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The answer is “Nothing”.  The feeling of nothing but only your own hair.  The ability of running your fingers directly down to your scalp and feeling nothing.  When you feel nothing but your own hair and scalp you experience what pure naturalness really is.  The ability to do anything in life while enjoying the way your hair feels and looks on a consistent basics.  The ability to no longer have any thoughts of dissatisfaction about your hair.   The ability to do more of what you want to do with your hair also enable you to do more in life.   As human beings we are emotional creatures, and as emotional creatures our appearance matter to us, it’s natural to us as human beings.

To naturally increase your hair volume and or hair length something purely natural must be used when adding human hair.   Imagine Hair-threads, strands that are as soft as human hairs, the same fineness or diameter as natural hairs, the bendability and flexibility of human hairs.  Now imagine these Hair-treads being translucent or transparent so upon contact of your scalp they blend into to natural color tone of your scalp.   Next, Imagine single, individual human hairs, one real human hair a time planted onto these Hair-threads, so upon contact of your scalp you see and feel nothing but single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of your scalp no matter if these single human hairs are in-between your existing thin or thinning hairs or within any balding area.  This is the ingredient of pure naturalness at its best, being able to feel and see nothing but your own hair and scalp achieved through a natural ingredient,  Hair-threads.

Once you see and more importantly feel this purely natural ingredient, the Hair-threads with single human hairs coming from these Hair-threads you will thoroughly understand what pure naturalness realty is.

Your first step is simple – look at this video showing natural Hair-threads, see and understand how this creates a natural feel and look that naturally coordinates with your hair.  Then see how when single human hairs are planted onto these Hair-threads how and why this creates pure naturalness far beyond anything imaginable.  Look at this video now – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Z5RwsVDTA

After reviewing this video showing how pure naturalness is created using these Hair-threads the next step is to experienced how this feels and looks within your hair.   Arrange for a free blending of these Hair-threads within your with.  Experience is the ultimate judgment factor after seeing these                       Hair-threads within a video because true judgment is feeling after seeing.  Something looks good can only be fully judge by then tasting or feeling it yourself.

Pure naturalness can only be achieved if you integrate an ingredient that naturally coordinates with you natural human hair, Hair-threads is that purely natural ingredient .  More detains can be found through www.InvisaBlend.com / info@InvisaBlend.com / 800-992-9976.

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