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Introducing the Micro Strand Invention


Suffering from hair loss can be one of the worst feelings in the world, it affects both men and women. For both, especially for women, the hair serves as the crowning glory. It’s a big part of being a woman. Maintaining a healthy hair, is important as maintaining a healthy skin. But what is there to maintain if your hair itself is falling often leading to hair loss.

In this digital age, there are already existing types of hair replacement systems to combat against hair loss, thus it makes easier for you solve this hair condition. A hair system is sort of Hair pieces which is hair on a base that is applied on TOP of your existing hair or more commonly applied by shaving your existing hair off on the top of your head and then bonded this hair piece on top of your head.  So it is a trade-off of removing or losing your existing thinning hair on top of your head to replace your hair, that way it is categorized as “Hair REPLACEMENT”. 

But, of course out of the many companies offering hair replacement systems, only Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend you should entrust your hair loss solution. Why? Simply because of the fact that the Hair Stranding concept is opposite from everything else in the industry.  This concept is the ONLY concept that does TWO things that can’t be found in other companies:

1-      Adds hair while keeping your hair healthy and also allows your hair to grow freely.

2-      Looks and feels like nothing when blended in-between your hair giving you full flexibility for you do anything with your hair.

How is this possible – something called a Micro-Strand has been invented. 

Uploaded by InvisaBlend on 2016-09-17.


 This Micro-Strand invention is the ONLY one of its kind and is completely revolutionary because this Micro-Strand is a filament as fine, as soft, as flexible and as light as the human hair.  Plus, even more impressive this Micro-Strand invention has one additional benefit – it is translucent, meaning the fiber or filament itself is see-through, so upon contact of the scalp or skin each of these filaments disappears due to their transparence factor.

Multiple Micro-Strands are networked together forming a sort of diamond-shave open webbing.  Then ONE human hair at a time is fed onto these Micro-Strands – ONE human hair at a time spread apart from each other (which is the SAME way hair grows directly out of the human scalp). So when these finished Micro-Strands are blended in-between your hairs the added single human hairs blended in-between your existing hairs actually disappearing or fading away due to ONE of our Blended hairs mixed next to ONE of your growing hairs. 

Moreover 100% of your hair is utilized and 100% of your scalp is fully accessible too, so your own hair is save and your scalp is able to breathe as well. Please compare this to any other option in the world and you’ll realize NOTHING is remotely close to what the Hair Stranding benefits provides and it’s all due to the Micro-Strand invention.


Hair Stranding is completely opposite from everything else in the world!

Now what else are you waiting for? Go now to InvisaBlend centers and enjoy a FREE trial and get to experience Hair Stranding for yourself. Let’s continue to combat hair loss one human hair at a time!