Think About Your Hair & Enjoy Life - Limitless Hair Expert

How to Not Think About Your Hair & Enjoy Life - Limitless Hair Expert

Why Hair Stranding is the best hair restoration approach for Men & Women & better than any Wigs, Hair Weaves, Hair Concealers or any Hair Addition Approach ever for treating any degree of Hair loss or Hair Thinning problems.