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Don’t you hate it when your hair gives you a headache!! What is a hair hangover? It’s not the same hangover you get when you’ve had one to many drinks the night before. It’s a common occurrence when you wear any sort of Hair System or Hair Unit. These Hair Systems or Hair Units are also called Hair Switches, Hair Graphs, among other names used to make these so-called Hair Systems sound better.  But nevertheless, these Hair Systems (which are technically Hair Pieces) are simple non-surgical method of adding hair which are applied by either covering your existing hair throughout the top areas or removing your existing hair throughout the top area to therefore apply these Hair Systems.  


These Hair Systems or Hair Units are designed by standard top sizes of these Hair Units no matter how much of an area of your head is thin and or balding.  So, when your hair is thin on the sides and within any potion within the back of your head—these Hair Systems or Hair Units are covering the top portion only, then that hair from these Hair Unit or Hair System “hangs-over” into the sides and “hang-over” the back-bottom areas. This creates a sort of hair hanging over effect—thus being a “Hair-Hangover”.  This is very troublesome for the individual because this creates a heavy head of hair appearance throughout the top areas with a thinner hair density appearance throughout the sides and the back areas—causing an unbalance appearance.   This create more work to style your hair to make up for an unbalance hair density between the top areas verse the sides & back areas.

The worst feeling ever is having to hide certain areas of your head because your unit can’t adequately cover all areas where your hair is thinner. This is okay just looking in the mirror but it totally restricts your daily life having to watch if something has moved out of place or the wind blew a certain way.  The key problem with all and any Hair System is an unbalanced distribution of adding hair.

Conversely, INVISABLEND invented something called a Micro Strand—which are hair-like filaments of which has ONE Human hair at a time feed onto these Micro Strands.  One human hair at a time, apart from each other, evenly distributed creates a customized balance of single hair distribution.  These Micro Strands are networked together while being spread apart which enables your hair to evenly blend in-between these Micro Strands.  These therefore creates a one-for-one distribution of your hair and the added hair.  Now human hair can be added and blended throughout any areas of your head—meaning feeding real hair within any areas that need addition hair volume, instead of just on top and relying the added hair to “hang-over” liked stated above when using any Hair System or Hair Unit.

So, with this said above it’s important to understand what a Hair Hangover really is.  This unbalanced way of adding hair through any Hair System has been and still is a common problem to deal with when wearing any Hair System, which is a non-surgical hair replacement.  Now there is a suitable name for the problem all Hair Systems create—“Hair Hangover”.  For those who are presently wearing a Hair System there is now a way to avoid “Hair Hangovers”, and for those who haven’t yet had a Hair System—please be aware of these “Hair Hangover” effects, and take note you can now dodge this problem by looking into InvisaBlend—a method to evenly distribute additional hair which creates a customized balance of hair volume.

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