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New Year, New season, hair trends this year run the whole gamut, we look to celebrity hairstylists and their muses as they will be strutting their stuff down the red carpet in this year award season. The most talked about thing about the red-carpet season besides the dress is not the shoe or the hair or the arm candy who walks a girl in but the hairstyle and this year those in the know predict that we will be seeing a lot of celebrities spotting hairstyles that are not altogether unconventional. 1. Wet Look HairThe wet look was the rage on the runway for spring/summer with Gucci and Mulberry presenting their models with hairstyles to look wet. The wet look varied from sleek patted down hair to just out of the shower damp looking hair. This might not be a hit with everyone and it will take a certain kind of girl with a certain kind of look to pull it off but it is out there, looking more effortless than it actually is. 2. Natural just washed wavy hair In keeping with the haphazard beach inspired theme Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg and even Mulberry’s Christopher Kane presented models with nonchalant wash-and-go natural wavy hair down the runway to commemorate their summer collections. The hairstyle conjures up visions of young nubile sea nymphs and might not work so well for women of a certain age and girls with a particular sense of style that is not beachy. 3. Straight HairWe have come to expected sleek lines in Chloe and Miu Miu’s designs which means that the same sleekness would have had to translate to the hair. The poker straight, ironed out hair is back. It tends to suit girls with pronounced angular features, think Victoria Beckham and you will have a general idea of the kind of girl this hairstyle is suitable for. Still on Victoria Beckham as a hair model example, the poker straight hair-style can be updated to a super low pony that ends tightly at the nape of the neck4. Spring Plaits The braid is back it never really goes away. It is the one hairstyle that keeps being reincarnated through the ages, fashion trends etc. The twist this year is the braid that looks unkept. It does not matter whether it’s tight with a few tendrils of hair floating, whether it’s chunky, elegantly French – if you have the right length and can put a braid then you will be in style. 5. Deep Side Partings It takes a special lady with a certain vintage character about her to pull off a deep side parting. It is an easy hairstyle to wear but you need to have good hair, well conditioned hair, that is rick but not greasy and extremely healthy looking. Missoni a, Prada and Stella McCartney featured this hairstyle a lot in their run way shows and it seems like it will be one of those styles that make it big on the red carpet. 6. The Edgy Bob for Hair FashionLast year we had the fringe, which was so popular, even the first lady of the United States was getting comments about her hair, now we have the bob. We’ve always had the bob mainly for girls who preferred to be unencumbered by their hair (or so they would want you to believe). March Jacobs and Chanel decide dto give the bob an edge and premiered flicked out hair, awkwardly cut fringes that looked fierce and rebellious. It’s a hairstyle that is a bit more daring especially for romantic, wispy hair. 7. The Asymmetrical bobMost of the time the bob is lumped in with the pixie and the asymmetrical short haircut. The pixie is extremely short and there isn’t much that anyone can do with it except make it stand out by using unconventional hair color. The Asymmetrical bob is usually prescribed for girls who want a short hair cut but cannot commit to something as short as a pixie cut. The Asymmetrical bob can be shaped and the length is not that short or that long either. It can be styles and shaped to suit the girl’s face and you can still play around with it.

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