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Natures way to a healthy head of hair. It is so important to give your hair constant nourishment by starting on the inside out. MICRO-STRANDING is the only method of adding hair that leaves your precious hairs alone and allows your hair to breath so that nourishing your real hair doesn’t go to waste. You can actually stimulate hair growth while wearing the MicroHair~fiber extensions using treatments or any other natural vitamins to promote growth. Invisablend won’t stunt the growth of any new hair or existing hair you have because it allows you scalp to breath. There is a light at the end of the tunnel with INVISABLEND

Hair growth system we recommend here at Invisablend hair studio because of its natural ingredients.

At Invisablend we created the only method of adding hair that promotes hair growth. We want your natural hair to be healthy a free so you are able to use vitamins and hair growth treatments to help hair growth!


 Revivogen MD is a dermatologist formulated natural solution that combats the most common form of hair loss, androgenic alopecia

-Natural solution for thinning hair -Reduces DHT production -Blocks DHT attachment to the follicle

-Activates the hair follicle growth cycle

Works on front of scalp and crown -Safe and affective for both men and women -Protects nourishes and revitalizes the hair

You can use any treatment you like when you use our MicroHair~fiber extensions or our technique of adding hair anywhere on your head (Micro-standing)  but we really love Revivogen!!

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