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Can I stay active with the MicroHair~fiber extensions? 


We get this questions a lot as all ways of adding hair restricts you from many activities that you love. Going to the gymsweating, swimming and even showering is a big factor when something is covering your head/hair and absorbing liquid. Also, creating a lot of movement is not ideal for those who wear added hair or extensions. This can cause matted areas close to the root and increase uncomfortable tension leading to more breakage.


MicroHair~fiber extensions do not restrict you from being yourself or living an active lifestyle.  Brush all the way down to your scalp and feel nothing but thicker fuller hair. Put up your hair and go for a jog, skydiving or whatever other fun activities you have going on in your life. You will never feel constricted or confined by this type of method of adding hair because it is the closest duplication of natural hair growth. This is something that is evenly dispersed throughout your existing hair.We add one human hair at a time rather than in clumps or tracks that cover and damage your hair. Remember, this is also the most versatile way of adding hair. So if you need hair added on the top or front of your hairline, this is the way to go. This is something that works WITH your existing hair and it’s the closest thing to having nothing on your scalp.  You will never miss an opportunity to go in the water at the beach again! Get ready summer, here we come!

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