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Invisablend Develops New Method For Hair Extension, Volume, and Restoration
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June 12, 2014 9:10am  2 Comments

New Method For Hair Extension, Volume, and Restoration

(PRWEB) June 12, 2014

A new concept for creating hair fullness has been developed by Invisablend, founded in Englewood, New Jersey.

The uniqueness of this concept is that it is the first and only way of adding hair that does not disturb the person’s own natural hair.

All other methods of adding hair, whether hair extensions and or hair replacement techniques have to either bond together (glue), tie down, or otherwise cover or shave off the existing hair in order to add hair. This new concept takes an opposite approach by respecting all and any existing hair when attaching additional hair.

This is a healthy approach to adding hair because all of the person’s existing hair is utilized plus the entire scalp is accessible also.

An advanced element of this new concept is that it feeds addition real hair in-between the person’s existing hair in a purely natural way – Hair threads called Translucent Blending-Strands® are used to feed one human hair at a time in-between the person’s existing hairs. These hair threads look and feel like an actual individual human hair, and they are translucent, so upon application to the scalp they become virtually invisible. Single human hairs, one hair at a time are feed onto these translucent hair threads, so when blended in-between the person’s existing hair you then only see single real hairs appearing to be growing directly out of the scalp. Invisablend customers report it feels and looks as if there is nothing within their hair, and that gives a completely natural feeling.

This new concept is also the only cure-all, meaning that it can adjust to any hair situation whereas all other methods are design for specific hair problems. In addition this concept is also the first hair transplant enhancer – any person that has a hair transplant or is thinking about getting a hair transplant can now use the Invisablend process in conjunction with hair transplants, to deliver a fuller and more natural looking hair style.

People that don’t have enough of a donor area when getting transplants (a very common problem with hair transplants) can now add hair to just the areas they want while leaving all of their own existing hair and newly transplanted hair alone.

This new advanced hair addition concept is now being taught and licensed nationally to hair replacement companies, salons and hair transplant centers throughout the USA.

About InvisaBlend
InvisaBlend is an advanced method for adding hair to increase the volume and length or cover completely bald areas without inhibiting the growth of your own hair. For licensing and technical training of the process contact Dino Dondiego at 1-800-992-9976 or send an email to dino@invisablend.com

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