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 The ability to feel and see nothing but your own hair and scalp when adding additional hair to increase hair volume has been developed.                          Introducing the creation of Hair-threadscalled Translucent Blending-Strands.

The following videos below are to inform the public of this Purely Natural discovery.

It’s first important to see this unique general concept that is revolutionary.  Watch this video to understand this exclusive concept. 


The secret ingredient to adding additional hair in a purely natural way which allows your scalp and hair to breathe and grow naturally.  Watch this video now   

Learn how Hair-threads, called Translucent Blending-Strands where developed to thoroughly understand how more hair can be added in a purely natural way what enables your own hair to grow.  

Now it’s time to see the finished product, which shows how hairs can be added directly up front throughout a hairline in a way that disappears upon contact of the scalp.  Also remember not only can you not feel are see anything but your own hair and scalp PLUS your own hair can grow freely and your scalp will fully breathe too.   What this video now for full clarity:


Since your hairline are the most critical and vitally important area of your personal appearance take a look at how purely natural hairlines are duplicated within this video.  This is a major breakthrough that never existing until NOW – 

Now that you understand this revolutionary concept from watching the videos above, see and listen to what actual clients have to say about this concept:

  • A client with hair extension comparison. 


  • A man’s importance of respecting all of his existing hair.


  • A women’s hair loss with a unique solution: 


  • Healthier hair NOW breathes and grow –


  • Sharon has no restrictions – 


  • Phil – Hair Growth Appearance – 


  • Jenny hair is now natural all the time – 


These video links above are to notify the public of this discovery so feel free to pass this along to people in need of more hair, but these videos are not full proof of the purely natural duplication of increasing hair volume.  Proof is in the reality of personal experience.  The ability to feel and see something personal is actual proof.

This is the reason why trial demos are now provided, actually feeding additional hair in with your hair as a test of your personal judgment.

For more information and or availability of personal demos contact InvisaBlend at 800-992-9976or email info@InvisaBlend.com   Website review – www.InvisaBlend.com

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