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Hello, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert tutorial video. My name is Dino and I am your Host, where we combine Hair expertise and limitless self-improvement information together. Today subject is how your hair was sky rocket your self-esteem, now here is the one thing I want to tell you, Us human beings buy by emotion and justify logically, what that means is where emotional base, alright we are emotionally base, what that means it’s a good thing alright. We do all everything’s by our emotions and our appearance is an important part of our emotions ok, so and our hair is a very important part of our emotions, so what does that means, you should do is always take good care of our appearance because it tie to your emotions, your self-esteem and that’s tied to your progress, your fear enjoying life, so take care of your hair. Now taking care of your hair what do have enough of your own hair, you should have a proper style, proper cut that you feel really good about your hair and if you don’t you should fix that. On another note if you don’t have a enough hair you should search out a way of adding hair to solve that problem. Don’t go around depressed or in secured about the way you look, that is not healthy for your life, it’s not good for your self-esteem which ties to the goodness of your life, so fix the issue, add enough hair that makes you feel good.

Here where I want to get across to everyone when your hair gets thinner a little at a time, you then become restricted and what you can do with your hair, you able to do less styles, less styles, less styles until you only doing one style. It’s a kind a like would people use a powders also called the concealers, they put they hair one style and the one style all they wear and that restrict them in styling and simaltinuosly when you restricted the way you can wear your hair, your life becomes more restricted, you do less, you think about less things to do because your life becomes more restricted. So, I hope that make sense to you, so we should do is take care of the problems, add hair to the point of enjoying & liking your hair you have. Then when to get to that point here what you should do, in your bathroom every morning you should prep yourself, take care yourself  in the morning, before you take care of the people around you or world outside of you.

In the morning prep yourself do yourself Up, do your hair, do your face do everything and look in the mirror and get your hair up to the point where you like it where you comfortable because when you prep your hair in the morning in the bathroom and you like the way it looks, it’s basically gonna stay that ways all day. It blow around or move around if you have a natural head hair or natural the way of adding hair, it all basically looks good, so prep yourself in the morning, look in the morning and say this is to do, this is good or it’s good I am gonna make it better, or say something positive or back look in the mirror and say UM I look good alright, say something good about yourself. No one is in the bathroom only you are there so say something good so that will build your self-esteem about your appearance about your hair okay and then walk out and take on the day, so please remember that.

Now a quote for today for a guy name Charlie Tremendous Jones he says “The book you read and the people you meet or want a rephrase that little bit and that is you stay the same except for the book you read and the people you meet." So please remember that okay, now i will tell you what that means, it means we are growing human beings we grow by knowledge the more we learn the more we progress and that were we change the change the books we read okay. So always educate yourself constantly educate yourself because it does grow to you expand your mind and expand your good life. When I say books it could be audio tapes, educate yourself always constantly educate yourself, Now the other part of this quote which is you stay the same the book you read and the people you meet, the people you meet we grow by meeting people the more people we know, the more people we meet the more we grow as individuals alright, so we are social human beings and we feel good when we meet people, as long as the way we took care of we look okay. So take care of the way we look alright and we remember that quote.

So now our next video is gonna about ‘How to add hair or reduce hair coloring or eliminate hair coloring’ and I see you soon.

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What Constitutes SELF-CONCEPT and how you can build and develop your appearance and boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE.


Hello. And welcome to another episode of the Limitless Hair Expert, where we combine expert advice and self-improvement together. And today's subject is how your self-concept will empower your appearance. Now think about that what I'm going to do is reverse this it's usually do something to your appearance and your self-confidence will build that is true but sometimes you got to think this in reverse and reverses build your self-concept and then you'll then also build your self-image, okay.

Your appearance because your appearance is very well connected to your self-concept now I want to break down your self-concept is this is very, very important, let's look at it simply self-concept it's the concept of yourself there's three parts to your self-concept your one is your ideal self what you ideally think of yourself what you ideally think you could become now what that means it means in every subject what you ideally think you could become in reading in your profession in a certain sport in a certain way you look, okay.

So your ideal self is what you ultimately feel you can become and that should be built up because technically there's no limit to it that's why these videos theories or these video episodes or called limitless hair expert so remember when you're building your ideal self-up there's no limit you have to think that way so that's one of the self-concept next part of a self-concept is your self-image look in the mirror your image of yourself that's the immediate thought of what you think of yourself your self-image that also should be upgraded.

You should think of yourself as being powerful as being achievable of looking good of feeling good okay so it's very, very important to think that way one way of doing that is always upgrade your image and we're talking about hair here so if you don't like your hair do something about it if it's not full enough and hair if it's full enough style it in a certain way do your hair in a way that you feel good because your hair part of your image is totally connected to your self-concept now the third part of your self-concept is your self-esteem your self-esteem is the core of you it's how you feel, alright.

So your self-esteem is built up from the other two meaning yourself ideal self and your self-image builds into the self-esteem your self-esteem to feel good about yourself all the time. So how do you feel good about yourself alright, two ways you want to approach it in two different directions you want to reverse it and just build up yourself by thinking good things to yourself pitching yourself in good ways and by doing that should cause you to take care of yourself your image, alright.

Now you can reverse that if you want and take care of your appearance and you should so do them in combination talk to yourself think of good things think that you look and feel good all the time think of good things I have a good technique for you whenever you think of something not good just train yourself just say stop, alright. If you say it real sharp like that stop you'll train yourself to stop thinking about negative things and you'll think about good things, alright.

And then start thinking about always how to improve your appearance because the more you improve your appearance the better you feel about yourself, alright. And if that's very important alright so please keep that in mind now our quote for today is by Brian Tracy and he says it's more important to be effective than it is to be right I'm going to take a little story I heard from Brian Tracy and this was not actually a quote it was a statement that he made those to put into a quote but I want to give him credit for it because I heard it from him, okay. He told this story that when he was very young was at a party and what he did is he's seen a group of people in one section of the party and he walked over to them because we found out they were talking about politics and he knew a lot about politics so he walked over there to tell them what this board about politics, okay.

And when he did he found that everybody in that crowd just evaporated they all split up they spread all around and he realized it didn't matter how much he knew he didn't matter that he knew politics down cold what matter that he wasn't being effective. So that was the lesson that he learned and that I got and that is always remember it's more important to be effective than it is to be right sometimes you can be right and effective but sometimes you got a hold back and not be too pushy.

So please keep that in mind, okay. And our next video, stay tuned for our next video and that will be about “Why is balance the key to naturalness and flexibility”. I'll see you soon,

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