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MicroHair~fiber enables us to add real human hair in the most natural way possible among your existing hair by adding one human hair at a time onto a network of strands that are as fine, soft and flexible as one human hair but ten times stronger and translucent. Because we add human hair one strand at a time onto this this MicroHair~fiber, it will give you more coverage throughout your scalp. This is something that is customized so it can cater to each persons lacking areas. When we add real human hair onto this MicroHair~fiber it will look and feel as though new hair is coming right out of your scalp making it the closest duplication of natural hair growth. did I mention this method of adding hair last for 3 to 4 years??

I WANT VOLUME, so why is this the best way to go?

Some women feel the need to cut their hair short when it starts to get thin because they lack in volume. With MircoHair~fiber extensions, you can have a longer look without compromising the thickness of your hair. Go for a shorter look and just add volume if longer hair isn’t what your’e looking for. These extensions are fed in-between your existing hairs giving you the max amount of volume with the least amount of hair added. So with this method, a little goes along way. With other hair extensions you are adding hair in rows or clumps so you have to add a lot of extra hair to make for adequate volume. The more you add the more cautious you have to be if any of your tracks, beads, or keratin clumps will show. NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS.


 I need Volume on the top and the sides of my hair, Can this still work??

YES, if you are looking to add volume or fill in areas on the top or front sides of your hair line this is the ONLY way to go if you still want to keep your existing hair without covering or removing what your already have. Every method of adding hair in the industry will do just that, except this! We use a microscopic tip instrument to add one human hair at a time onto the MicroHair~fiber and all you are using to attach this is the MicroHair~fiber, nothing else. No adhesives, those are bad! We want your hair to breath! So with this, you have full access to your scalp and existing hair so you wont risk loosing anymore hair than you already have. Remember, This is the closest duplication of natural hair growth, so hair can be placed anywhere including the top and front hair line. No matter what your situation is THIS method can help. The most invisible and safest approach to adding hair.

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