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800-992-9976 / info@InvisaBlend.com – for questions

1-      Video Training Course – An easy Step by Step course on video.  So you can learn at your own pace and review any steps you want at any time.  Within this training course is the following:

a)      Marketing Videos 

b)     Consultation Videos  

c)      Designing InvisaBlend for Any Hair Situation

d)     Ordering System

e)      Application Training

2-      Design form for your clients

3-      Internet & Social Media Marketing Video

4-    Ordering forms and ordering assistance – you simply order the hair and it come to you ready to apply.

5-    Hair Care Videos – Easy step by step hair care instructions for you and your clients.

Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is highly desirable to all people in need of more hair.  Simply share the videos with your public, on your Social Medias or anywhere you want—and you’ll attract a massive amount of clients. 

Order your Hair Stranding/InvisaBlend Training Course NOW while it still available!

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