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The following information is vital to know about.  Without the understanding of this information you can drive yourself crazy with worry.

How and why hair grows and falls out

Each individual hair on your head has a life cycle of 2 – 3 years.  After this 2 to 3 year period the one individual hair is pushed out by another growing hair underneath it, similar to a young child’s tooth being pushed out by the adult tooth.  Now a new hair grows in replacing the older hair.

This pushing out of older hairs replaced by new hairs is what causes normal shedding.  The average is to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day.  The finer your overall head of hair is the closer to 50 hairs a day shedding, and the thicker or more hair you have the closer to 100 hairs a day shedding.   But even 50 hairs a day on any person’s head is a lot of hair loss per day of which can make a person worry or even panic.  That is why it is so very important to know about the normal revolving of new hairs pushing out the older hairs.

Now let’s connect this understanding of normal hair shedding to how you might actually have hair loss:            The process of losing hair through genetic hair lose, a common cause, occurs within this normal shedding process as follows:

  • The normal shedding of hairs, from 50 to 100 hairs a day still occurs normally, but the new hair grows in and has a thinner diameter than the previous hair, which means the more of these thinner diameter hairs the less fuller you hair becomes.
  • These new hairs also grow into a shorter hair length, meaning they will now not keep growing to any length. Some of these newer hairs will only grow to 10” and stop, yet others only to 5”, and yet others only to ½ “.   So as time goes on your new hairs are growing in thinner diameters and all different shorter degrees.  This can cause your ends to look thin or even appear like split-ends.  This also causes an appearance as if your hair just grows to a certain hair length and then stops, which in effect that is what’s happening.

Note, as each new hair grows in, pushing the last hair out, each new hair grows to an even thinner diameter and an even shorter hair length.  This continues on from each hair cycle, sometimes slowing down and sometimes stopping, although sometimes continually until each new hair gets to baby hair fuzz,  and sometimes fades away into no more growing hairs.   Every case is differ and almost impossible to predict, but nevertheless don’t let the normal 50 to 100 hairs a day worry you because this is still average and normal.

Some options that might help.                                                                                                                                         To keep your hair at optimum health it’s important to get and stay healthy, eating better, taking vitamins.  Improper nutrition can speed up this evolutionary thinning process.

It is also important to keep your hair follicle clean in the following way – The oils from your scalp are not good for the growth of your hair.  In fact these oils are actually wastes from your scalp, that’s right, garbage from your scalp.  If not cleansed often enough these natural oils breakdown the fibers that hold each hair within their hair bulbs or pockets underneath your scalp, therefore causing premature hair loss.  So shampoo as often as your hair gets dirty.  (Watch for future blogs about proper and best shampoos along with the proper way to shampoo).

More important tips – It’s also important to keep your scalp and hair breathing.  Breathing of your hair and scalp is accomplished by not covering your hair and or scalp.  This also means not tying down or bonding together your hairs which is frequently done when adding hair additions like hair extensions and hair weaves.  Plus any hair assessor or hair replacement that covers your scalp and or hair works against the health and growing of your natural hair.  So keep in mind most hair additions become a trade-off, trading healthy growing hair for a hair addition to give you the amount of hair and style you would want.

New interesting news – There is in fact a way to have you cake and eat it too.  A unique method has been developed that can add additional hair while allowing your entire scalp and existing hair to breathe.   This concept also enables full access to your entire scalp at all times so you can properly shampoo and cleans into your scalp to maintain proper hair health.   When you have full access to your entire scalp you should condition your scalp and hair as often as possible because the ultimate way to achieve the fullness, length and style is only to add the exact amount of hair while simultaneously conditioning and treating your existing hair and scalp for optimum hair health.  The objective is to maintain healthy hair while trying to grow your hair, and that should be achieved whether you areadding additional hair or not.   This advance technique is being shared with salons and hair replacement studios nationwide.                                                                                                                                                         IF you want additional hair volume and or hair length while building the health of your hair and possible growing your hair at the same time additional information can be obtained by emailing info@InvisaBlend.com or calling the InvisaBlend Hair Studio at 800-992-9976.

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