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By dina 

Dyeing your roots or overall color with Hair Stranding extensions

The Micro-Strand technique

We get a lot of people asking if you can color your roots with the Hair Stranding. Not only can you color your hair whenever you like but because the Micro-Strand technique allows us to apply hair anywhere on your head (including right up to your hairline) and it is so evenly dispersed among your real hair that it allows your “root” or “new growth” to become camouflage among the added hair. So this allows you to go 2-3 times longer without coloring your roots. Pretty amazing huh?

Do you have a texture that you wish you could enhance or dilute? Same concept goes for this as well. You want wavier hair than what you already have? You can do that! If you have very curly hair and want to dilute the curl you have, that can be done too.

It’s all possible because the Micro-strand technique allows for the closest duplication of natural hair growth. Add hair one strand at a time among your existing hair in the most intricate and Invisible way possible. Of course you can always perm your hair with this as well but the point is you have a vast amount of options with Hair Stranding. Invisablend’s healthiest and natural way of adding hair.

Hairstylist and consultant,

Dina Marie


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