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No matter what your hair situation is, INVISABLEND Hair Studio can help any hair situation. This is the perfect example of how this method of adding hair “bridges the gap” between hair extensions and hair replacement.

Hair extensions, wouldn’t adequately cover all these choppy layers without showing some of her inconsistent shorter hair. You would have to add so many tracks, beads or Keratin clumps to make the weight distribute evenly. That would be very uncomfortable, not to mention if the wind blows a curtain way you could see what was going on underneath that hair; lots a bumpy tracks, Beads or keratin fusions.


If she were to try an conventional hair replacement method, they would have to cover what she has or remove her existing hair, stunting the growth of her own hair!

this doesn’t look comfortable..

InvisaBlend’s MicroHair~fiber extensions are the most natural and most invisible way to add hair. This is the closest duplication of natural hair growth, so we are able to put hair anywhere on your scalp, including the top and front sides of your hair line. All you will feel is thicker, fuller, longer hair.. No clumpy, bumpy, uncomfortable and embarrassing mess that attaches the hair found in other conventional hair extensions. This so something that works with your existing hair, giving you full access to your scalp so your hair and head can breath! When your scalp can breath, your hair will grow the way it’s supposed too. Want to see this for yourself? Call the number listed and find out where the nearest InvisaBlend Hair Studio is to book a free trial run experience. Adding hair doesn’t have to mean loosing your OWN. InvisaBlend; the healthiest and most Invisible way of adding hair.

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