Stop Additional Hair Loss (Audio Copy)



There are now advanced technologies described and shown in this book that will “Stop Additional Hair Loss”. This book explains what can speeds up additional hair loss, so you know what to avoid.

There are many products and techniques that add additional hair and products that hide hair loss that works and make people happy BUT… that cause additional hair loss which everyone needs to know about, including hair professionals too.

This book explains and demonstrates with pictures and where-to-see videos – about a revolutionary technology that is now available that makes anyone’s hair fuller while using 100% of your existing hair, and keeping all your own hair safe, healthy, and growing freely! This book explains and shows a unique invention called the Micro Strand®. Plus, you’ll get details on how and why this advanced technology works on any hair situation, now being called a “Curl-all” for hair loss.
The overall purpose of this book is to create a movement to help spread the word on how to Stop Additional Hair Loss—a missing part in many of our lives that is desperately needed. The book lays out the principles on how to optimize the health of your hair to expand the longevity of your hair and life. A unique emoji is provided that represents Stop Additional Hair Loss – to help spread the word about these discoveries.

Utilizing the Micro Strand® technology you’ll discover some advanced benefits that have never existed before. Some are – how to reduce or eliminate hair coloring and highlighting while still achieving the colors & look you desire. You’ll also learn details on a new technology that feeds single human hairs in-between your own hairs to make hair fuller while simultaneously stimulating hair growth. And many more advanced benefits.