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The concept of InvisaBlend was developed to fulfill three voids in the world of increasing hair volume and hair length.  Health as always comes first, and this was an extremely important missing part, meaning all hair extensions causes additional hair loss, every hair replacement system removes hair to add hair, wigs and weave and all other methods of adding additional hair ALL also cause additional hair loss. This is a very discouraging tradeoff of self-improving.  InvisaBlend broke through this barrier and invented the first and only healthy approach to fuller and or longer hair.  A revolutionary concept that will soon make all these other options obsolete!

Secondly, all of these methods mentioned above have restrictions due to having some degree of bulk when the hair is added. You move you hair around and you see where the hair is added.  This causes restriction in a person’s daily living.  But due to InvisaBlend’s breakthrough invention, the Translucent Blending-Strand, hair can be added ONE real hair at a time onto a filament as fine and soft as one hair.  The results – the look and feel of NOTHING but your own hair and scalp.  No matter what you do with your hair you see and feel noting but your own hair and scalp.

Thirdly, every method of adding additional hair is for specific hair needs.  One example – hair extensions create fullness along the bottom but cannot fill-in the top area.  Conversely InvisaBlend is the first and only Cure-all, meaning InvisaBlend can provide the results you desire on any hair types and any hair condition that exist on earth.

Therefore InvisaBlend is the breakthrough creation that can achieve any results you desire on any hair condition, and in a purely natural way that adds more hair volume or length the same way hair naturally grows out of the scalp. Purely natural no matter what you do.

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Video showing and explaining the InvisaBlend concept from the inventor

Intro to the Hair Revolution – InvisaBlend, Narrated by Dino the hair exert to educate viewers about hair additions and InvisaBlend. InvisaBlend Review. Visit www.invisablend.com or Call now at 1-800-992-9976 To Schedule FREE TRIAL . Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is a breakthrough concept that is revolutionary due to the Invention of the Micro Strand by InvisaBlend.

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